Last Man Stands is looking for people with: energy, motivation, persistence, networking ability and a passion for the game of cricket.

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Five Steps to owning your own LMS Franchise:

1. Fill in Application Form

Complete this expression of interest Franchise Application Form:

Franchise Application Form

This form will assist us in terms of understanding your interests and qualifications.

Once you have filled in the application please send an e-mail to  with a copy of your passport or ID document letting us know about your application.

2. Checks, NDA, Feedback and Meeting

We will work through your application and if we believe you have the skill set, time and passion required to run a LastManStands franchise we will ask you sign an NDA, and call or email you to arrange a meeting to find out more about you and /or your organisation. It would also be an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you have on the LMS concept.

3. Disclosure Document & Offer from LMS. Deposit payment.

If after step 2 above, both parties are keen to move forward LMS will send you a disclosure document with an offer to take on the franchise. The offer will only be valid for 14 days upon which it will expire. In order to move to step 4 you will be required to pay a small deposit within this 14 day window period. This would be to cover admin / legal costs of the putting the franchise agreement together. The deposit will need to be paid before we can move to stage 4 below. 

4.  Acceptance of Contracts. Payment of Set up Fee.

The franchise agreement will then be sent to you. Upon recieving the franchise agreement you have 14 days to read through it and ask questions. Should you wish to accept the contract the franchise agreement can then be signed on the 15th day (i.e. 15 days after recieving it). The payment for the set up fee would also need to be made before we proceed to stage 5 below.

5.  Installation and Training

Once the contracts have been signed and the payments have been completed you will recieve a copy of the LMS Operations manual. You will also recieve a Last Man Stands e-mail address and your own home page for your franchise on the LMS website. You will be given usernames and passwords to update your section of the website and sports management system. You will be required to pass an online test to ensure you have read the operations manual and completed the Live Scoring tutorial. Franchises will need to attend a half day training course before running their first league.



Benefits of owning a Last Man Stands Franchise

Customers and franchisees of LMS become part of the global interactive website. LMS offers truly unique cricket software, exciting & engaging rules, rock solid operations manuals and dynamic marketing campaigns (click here for an example of one). Franchisees also benefit from the brand exposure in local, national and global news articles in the media:

We only offer franchises in limited amounts of geographic regions. An upfront fee is required, this is to ensure your commitment to your franchise, and also goes towards administration set up costs of your league. We also charge an admin fee per game that you manage, and teams registration fee per annum.

Below is a summary of the operational, marketing and cost cutting benefits that Last Man Stands offers Franchisees. 

Setup & Training

Support staff will assist you with setting up all your pages and your first round of league fixtures.

Your consultant will also provide one-on-one training to help you launch your leagues successfully, with advice on marketing, sourcing fields, insurance, league management, provide software training and much more.


State of the art Sports Management Software tailored to run Last Man Stands Cricket Leagues that enables you to do the following:

  • Handle Team and Ringer Registrations
  • Auto Generate League Fixtures
  • EMAIL/SMS your database from the website
  • Fixture Reminder and Availability Emails
  • Accept Payments Online
  • Quick Look Up for Players and Teams
  • Live Scoring Functionality
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management System for your local league news
  • Team and Player World rankings and stats
  • Dream Teams for top 8 players in the league, franchise, country and world

Ongoing support

The Licensee will have their own city web pages on the website, to update league news and advertise. Each licensee will be given an up to date Operations Manual which will provide in depth information on how to manage your LMS leagues from the marketing and management in the office to on the field logistics. You will also have access to your own personal consultant who will be able to assist you with any queries you might have. To summarise the ongoing support consists of the following:

  • 24 Hour Email Support from Franchise Consultant
  • Operations and Marketing Manual
  • Assistance with social media marketing strategy
  • Tap into the existing network of franchisees

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There are already over 5 000 teams comprised of +80 000 players playing the Last Man Stands format in 10 different countries around the globe. The Franchise Opportunity offered by Last Man Stands has already helped over 60 franchise owners from around the world start and manage efficient, innovative and profitable LMS cricket leagues in small small towns and big mega city's.  All Leagues are connected to the National and global competitions with LMS Tours and World Champs.

Every Last Man Stands team gets a Team Profile Page that lists the players career stats and their world batting and bowling rankings. And every Last Man Stands player gets their own personal profile on the website with their career stats and rankings. 

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