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The Joburg South Open was a great success. The tournament was set in the flowing hills of the southern suburbs of Johannesburg and saw some wonderful cricket. Many of the games were played next to a nature reserve which, even in winter, was picturesque with the odd wild animal stopping at the fence to witness the cricket every now and then. The tracks were almost already winter tracks for this time of year but the cricket itself was great with the final being one of the most closely contested in a while. If anything, some comments were that the final should have been played on the bottom field as the top field track was testing and it was tricky to get the ball away. I do however think this is what made the final as close as it was. The drinks were flowing the whole weekend with the teams enjoying fines and singing as loud as they could which made for interesting watching. The comradery between the teams was awesome with players making new friends and some teams realizing that they still have a way to go to be the number team in the world.

The Cobras were home favorites and 3 of the 7 teams from Alberton and Joburg South were at the final day to support them. The Cobras went in to bat first and only managed 116. The 116 runs were spear-headed by Martin van Wyk who scored 46 and was dropped on 18. He battled it out to stay at the crease as long as he could to give Cobras the best possible chance and to extract as many runs as possible. Some would have thought that the Rebels had the game won right there by restricting the Cobras to a low score but the Rebels knew they probably leaked 20 runs too many and knew that it was a final and anything could happen. When Cobras walked onto the field to field they kept fighting and never gave up even though the Rebels were not losing wickets. The runs were hard to come by but Rebels were keeping on the rate of 6 an over until Wesley Middleton who had been batting well the entire weekend had a rush of blood and went for a big heave over cow only to be well caught by Martin van Wyk. Keith and Bruce steered the ship to 84/1 needing 43 off the last nine overs. At less than a run a ball Rebels surely could not lose from here? Cobras then managed to pick up Bruce, also trying to get Rebels above the rate and bring the game to a close inside of 16 overs caught at mid wicket. Suddenly a little panic in the change room and Rebels collapsed further to 103/4. Matthew Bell and Devon Kandan at the crease needing 23 off 20. Game still favouring the Rebels until Devon was well caught by Anneus Erwee for a duck and no less than 4 balls later Craig Marshall losing his wicket. Rebels now 108/6 needing 11 off 6 with Matthew Bell and Sean Blankenberg at the crease. Sean smashed his ball for four and Rebels only need 7 off 5. Captain Erwee takes the ball and Cobras fate rest on his shoulders. First ball of the last over goes for 2 and Cobras have a team huddle, they need to get Matthew Bell out to have a chance of clinching a nail biter. Rebels need 5 off 4 and Erwee knows the game is one shot away. Erwee bowls wide of off stump and Matthew Bell edges one, it looks like it racing to the boundary but they only manage two runs. Rebels need 3 off 3… Matthew Bell on strike. Erwee bowls outside off again and Bell goes for the big drive and edges in the direction of short third man… Raymond Shenck is under it but runs in a step too far and has to lean back and stick out the arm… The ball sticks! Cobras go crazy! Rebels 114/7 with two balls to go and Sean Blankenberg on his own at the crease… Can Sean at least get 2 to force the super over? Erwee runs up, outside off, misses the bat and it’s a dot ball… One ball to go… 2 to tie, 3 to win for Rebels. Cobras all back on the boundaries… Erwee runs up… it’s a dot ball… it’s a dot ball… Cobras win the inaugural Joburg South Open by 2 runs! What a comeback! Cobras on their home ground pull off a spectacular win! Rebels deflated and some tears around know they have missed out on 150 points...

 The Cow Corner Cup event was also successful and the surprize winner was MASAGAMY. They went against the odds and beat LoneRock Zebras who had dominated the event until the final! Excellent performance by them! hopefully next time they enter the main event. The Plate final was contested between Mixed Gril land JDK Invaders and JDK Invaders pulled off a comprehensive win. Well done JDK Invaders!  

 The best batsman of the tournament was Douglas Webster of Muffin Men He accumulated all his batting points on Day 1 of the tournament with 2 impressive half centuries. The best bowler was Dries Nel of the Cobras. He managed to pick up wickets every game and did not give away many runs at all. A great performance by these two players!


The predictions by Group for the Joburg South open (30 April to 2 May 2016) for the 18 teams that are going to be at the Joburg South Open Main event

Group A: Bloem Rebels ( who play their cricket out of Bloemfontein and the number 1 ranked team in SA and also the defending SA Champs. They are undoubtedly the favorites for the event on paper but cricket is not played on paper. Still, I think Bloem Rebels will get through to the knock...-outs of the main event.

Group A: JDK Invaders ( who play their cricket out of East Rand and ranked number 38 in SA had good form at SA Champs. They are a team to be reckoned with and will also be a team to watch out for. JDK Invaders are one of the best teams on paper (well according to the video) and will give Bloem Rebels a hard time. I think JDK Invaders will make through to the main event as a best second place finisher.

Group A: Parys Patriots ( who play their cricket out of the Vaal Triangle and ranked number 411 in SA. Fairly new to LMS and I can’t really give much insight. What I can say is that never under-estimate any team in LMS. Parys Patriots will know they have a tough group but I am not discounting the fact that they may just upset the entire apple cart with what would be a shock victory over Bloem Rebels or JDK Invaders. I always enjoy supporting the underdog but is this a stretch too far?

Bloem Rebels and JDK Invaders to be in the top 8 of the main event.

Group B: Rebels ( who play their cricket out of Joburg Central and ranked number 3 in SA! One would be misguided to not give the Rebels the second favorites tag as their current form has been excellent with 14 wins in their last 16 outings but Rebels have not experienced tournament press...ure for a while and may be vulnerable with some of the experienced players retiring recently and some key players not being available for the tournament. My prediction is that Rebels will go through to the main event KOs from this group but I know they know it won’t be easy!

Group B: Brokebat Mountain Slingers ( who play their cricket out of Alberton and ranked number 168 in SA. This team is definitely one of the most improved teams in LMS. The skill levels have grown over the last 8 months and if this team pulls it together will surprise a team or two including the Rebels who seem to be in the business of making videos rather than playing cricket. BMS are on the up and up and with home ground advantage they will be tough to beat if they all rock up.

Group B: Thunder Dragons ( who play their cricket out of Benoni and ranked number 511 in SA. A formidable line up who maybe have not yet gelled but no doubt they have skills in the squad. A team that can also cause an upset or two during the tournament. Thunder Dragons have exciting batsman and a few good bowlers and might just be hungrier on the day.

Rebels and Brokebat Mountain Slingers to be in the top 8 of the main event.

Group C: Cobras ( who play out of Alberton and who finished in second place at SA Champs. This team has been rebuilding their squad and based on current performances will be tough to beat on home ground. Cobras have a knack of going far in tournaments and I don’t see this event being an...y different. My prediction is that Cobras will go through to the main event Kos from this group.

Group C: Shake n Bake ( who play their cricket out of Benoni and ranked number 155 in SA. This team had an indifferent Africa champs but have some big hitters that like to dominate bowlers early. Shake n Bake will need to come ready to play their best cricket if they want to win this pool.

Group C: Team Biffy ( who play their cricket out of Bedfordview and ranked number 579 in SA. Another team that is fairly new to LMS and so I can’t really give much insight. What I can say is that never under-estimate any team in LMS.

Cobras to be in the top 8 of the main event.

Group D: The Muffin Men ( who play out of Johannesburg Central. Muffin Men are part of the LMS furniture and know this game well. They have some power hitters and deadly bowlers. They have been unlucky not to have any silverware the past few seasons. With Pakistan VIII being an unknown I would have to put my money on Muffin Men to advance to the main event KOs.

Group D: Doc's Misfits ( who play their cricket out of Joburg Central Night League and ranked number 132 in SA. Performances have been a little up and down of late but they possess an incredible squad of players and depending who rocks up in Alberton also have an outside chance.

Group D: Pakistan VIII who play their cricket out of London and are not ranked as yet in SA... The dark horse of the tournament.

Muffin Men to be in the top 8 of the main event. 

Group E: JHB Strikers ( who play their cricket out of Germiston and ranked number 21 in SA and who are going to be a force to be reckoned with. They have some great bowlers and are most definitely going to shock one or two opposition. At this stage they are also contenders for the favor...ites tag as they have played in Alberton before and have some local knowledge of the tracks. Tough group to predict…

Group E: Ooblidoobli Hackers ( who play their cricket out of Bedfordview and ranked number 14 in SA. Their performances have been consistent over the last 12 months and they have some big hitters in their squad. At this stage they are one of the favorites.

Group E: Mixed Grill ( who play their cricket out of Joburg Central and ranked number 103 in SA have an excellent squad of players who always seem to find form at the right time. Mixed Grill, at this stage, would have an outside chance.

JHB Strikers and Mixed Grill to be in the top 8.

Group F: Got da Runs ( who play out of Johannesburg Central and are well placed in the rankings. They have a number of good players in their team but will traveling affect their cricket?

Group F: Odyssey ( who play out of Johannesburg Central and are newly branded. Will be interesting to see if experience helps this team in the pool stages.

Group F: SLAP ( who play out of Alberton and will be an exciting team once they gel. They are quite newly formed so maybe, just maybe, they shock a big name team or two!

Cow Cup Corner teams:

Alberton Rebels who play out of Alberton and are an exciting prospect for the future. The have some young and old players that will fight for every win. They will be a tough team to beat!

Can't remember who play out of Johannesburg Central and also have some good players that love drinking. The captain, “Muzz”, enjoys a glass of wine with every meal of the day! This team soaks up the fun and plays some great too!

Lonerock Zebras who play out of Pretoria and are ranked 6 in the country. One wonders why they would be entering Cow Corner Cup except with the express intention of winning the event!

Masagamy who play out of Johannesburg Central have also been around the LMS block. They have some super players and were not long ago competing in Johannesburg Central one.

Lonerock Zebras to win the CCQ.


*All teams entering the Joburg South Open must wear official LMS shirts

 (All teams entering the Open shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions)












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