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1) See how rankings are worked by clicking here here:


2) How do DREAM TEAMS get selected ?

The top two batsman make up positions 1 & 2 (They are  3rd group of players selected after the all rounders and the wicketkeeper).

The top all rounder bats at 3. (He is the 2nd player selected after the wicketkeeper).

The highest ranked keeper bats at 4. (The wicketkeeper is picked first).

The best three bowlers bat 7, 8 & 9. (They are the last group of players picked, the bowler with the highest batting ranking bats at 6 etc.).

Dream Team Structure

1 Batsman 1 (4th player picked).

2 Batsman 2 (5th player picked).

3 All Rounder 1 (2nd player picked).

4 Wicketkeeper (first player picked).

5 All Rounder (3rd player picked).

6 Bowler (One of the top 3 bowlers in the league with the highest batting ranking of the three bowlers).

7 Bowler (One of the top 3 bowlers in the league with the 2nd highest batting ranking of the three bowlers).

8 Bowler (One of the top 3 bowlers in the league with the 3rd highest batting ranking of the three bowlers).

3) When do stats and results get updated

Within 24 hours & 48 hours respectively. If they are not, contact your league manager to resolve the issue. If this problem persists please email [email protected]

Only emails that advise League Details, Game Details, and Stats Error can be answered.

4) How do I query my STATS ?

Send an email to your LEAGUE MANAGER. Call or email them and they will be able to let you know. Make sure you state the name of the league, the date, your team, the opposition and the query.

Only emails that advise League Details, Game Details, and Stats Error can be answered.

If no one responds please send an email to [email protected]

5) Why don't I have STATS ?

Your Team Organiser most probably has not clicked "Add Player" when logged in and added your details to the team. Have a word with your skipper and make sure he has added your details. Tell him to login > click on "My Teams" >  click on "Add Players" and then add your details. You need to have a valid email. address to have stats and rankings.

Players already Registered: 
If you join a new team your new Team Organiser, just has to add same email address that you previously were registered with.
A pop up will arrive and advise the team organiser that "this player already exists, are you sure you want to continue?" The team organiser must just click YES.
(The email address links your stats and is the unique identifier for our system)

* Tip for team organisers: When adding players that you think have played LMS for another team, just add their email address and click save. The system will pull in the rest of the players details. And the player will be happy as his career record will be saved.

6)  How do I add players to my squad ?

Login with your email address and password. On the top right hand side there is a link that says "My teams" click on this link.On the next screen there is a link in the middle that says "Add players" click on this link and add a player. Just repeat, this process to add a full squad and to edit players e-mail addresses and phone number. 

If your player is already registered all you need to do is add his email address that he originally registered with, and his details will be pulled into your squad.

Remember to let your squad know that they must not give abbreviations, nicknames etc. to the umpire or scorer. It must be surname and initial, this is so we can pick up the players on the system when we add in their stats.

6.1) What happens when players are added via Live Scoring?

a) If the umpire adds a player who did not exist on the system, they are immediately added to the team as a regular
b) If the umpire adds a player who DOES already exist in the system, they are temporarily added to the team, and it is then down to the team organiser to invite them to join permanently if they are to be a permanent member of the team.
7) How to check your online statements?

Login with your email address and password. On the top right hand side there is a link that says "My statement" click on this link.On the next screen you will be able to view your statements.

8) RAIN ?

PLEASE ASSUME GAMES ARE ON UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM LMS. Please contact your league manager for rain related enquiries on match days.

9) How do Bonus Points Work ?

 Click on this BONUS POINTS link to get all the exact details.

10)  I forgot my password?

To have a new password sent to your email account CLICK HERE then enter your email address, (do NOT put in a password) and click the button that says "Forgotten Password" on the bottom right of the screen.

11) How is NRR calculated

(Total runs scored / Total OVERS Faced) - (Total runs conceded / Total OVERS Bowled) = NRR
Batting: You add the total runs scored in the season and divide by total overs faced in season to get Batting run rate for the season (if team was bowled out early in game assume max overs for that game)
Bowling : You add the total runs scored against your team and divide by total overs bowled by your team to get Bowling run rate for the season (if team was bowled out early in a game assume max overs for that game)
Example: Royal Invaders have NRR of 1.909 click here for league standings and results:

Royal Invaders stats:

Total runs scored = 621
Total overs faced =  total balls faced divided by 5 = 334/5

Total runs conceded: = 591
Total overs bowled = total balls faced divided by 5 = 400/5

Therefore NRR for Royal Invaders =

(total scored / total OVERS faced) - (total conceded / total OVERS bowled)

(621 / (334 / 5)) - (591 / (400 / 5)) 
= (9.2964071856287425149700598802395) -  (7.3875) 
= 1.9089
12) Cricket Bat Maintenance
How often should I oil my bat?
All natural faced bats MUST be treated using raw linseed or a specialist cricket bat oil. The main purpose of oiling is to maintain moisture levels within the blade, and hence reduce the chances of cracking and splitting. The best way of applying oil to the bat is using a paint brush and lightly coat to the face of the bat, edge & toe of the blade taking care to avoid the logos and splice area. Generally three or four coats should be sufficient initially and one every 3-4 weeks thereafter. In regions that experience extreme dry condition a single coat can be applied every 1-2 weeks.
Each coat should be allowed to dry into a blade in a horizontal position before the next is applied.
Where should I store my bat when not in use?
Bats should be stored in doors away from heaters or humidifiers where the room temperature is constant. Bats should not be stored in your car boot, your garage or a store room without proper insulation.
How do I knock in my new bat?
All bats are pressed by the manufacturer, however knocking in is VITAL for the survival of your bat. This is the process by which the fibres of the willow in the face and edges are compressed together to form a barrier, which protects the bat against the impact of the ball. Effective knocking in will significantly improve the performance and increase the lifespan of the bat. We recommend that prepared Ready Play & Pre Knocked in bats need extra preparation & care before use; A significant portion of this preparation can be best performed by our Pressing Machine along with a ball mallet or bat mallet.

The knocking in process should be undertaken carefully, using a special bat/ball mallet or an old, quality cricket ball. The bat should be repeatedly struck across and down the front of the blade gradually increasing force over a period of time. This conditioning must be performed with patience. Particular attention should be given to hardening the edge, by deflecting the mallet or ball across them-not at right angles to minimize damage from an edge shot. The toe area of the bat should be faced carefully as there is risk of causing cracks or splits across the base of the bat if struck too hard. This stage is important and should take approximately 8-10 full hours and if machined pressed 4-6 full hours.

The next step is to graduate to the use of the bat to prepare it for match conditions. Throw downs in the nets or short catches with an old quality cricket ball is advisable. However if the seam marks the blade or small surface cracks & indentations are visible, it is necessary to return to Stage One for further conditioning. This stage should be performed for a further duration of time (2 hours). *Please note this is not a sign of a faulty bat but a good indication the bat requires further attention to the knocking in stages. Once these steps have been taken the bat should be ready for use in matches. It is advisable to initially avoid use against the new ball if however you are a opening batsmen a face cover is highly recommended for added protection.

13 How to upload Player Profile Picture?
Visit your edit profile page when logged in and you will be able to upload an image


14 When do player rankings update?
Player Rankings update on a Monday and Thursday morning (gmt)


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