Sri Lanka win LMS World Series 2018

An article on talks about Sri Lanka's win at the 2018 LMS World Series. Congradulations to LMS Sri Lanka on the great victory


LMS Singapore Ready for World Champs 2017


Singapore United CC and Marina CC from LMS Singapore have been in the paper recently celebrating the two teams Qualifying for the Last Man Stands World Champs. Congradulations to both teams we'll see you in South Africa.




LMS in Sri Lanka


Last Man Stands has been in the news papers in Sri Lanka the last few weeks as the 2nd LMS Colombo season starts. Good luck to all players and teams taking part this season!















Second edition of €˜Travel Booking BD University League 16/17


Teams from top universities of the country -- Dhaka University (DU), Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Khulna University, North South University (NSU), American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST), BRAC University, Stamford University, BUBT, UIU and Bangladesh University-- will be participating in the tournament

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The Fastest Game in Town



ANDY Levett is bringing the biggest and fastest growing cricket tournament in the world to Casino.

Last Man Stands has 5000 teams across five continents.

The former Casino man who went to Casino Public School and Casino High can't wait to show the comp to locals.


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A TEAM made up primarily of Tamil Asylum seekers will on Friday battle it out at the SCG for a prestigious inaugural trophy named in the honour of the late Richie Benaud.

Suburban cricket powerhouse Ocean 12 is an extraordinary cricket side featuring at least 12 players who have served time in detention centres and are now out on temporary visas and in many cases unable to work, have made cricket their life.

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Sri Lankan asylum seekers overcome adversity to win national cricket competition


A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers have claimed victory both on and off the cricket pitch.

The team was almost in tears after winning a national Twenty20 championship at the Gold Coast on Wednesday night.

The Tamils in the team, Oceans 12, have come a long way from thwarted attempts to play their national game inside some of Australia's immigration detention centres to now winning the semi-professional tournament run by Last Man Stands.

But player Purusothaman Srinivasan said the team has maintained its focus on the game, more than the prize.

"When we are winning, our mind is happy. If we are losing, we go back to think about what is our problem," Mr Srinivasan said.

The 36-year-old said he left Sri Lanka to Malaysia in 2008 because of war and ethnic violence.

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LMS launches in Sri Lanka

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SKY Sports features Last Man Stands during the 2016 England Champs.


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This is the tournament for you. Last Man Stands takes the form of an eight-a-side T20 thrash designed to provide exciting cricket in half the time.

LMS is a global amateur cricket competition boasting 50,000 regular players worldwide and more than 800 teams based in the UK. For the Full article click HERE



Dubai Islamic Bank won the unique T20 cricket league Last Man Stands (LMS)  Dubai held in the UAE for the first time.

The Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and Dubai Cricket Council (DCC) have endorsed the staging of Last Man Stands UAE in Dubai and support spreading the leagues out to the other emirates in 2016, to encourage the growth of amateur cricket in the UAE. Click HERE to read more.


Ambitious ECB growth plan to shake up grassroots

Six months into his job as ECB director of participation and growth, Matt Dwyer is fleshing out proposals intended to inspire a new generation of cricket lovers

"My opinion is the game needs to offer more formats to take into account people's lifestyles. It is great to tweak the existing player base but if we want to grow the base we need to speak to our 10m fans and say what format would you want to play? That is the role of participation and growth. What do we do to further stimulate Last Man Stands, which showed 20% growth last year, or influence clubs to say it's okay to have a T20 side? If the clubs aren't responding quickly enough to people's needs then we need to make a call about what to do."

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A shared love of cricket is helping a team of Sri Lankan asylum seekers break down barriers and build relationships in Australia, even among some of the most fervent supporters of the country's hardline immigration policies.

The team's name, Ocean 12, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the way many of the players arrived in Australian waters, part of a wave of Tamils who made the journey to Christmas Island on overcrowded, rickety boats..........CLICK for full article


The Independent Newspaper

Cricket is the unlikely but effective vehicle for change among a group of Maasai warriors trying to stamp out the brutal tradition of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a new documentary released on Friday. 

A film that marries two very different themes, Warriors follows the tribesman who set up the first Maasai cricket team in a remote region of Kenya as they travel to England to compete in the 2013 Last Man Stands world championship. As well as being keen cricketers, Captain Sonyanga Ole Ngais and the Maasai Cricket Warriors are young men hoping to use the platform cricket gives them to change the gender discrimination deeply ingrained in their culture.CLICK HERE for full artice

Maasai Cricket Warriors bring change one game at a time

Johannesburg - The sound of leather on bat can be heard at the Zoo Lake Sports Club in central Johannesburg, with a fielder in hot pursuit of the ball as it speeds to the boundary. This particular fielder however, and the team he plays for, are unique for reasons beyond the game of cricket itself.

"The Maasai Cricket Warriors is the warriors' team. We play cricket and we play with our traditional clothes," captain Sonyanga Ole Ngais told News24 prior to them squaring off against local teams in two Last Man Stands (LMS) friendlies. Click here for full article.



Kevin Ferrie takes us through his first experience of Last Man Stands at the inaugural Edinburgh Open 2015.

As the tournament ended, an anxious wait got underway... 37 years after playing my first club game a world ranking was at last in the pipeline. Click here for the full article.


10 Years of LMS Cricket - Sport24 - March 2015

This year will see LMS host its fourth World Championships, taking place at the world renowned Kensington Oval in Barbados.
"We're really excited about that. It's our fourth World Champs and it's also our 10 year anniversary of running LMS," Briggs says.

The BCA have been "incredibly supportive" in getting behind the event, which will feature a total of 32 teams from around the world. Twelve come from LMS's different regions, while 20 local teams are expected to take part.

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Owzat for that a new game -  Matt Pearsons'  artcile in the Wentworth Courie

THERE are fewer deliveries, fewer fielders and a few unfamiliar rules, but eastern suburbs cricketers are flocking to Last Man Stands. The novel format of the game, which features fiveball overs and only eight players per side, began in England in 2005 and has expanded rapidly since then. Rob Stevenson played in one of the early matches in London. He was so impressed by the quickfire nature of the game that he moved to Sydney in 2009 to set up an Australian version €˜€˜I believed that it was going to take off and luckily it did, it's just exploded,'' the 29 year old from Surry Hills said. €˜€˜It's a bit more casual but still very organised, with uniforms, professional umpires and the scores going up online. €˜€˜The fact it's eight-a-side is a huge factor in getting teams; it means they can be made up of a bunch of mates rather than just club teams. Anyone can get a side together.''

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BBC World - Australia Asylum Seekers find refuge in cricket - 5 June 2014
Ocean 12 are sporting warriors like no other. Padded up and steeled for action in a suburban league in Sydney, the team is made up of Tamil asylum seekers competing for a place in the finals of a global cricket competition. The young men arrived in Australia by boat. They have been released from immigration detention on temporary visas and are waiting anxiously to hear if their refugee claims have been successful. Some bear the marks of conflict

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Sky Sports (UK) - Launch of Last Woman Stands - 5 June 2014
Following the success of the Last Man Stands competition, the ECB also aims to grow the women's game through the launch of its sister event Last Woman Stands. Check out the clip below for a great introduction to Last Woman Stands that appeared on Sky Sports in the UK...

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LMS on the ICC Global Cricket 360 Show - Sept 2013
ICC Cricket 360 piece featuring the 2013 Last Man Stands T20 World Championships at the home of cricket, Lord's in London. This program aired in over 100 countries globally and focuses on the opening day of the tournament which featured all the national champions, plus the charity element of Last Man Stands, including the fantastic Maasai Cricket Warriors!

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Metro (UK) - I don't like cricket, I love it! - 7 March 2013
The unnatural sight of continual England success and the explosion of the Twenty20 format has been in stark contrast with match-fixing scandals and dwindling crowds at Test matches. Despite the immense popularity of the shorter form of the game, cricket is still viewed as inaccessible by huge numbers of people who simply do not have the time to spend hours on end fielding at third man in what many deem a wasted afternoon. Last Man Stands is cricket's equivalent of five-a-side football (although LMS is actually eight-a-side)...

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LMS Refugee Side Making Waves in Aus - Feb 2014
Great story in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald about Last Man Stands Ocean 12 Tamil Asylum Seeker team, who have taken the Western Sydney leagues by storm since new year. The team grew out of LMS running matches inside the notorious Villawood Detention Centre, which brought the comp to the attention of the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group. Could a team of Asylum Seekers be the next Sydney (or Australian) Champions?! What an unbelievable story that would be!


LMS side plays Asylum Seekers (ABC News) - Dec 2013
Check out this great clip from Australian National News of a LMS side taking on two teams of Asylum Seekers in Australia! Some of the Tamils were escorted out of their detention centre (several for the first time) just to play the game. Both sides are LMS-charity teams so get in touch with us if you are keen to help support the project!!


Gough v Harvey - Sky Sports Feature on LMS Ashes match at Lord's
Watch a great Cricket AM feature on a Last Man Stands challenge between England and Australia at Lord's - captained by Darren Gough and Ian Harvey. Top ranking players and other lucky competition winners got the chance to play under each of the former Ashes rivals in a match, with the cameras of Sky Sports close in tow!

All Out Cricket - Last Man Stands and Delivers - 17 Oct 2013
With increased support from the ECB and an ever-growing number of players, Last Man Stands is evolving from a niche form of the game based primarily in London to a viable, country-wide alternative to weekend cricket. We popped along to Lord's to take in the World Championships and to track the competition's progress. 


ABC News (Australia)- T20 Cricket helps the disadvantaged - 27 January 2013
ABC TV interview about how Last Man Stands T20 cricket is helping more disadvantaged people access the sport, including a discussion on global charity efforts such as the Maasai Cricket Warriors and the Johannesburg township team, as well as efforts to raise money through the Australian leagues to help people with disabilities access the sport.

Cricket Show (Sky Sports New Zealand) - The Fire Inside - 2013 TV Series
Welcome to 'The Fire Inside' a fly on the wall documentary that is following and tracking the Southern Cricket team throughout their 3rd season in the LMS competition. Outside of the IPL the Last Man Stands competition is held in high regard. Many who have played in it liken it to running the Antarctic marathon or even the Great Wall of China marathon. Having picked up the title in their first season, Southern were hot favorites to take out the championship in their second season but failed. This is the journey of a team reuniting to get the cup back in the skippers cave...


Cricket AM (UK Sky Sports) - Interview with LMS team Dreadlock Holiday - May 2012
Jeremy Casey and his LMS team, Dreadlock Holiday CC, are interviewed on Sky Sports TV show - Cricket AM. Casey is one of the top LMS players in the world, averaging 99 with the bat at a strike rate of close to 200!!


ABC Lateline (Australia) - Maasai Warriors take to the Cricket Pitch - 3 April 2012
In northern Kenya, a most unlikely cricket team has emerged with extremely high hopes both on and off the field. For Kenya's Maasai warriors, cricket is more than a game; it's a vehicle which could make the difference between life and death. Africa correspondent Ginny Stein caught up with the team when they touched down in South Africa...


The Telegraph (UK) - Last Man Stands makes Twenty20 look like a test match
If you thought Twenty20 was the ultimate form of 'cricket condensed', think again. A new, even more truncated version called Last Man Stands is rapidly expanding from its London base to a national and international playing pool. Anybody walking the dog in Battersea or Hyde Park would notice some differences between LMS and a traditional game of cricket...


Metro (UK) - Maasai Warriors play at Lord's in Last Man Stands World Championship finale - 4 Sept 2013
A team of Maasai Warriors is playing at Lord's this week in the final of an amateur cricket world championship. The Last Man Stands World Championship reaches its climax at Lord's this afternoon, with a £10,000 prize up for grabs. Four teams will play in the finals of the tournament, which is being hosted by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for the first time and has featured 48 teams from five different countries.


Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Cricketers Flock to Centennial Park - 6 February 2013
Despite fewer deliveries, fewer fielders and a few unfamiliar rules cricketers are flocking to Last Man Stands. The novel format of the game, which features five-ball overs and only eight players per side, began in England in 2005 and has expanded rapidly since then. Cricketer Rob Stevenson played in one of the early matches in London. He was so impressed by the quickfire nature of the game that he moved to Sydney in 2009 to set up an Australian version...


Sunday Star Times (New Zealand) - It's just not cricket (well, not as you know it) -6 January 2013
As fans of leather on willow bemoan the lacklustre performance of the national side, many are turning to a simpler form of our summer sporting code. Simon Day reports on the Last Man Stands phenomenon. Lying somewhere between a backyard bash and Twenty-20, Last Man Stands (LMS) represents cricket's latest makeover and it is quickly becoming a global trend...


The New Zealand Herald - Short Game is a Stand Out - 27 November 2012
They have close to 17,000 players worldwide. The participants have global rankings; it has been played at Lord's - and yet the players of Last Man Stands cricket are never happier than in their shorts with a beer and barbecue at Auckland's Domain. Welcome to the latest version of 'quick cricket' for the time-poor but enthusiasm-rich grassroots player who can spare only a couple of hours before the call of the amber liquid and the hot coals gets too much...


Rapport (South Africa)- LMS Kitskrieket het'n sake-ses geslaan - 23 October 2011
Mnr. Bjorn Briggs (34) het nog altyd 'n passie vir krieket gehad. Hy en sy vennoot, mnr. Wayne Greeve, wat op skool saam vir die eerste span krieket gespeel het, het daarvan gedroom om vir Suid­Afrika krieket te speel. Briggs sê egter hulle het vinnig besef dit gaan nie gebeur nie ennadat albei hul universiteitstudie voltooi het, het hulle die pad Enge­land toe gevat vir 'n paar jaar.


WIN News (Australia) - Tradies win the Australian National Champs - 1st October 2011
WIN News report about Tradies you can't trust's triumph at the 2011 Australian National Championships, on the South Coast of NSW. Tradies beat Power House from Melbourne in a one-sided final to book their tickets to the 2012 World Championships in Cape Town!

Illawarra Mercury (Australia) - Eight man cricket coming to the South Coast - 24 December 2010
It's an even more supercharged version of Twenty20 cricket. A revolution where eight-man teams do battles with the 'last man stands' rule imported from the backyard and double-plays from baseball. A worldwide phenomenon that allows players in different hemispheres to compare statistics online. And it's coming to the Illawarra in September...

Inside Sport (Australia) - Two Hour Stand - December 2010
Punters no longer have to secure a place in the annual IPL auction to join in the T20 circus, thanks to the arrival of Last Man Stands cricket... Cricket lost me (though it appears to have moved on). But things may have been different had Last Man Stands cricket been about - a 20 over competition being played played out in Australia's metropolitan city centres which trades on the slap-dash, big-bash nature of T20 cricket, and the punters' desire to get to the pub...

T20 Finals Day Match Day Programme (UK)- Short Sharp Shock - 14 August 2010
Five balls an over, eight people per side, extras worth three runs and a €˜double play' rule where both batsmen can be out off the same ball. What in the name of WG Grace is all this? This is Last Man Stands, the latest format of a game that's gone through more changes in the past decade than it has in the past two centuries. Primarily played in parks in the early evening, the game is growing in popularity among a large group of enthusiastic players keen to get back into the game.


Newcastle Herald (Australia) - Barry bowls 'em over as standout Aussie - July 2010
Most people do not know that Mayfield cricketer Mitchell Barry is the world's No.2 bowler. What is nearly as unknown is the format of cricket the 20-year old excels in - Last Man Stands Twenty20. Last week, Barry, who is Australia's No.1 bowler, moved into second spot on the world rankings after taking 1-24 off four overs for Reccas against Wallsend Sporties. In 17 matches of LMS T20, the left-arm quick has taken 26 wickets at 10.46...


Lord's Test Match Brochure - From Park & Green to Lord's Dream - 27-31 May 2010
Admit it, You've dreamt of hitting the winning run or taking the deciding wicket at Lord's. But we can't all be Andrew Strauss or Stuart Broad. What we can do, whether we bat, bowl or a bit of both, is play the game for fun. And the England and Wales Cricket Board is supporting two terrific initiatives to help those with busy lives feed their cricketing obsession for a couple of hours, either on a summer's eve or winter's day, on a village green, in a sports hall €“ or at Lord's...

Bondi View (Australia) - Local Cricket goes Global - December 2009
More than 130 uniform-clad cricketers from around Australia and New Zealand competed vigorously in Centennial Park last weekend and it wasn't just social cricket. It was the Australasian Champions League, the pinnacle of the Last Man Stands competition - a global amateur Twenty20 cricket organisation that runs weekly leagues in South Africa, Dubai, London, New Zealand and Australia...


All Out Cricket - Phil Walker has found a new game - July 2009
I'd heard about Last Man Stands before, and not been that bothered. Eight-a0side? Doubleplays wehre you can take a catch and run a man out, all in one move? The next batsman umpiring at square-leg with his pads? Five-ball overs? Do me a favour... Still, I'm always up for a game, and so on a Monday night in June I found myself wearing a red shirt in London's Finsbury Park, batting for a team called Corpus Old Boys. I'd been roped in at the last minute. Three hours, a few hits and one arse-nipper of a game later, I was officially hooked...


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