Team Rankings


Top 100 out of 9075

1Farani Taylor Stallions15.9354
2Tanks Plumbing15.4657
4Enjoy The Ment13.8829
5Caught Short13.6632
6The Budgies13.5957
7Weekend Warriors13.3752
8LSE Legends13.3204
9The 2nd XI13.3101
10The Park Cricketers13.1815
11Karahi Kings13.1384
12Northies Nightwatchmen13.0971
13Butt Tayyaras12.9951
14Ocean 1212.9428
15London Exeter12.9338
16Brisbane Cool Boys (Tamilanda)12.9334
17Kerry's Hero's12.8637
18Slough Warriors12.8010
19Frontier Lions (Panthers)12.6011
20AON All Stars12.4495
22Swansea Fine Legs12.2585
23Die Span12.1403
24United CC VIII11.9257
25The See You Next Tuesday's11.7696
26Karachi Kings Southampton11.7419
27Ball Shiners11.7297
28Bomb Squad11.7273
29The Old Firm11.7072
30Top Catch11.6835
31Laila Cricket Club11.6795
32Khawaja talkin' bout Willis?11.6189
34Ashburton 3.011.4982
35Hard Hitters11.4275
36Deliveroo Stars11.3856
37Under Armours11.3717
39Foxtons Hull11.3099
40Cold Pie11.2961
41American Pie Chuckers'11.2010
42Equity Pumas11.1789
43Spider Monkeys11.1674
44Bengal Tayj11.1663
45The Fast Bowling Cartel11.1407
46The Royal Rampage11.1038
47We'll Bat First11.0919
48Frederick Spofforth11.0292
49Dhaka Warriors10.9629
50Solid Nuts10.9060
51Rock Lobsters10.8645
52Jesmond Gentlemen10.8522
53Swindon Tigers10.8283
54Brandy & Boeps10.8234
55THE RANGES10.8066
56Tradies You Can't Trust10.7832
57Dent Expert10.7777
58CSS Strikers10.7441
59Chakwal Stars10.6933
60West Rand Wicket Warriors10.6846
618 Ballerz10.6783
62The Killers10.6006
63Tech Republic10.5793
64Crafty Tappers10.5455
66Bagborough Rebels10.5344
67Zero Ducks Given10.5162
68Fancy Dans10.3964
70The Book Boys10.3644
71Melbourne All Stars10.3626
72Concrete Warriors10.3126
73Heritage Cricketers10.3063
74The In & Outs10.2791
75Earlestown Griffins10.2271
76OC Knight Riders10.2253
77Rusty FishHooks10.2081
78The Muffin Stuffers10.1923
79Bowden Pinks10.1842
80Swindon Royal Smashers10.1833
82Saiban's Mustangs B10.1429
83Broke Bat Mountain10.1376
84White Mitsubishis10.1344
86Jhoolay Laal Bangers10.1036
87Beers & Tots10.0524
88Hull Bengal tigers10.0501
89London Rebels10.0226
90Jager Rebels9.9982
91The Destroyermas9.9961
92Johannesburg Protea9.9413
93Bashley CC9.8458
94Southwark Stallions9.8229
95Kohli Nahi Hota Tujh Sai Chase9.8160
96The Wombats9.8089
97Dynamite Ducks9.8036
98Arctic Mufties9.7807
99Titans CC9.7556
100Swindon Young Stars9.7515

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