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Paying Match Fees

Game fees must be paid prior to any match being played. Any team that commits to playing in a Last Man Stands' league is liable in full for all the matches scheduled for that league in a season. If you are unsure of how much match fees you are liable for, the onus is on the team to find out from Last Man Stands. In the event of rained out games a refund to the team organiser will apply based on the amount of overs not completed, except for games where the minimum of 8 overs of batting has been completed by both teams.

No shows and/or cancellations  by a team will mean a penalty fee inmposed of the cost of the combined fixture fee of both sides. We don't expect it to come to this but please note any outstanding payments will be passed on to debt collectors and the teams information passed onto the regions respective Credit Bureau for listing. Teams that fail with payments will also have all match results reverted to 50-0 at the league managers discretion and LMS further reserves the rights to suspend your side, its statistics and players from any form of LastManStands league or event until payment of arrears has been made.The team organiser/s shall be held liable for any and all outstanding game fees should the team fail to pay same. Should a side withdraw from the league before the end of the season then in such instance the team shall be liable for the remaining fixture fees.


The team organiser/s, hereby irrevocably indemnifies and keeps indemnified Last Man Stands, its franchises, directors, employees and third party agents against all loss (consequential or otherwise), damage, injury and or death, costs including legal costs, interest and expenses which Last Man Stands, its franchises, directors, employees and third party agents may hereafter be held liable for, pay, incur or sustain in connection with any action, proceedings or claim being instituted against it by any party whomsoever, including the legal guardian of the minor child, directly or indirectly arising from or related to the use of all Last Man Stands facilities in respect of all players involved in the above mentioned team including all minors. It is expressly agreed that Last Man Stands,its franchises, directors, employees and third party agents in its sole discretion may resolve any action, proceedings or claims instituted against it and all teams including the legal guardian shall abide and perform accordingly.

Last Man Stands: Limitation of Liability

Last Man Stands will not be held liable for any injuries or damages (consequential or otherwise) that occurs to you, or your team member, your property or that of a 3rd party while playing or officiating in a Last Man Stands match. Neither are any of the facilities that Last Man Stands hires for the use of playing Last Man Stands liable for any damages or injuries that may occur. It is up to the team & it's members to decide whether or not the field, weather or any facilities are too dangerous to continue play. All teams are required to carry a first aid kit on them that can be used in the event of an injury.

Player code of conduct: Last Man Stands FairPlay Standards Keeping T20 Fair and Fun for All

LMS seeks to foster a friendly atmosphere of fun and competition between all teams, officials and spectators involved.

Every player, official and spectator is responsible for ensuring that the atmosphere both on and off the field is one that promotes fun and fair play. Last Man Stands Cricket is a team sport and each individual is an important component in the success of their team and the tournament.

The object of LMS FairPlay Standards is to promote fair play, discipline and a sense of sportsmanship to ensure that all involved can compete and enjoy the game of Last Man Stands.

Cricket is known as the €œGentleman's Game€ and we at LMS feel that it is important that the game be played in the right manner that embodies the €œSpirit of Cricket€

Last Man Stands advocates that players adhere to the below standards of conduct both on and off the field during LMS tournaments:

Know the Rules: Take time to understand all the unique rules of LMS completely before participating and help those new to the game in learning them. Anyone that plays a game of Last Man Stands agrees that their stats and rankings will appear on our website. All stats are the property of Last Man Stands.

Accept Decisions of Umpires and Officials: The Umpire's decision is final and cannot be disputed during the game. Concerns regarding umpiring decisions can be raised to LMS administrators after the match. Under no circumstances is a player to swear at or abuse the Umpire in any way whatsoever. The main aspect of LMS is to have fun, let's keep it that way.

Appealing: Only appeal if you genuinely believe that the batsman is out appealing consistently for any other reasons is not in the spirit of the game.

Control Emotions: Play to enjoy the game and the company of others. No verbal abuse directed at any individual or equipment abuse will be tolerated.

Save Time: LMS does have time restrictions in place to ensure fast and fun gameplay. Please adhere to these and look to save time where possible.

Respect Others: Treat all players and property as you would like to be treated. Encourage your team-mates and bowlers and try to keep €œchirping€ / €œsledging€ out of the game and avoid foul language.Vitally, remember without the opposition there is no game.

Any form of man handling or threats on the field or sidelines will result in the player being banned for a minimum of three games. Repeated breach of the FairPlay standards will also result in players being banned.

A player will be banned for life, for any violent conduct to another player, spectator or umpire. Criminal charges may also be laid.

Teams that have players continually breaching the FairPlay standards, will also be asked to leave the league.

Only an LMS Official or Captain/Team Organiser may escalate any issue regarding matters that they feel do not comply with the LMS FairPlay Standards to the LMS administrators. Therefore, please could all players with grievances please refer to their team organiser.


LMS FairPlay Examples:

The following areas regarding player behavior are to be noted in lieu of the LMS FairPlay Standards:

The use of offensive language - generally as a disparaging remark to an opposing player or toward an Umpire. This includes racial vilification (any act that is reasonably likely to threaten, disparage, vilify, offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group based on skills, race, religion, descent, color or national or ethnic origin).
The questioning or disputing of the Umpire's decision - especially in an aggressive or sarcastic manner. This applies equally to dismissals and unsuccessful appeals as to the judgment of calls on no-balls, wides etc. Individuals entering the field of play without the Umpire's permission, disputing decisions on the field and interfering with the progress of the game.
An excessive number of frivolous appeals primarily aimed at pressuring and intimidating the Umpire into a favorable decision or to gain an undue advantage.
The actions of the dismissed batsman - in failing to leave the crease promptly on being given out and any equipment abuse such as banging the bat into the ground, against the wickets or against the fence etc. and/or throwing the bat or equipment during or after leaving the field of play.
"Send offs" - usually to a dismissed batsman by the bowler or a member of the fielding side. This can often spark or inflame a situation and lead to a more serious and unnecessary altercation.
Please note the above list is not exhaustive and merely serves as a guideline in terms of what can be deemed to be inappropriate conduct.

Such actions are clearly unacceptable and may incur penalties including the disqualification of the relevant team. LMS administrators will handle all matters fairly and on an objective basis and will consult all those concerned in the event of any issues relating to the FairPlay Standards.

If a player continues to breach code of conduct in any manner, despite warnings, this may result in disciplinary action against the player or the concerned team, including, but not limited to, suspension from a league or for a number of matches.

By participating in LMS all players and officials are deemed to have read and understood the LMS Rules and LMS FairPlay Standards and are expected to adhere to them.

Use of lastmanstands.com

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Last Man Stands reserves the right to publish (& unpublish) all game results and players' personal statistics onto (or off from) the website.

You are not permitted to upload any profile pictures that are deemed: threatening, defamatory, indecent, offensive, to incite violence, discriminatory or technically harmful in nature. Profile picture uploads must not infringe on any third party Intellectual Property rights and you represent and warrant that you own the profile picture posted. Any images uploaded to our website by you, may be used by Last Man Stands. Any images uploaded that LMS deem inapropriate, will be removed from the website.

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Variations to Terms & Conditions

These terms may be varied from time to time. Please ensure that you review these terms regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted all variations if you continue to use the site and participate in Last Man Stands after a variation has been posted.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Jurisdiction in which your fixture was held.

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Advocacy Campaign - UK only

In the UK during February, we will be launching a campaign which allows current LMS players to recommend new players to LMS and to be in with the chance of winning a LMS kit voucher, a LMS playing voucher or cash voucher.

We will initially check the details of the first 100 new teams (based on registration date) to see which teams meet the terms and conditions listed below. If a team in the first 100 meets the terms and conditions, as listed, we will contact the team organiser of the team concerned and ask them to let us know which team or player referred them to LMS. If for instance there are 40 teams who fill in the referral code but do not meet the terms and conditions the draw will open up to the next 40 teams (in other words teams 101 to 140 will be assessed). The same principles as above until we have 100 winners.  
Winners will be announced and contacted on the 10th August. 
  • Teams need to play at least 4 league games in the 2014 season for the referral to qualify.
  • At least 6 new players' in the team must play a minimum of 4 games each in 2014.
  • New players' are defined as players who did not play any games of LMS in any LMS team in 2013.
  • Only league games played before the 1st of August 2014 are applicable to this competition.
  • Incentive offer starts on the 12th Feb 2014.
  • Only teams filling in the Referral code when registering will be considered for this competition.


All players and teams agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions please do not access and/or use the site, and/or play the game of Last Man Stands.