What Makes Last Man Stands Different?

The Technology 

‘Giving amateurs the professional experience’

Last Man Stands connects amateur cricketers all over the world through its global ranking system. The LMS website stores and displays all team and individual player profiles with full career history. Every player receives a global batting, bowling, and all-rounder ranking. This ranking system allows a player in Dhaka, for instance, to compare their rankings and stats to friends playing LMS in other parts of the world. 

Every game of LMS is live scored and with the introduction of the new broadcast app in 2021 there are now many games live-streamed as well.

The Game 

 ‘It's Anybody’s game’ 

The rules are innovative and designed to ensure the game is fast-paced and exciting. Last Man Stands was named after the Founders’ favourite rule! LMS aims to attract a new audience to the game - the Double Play and Steal rules narrow the gap between baseball and cricket. Although the games only last 2 hours all 8 players are promised maximum participation and a good workout.

We aim to give a professional experience to amateur players of all abilities. 

We also aim to take the pain out of social sport for team organisers - we organize the umpires, balls, pitches, scoring. All teams have to do is turn up!  

Global Events & Community

Start Local, Go Global’ 

What makes LMS so unique is what also brings its players and teams together….the unique rules, events, technology, game format we share are cornerstones of identity and culture for our players...and our community is built around this.

Regional, national & global LMS events and tournaments are regular dates in the Last Man Stands schedule, giving teams and players the opportunity to meet and participate. 

This is where technology and the online world of rankings meet the real world as those who qualify come together to compete in headline events such as the LMS World Cup, the LMS Super Series events, etc. They are a pathway for those looking for it.

It is where the online world of LMS community social forums brings teams together in person to participate and enjoy the social experience of now legendary events such as LMS World Champs, Australia Champs, LMS Bali Tour, LMS Miami Tour, etc.  

This is where mates for life are made.



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