Keeper Rankings


Top 100 out of 36788

1Steven "Bakes" Baker73.6340
2Rakesh Jampala70.6271
3Aaron Lomas68.8391
4Paul Marchesi68.6179
5Ahsan Chaudhary64.4529
6Michael "Lucky Hack" Corfield64.3531
7Lodie Greeff64.0479
8James Stone62.8218
9Rob Regent62.7037
10Darren O'Connell61.0335
11Samuel Lang60.8155
12Wynand Venter60.1444
13Nick Gealy60.1188
14Ricky 'Dancin' Caldow59.3724
15Alun Kelly57.1233
16Tim Webber56.9397
17James Brownlee56.5600
18Danny Batra56.2733
19Greg Axon55.7148
20Paddy Hogan54.3780
21Colin Grant53.1559
22Somi Grewal52.9264
23Zunaid Bahadur52.7098
24Suthakar Senathipillay52.5584
25Richard Jarvis52.3401
26Mandeep Ahluwalia52.2996
27Rhys "Rooster" Howarth52.2687
28Tom Greville Williams52.1809
29Mark Peters52.1171
30Faiz Khan51.9308
31Lesley Visser51.7016
32Keith Vogel50.8890
33Huss Hajazi50.6086
34Doug Agnew50.4499
35Josh Dale50.0318
36Darryn More49.8010
37Terrence Burger49.5677
38Dave Playford49.5139
39Juan Willemse49.4400
40Shae Piatek48.5828
41Wayne Herbert48.2534
42Scott Appleby48.1821
43Mubashar Awan48.0110
44Richard Jones47.9111
45Michael Hawkins47.6651
46Zain ul Abideen Sohail47.5747
47Daniel Foster47.4014
48Ahsan Butt47.3048
49Beau-Dean Oestmann47.0343
50Shayne Norton46.5216
51Blake Banham46.2250
52Scott "tourettes" Mitchell46.0230
53Bruce Gilson45.9529
54Hamish Jones45.9026
55Daniel "Zoolander" Stiller45.5617
56Gerhard Coetzee45.3766
57Niven Turner45.2444
58Tom Williams45.1924
59Tom Kelly45.0924
60Jason"SLOGGER" Hart45.0186
61Corey Atkins44.8920
62Yianni Gertos44.6860
63Christiaan Roos44.6323
64Brennan Brown44.6054
65Jordan ''Trigger'' Renau44.2288
66Hayden Page44.2027
67Shalin Pather44.1002
68Anirudh Bhargava44.0646
69Rhys Falky Whybrow43.9639
70Andre Johnson43.8946
71Brendan de Jongh43.8878
72Ben Whitechurch43.4339
73Henning "Smasher" Snyman43.4198
74Omar Taj42.9609
75Richard Frey42.9573
76Donald Redol42.9494
77Rob Watts42.8828
78James Whiteley42.8035
79Ricky Lim42.5363
80Libu Varghese42.4425
81Andy Davidson42.2942
82Brodie Dwyer42.0803
83Sudhanshu Kaushal41.7942
85Shaan Turner41.6808
86Danny Stern41.5623
87Craig Stanway41.5111
88Tom Adams41.4532
89Antonie Muller41.3647
90JJ Burton41.3581
91Gavin Bartley41.3479
92Glen Arnold41.1695
93Phetole (Dictator) Modika40.9881
94Mat Parsons40.9756
95James Coyle40.7082
96Andy Levett40.6012
97Gav Goullet40.3587
98Cameron Moodie40.2655
99David "Mr Fill In" Wilden40.2356
100Michael Carter40.1244

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