Last Man Stands (LMS) is a 2 hour, 8-a-side, T20 cricket game for all abilities. Played in cricket grounds globally, in our distinctive coloured kits, LMS is the world’s largest and widest-reaching amateur cricket league.
Founded in 2005, with franchise operations now throughout the world, we are proud to deliver cricket leagues for over 180,000 players. Our HQ bases in the UK, SA, Dhaka & India help us support our teams and franchise owners.

In 2021 AB De Villiers, probably the most innovative and exciting batsman of the modern game including in the Indian Premier League where he now plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), joined our team as Global Ambassador. Former South African Test Captain, de Villiers, has scooped ICC ODI Player of the Year 3 times during his illustrious international career.

Known as Mr 360 due to his unique ability to play shots all around the wicket, we’ve long admired his skill which extends to his versatility wherever he is on the field. He is a revolutionary in the game of cricket. His fearless approach and creativity resonates with our LMS ethos, making him an excellent advocate for our game and leader for our teams. Having grown up, playing backyard cricket with his brothers and mates, AB shares our passion for developing and extending our grassroots format globally, and in the process, contributing towards the shape of future cricket and to interconnecting global communities. And through technology, rankings, live-streaming, real-time highlights, and international events this is exactly what we do.

What makes LMS Different?

Why LMS?

Founder Story

Our Team

Our Mission

Our Commitment to the Future of Cricket

Future of Cricket

The Technology

‘Giving amateurs the professional experience’

Last Man Stands connects amateur cricketers all over the world through its global ranking system. The LMS website stores and displays all team and individual player profiles with full career history. Every player receives a global batting, bowling, and all-rounder ranking. This ranking system allows a player in Dhaka, for instance, to compare their rankings and stats to friends playing LMS in other parts of the world.

Every game of LMS is live scored and with the introduction of the new broadcast app in 2021 there are now many games live-streamed as well.

The Game

‘It's Anybody’s game’

The rules are innovative and designed to ensure the game is fast-paced and exciting. Last Man Stands was named after the Founders’ favourite rule! LMS aims to attract a new audience to the game - the Double Play and Steal rules narrow the gap between baseball and cricket. Although the games only last 2 hours all 8 players are promised maximum participation and a good workout.

We aim to give a professional experience to amateur players of all abilities. We also aim to take the pain out of social sport for team organisers - we organize the umpires, balls, pitches, scoring. All teams have to do is turn up!

Global Events & Community

“Start Local, Go Global’

What makes LMS so unique is what also brings its players and teams together….the unique rules, events, technology, game format we share are cornerstones of identity and culture for our players...and our community is built around this.

Regional, national & global LMS events and tournaments are regular dates in the Last Man Stands schedule, giving teams and players the opportunity to meet and participate. This is where technology and the online world of rankings meet the real world as those who qualify come together to compete in headline events such as the LMS World Cup, the LMS Super Series events, etc. They are a pathway for those looking for it.

It is where the online world of LMS community social forums brings teams together in person to participate and enjoy the social experience of now legendary events such as LMS World Champs, Australia Champs, LMS Miami Tour, LMS Thailand Tour etc.

This is where mates for life are made!

The first Last Man Stands game was played in London in 2005 after South Africans, lifetime cricketers, Wayne Greve & Bjorn Briggs, saw the need for a cricket format that would address the challenges of modern lifestyles on people’s involvement in cricket

Wayne Greve (left) and Bjorn Briggs (right) with Sir Gary Sobers at the 2015 World Champs in Barbados

Too many of their friends and teammates could no longer commit to the time demands of club cricket but didn’t want to abandon cricket or the team element altogether. The game they created in response, an innovative, 2 hour, 8-a-side game, played midweek evenings after work or at the weekends gives players of all abilities the opportunity to continue playing cricket with mates. The solution to a growing dilemma.

In order to increase the participation of ALL players in the game, the guys made it an 8 a-side format. All players, due to the rules, get the opportunity to bat and bowl, and fielders are all-important due to the reduced side. No 3rd Man Syndrome! Despite 5-a-side soccer booming at the time, the guys were not tempted to reduce the team size that far!

The early mission was to give amateurs a professional experience and since the earliest games, player & team profiles and post match analysis with rankings have been made available to the players. This aim still drives our progress - and over the years we’ve added Live-scoring, Live-Streaming & Highlights, LMS Shop to our offer.

Determined to keep the game exciting and fast-paced, the LMS Rules (a unique talking point of the game) were launched at inception. These, plus LMS’s commitment to enhancing the game for our teams through technology, together with a burgeoning global community, are LMS’s DNA. We’re no longer only a game of cricket...we’re a platform and a network built for today and tomorrow for players we understand and celebrate as one community.

Last Man Stands attracts passionate and creative professionals with a diverse skill base empowered to support the mission of our organisation in delivering a format of the game with exciting technology to meet the demands of modern sport.







Managing Director


Head of




Head of


Head of IT


Senior Web Developer
(Front End)


Senior Web Developer
(Live Scoring, TV & App)


Lead Developer




Sr. Graphics





Omar Faroq

Videographer &
Multimedia Designer

Our team thrives on a commitment to innovate to enhance the player experience which always comes first. We value all of our team, who we encourage to bring different perspectives and experiences to Last Man Stands. We recruit Franchise Owners who are highly motivated and dynamic, experienced in the organisation of cricket…and passionate about it!!! Our partnership with our Franchise Owners is fundamental to the success of our franchises.

Our mission is simple: We strive to provide a cricket format that is fit for both the world today and tomorrow, which encourages more people to play (and return to playing) cricket and leads to the development of cricket at grassroots where the key to sustainability lies.

Participation in quality cricket has the power to make each player’s life richer and more fulfilling, leading to stronger local and global communities, uniting and respecting all nationalities, customs, cultures and religions.

At LMS, our core values are our guiding light. They influence our decision-making, and drive our approach to the way we do business, work with our players and partners, and together as a team! They are how we show up to the world and define what we aspire to be. They are how we serve the LMS community!

» Passion - for our game, our teams' experience and for our mission...and for fun along the way!

» Innovation - to strive to excite and serve our teams and partners with our approach to all aspects of business as well as in business development ideas.

» Community - driven to represent, serve and engage our diverse LMS community and the wider world.

» Ambition - to be exceptional in our mission to contribute to a world where cricket is available to everyone...and to continue at pace!

» Resilience - committed to empowering the LMS community in pursuit of our mission to serve in cricket.

We believe that cricket, its values, disciplines, sportsmanship & camaraderie, has the unique capacity to connect us and carry us forward to a better future for generations to follow. It is our belief that collaboration within and beyond our organisation with regional, national and global bodies is necessary to achieve this mission.

Last Man Stands (LMS) works collaboratively for the benefit and development of future, sustainable cricket. LMS will facilitate and deliver our format of the game to both new and retired players in areas where LMS is already established as well as inactive regions to contribute to the growth of all formats of the game of cricket. LMS leagues are fully inclusive, sharing the common goal with our Franchise Owners of increasing participation locally regardless of nationality, race, gender, or religion.

We aim to find a team for any player wishing to join our leagues. LMS, as the leading global amateur cricket league, supports the development and future of the game of cricket and actively seeks partnership with other local, national and global sports bodies as well as local councils to ensure that all have the opportunity to experience the game of Last Man Stands.

LMS promotes, protects and upholds the social nature, spirit and sportsmanship shared by the cricketing community. LMS investment into technology ensures our format is built for the future as well as today, enabling teams and players access to data to improve and enjoy their cricket, as well as enabling them to network seamlessly with other players around the world.

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