11Werner SnymanSouth Africa Masters502.762
12Joe LombardSouth Africa Masters490.135
13Ian DrakesROW Masters482.282
14Kirk GibsonPakistan Masters469.620
15Brent CrooksAustralia Masters Green455.939
16Blake Van Der LindeEngland Masters- Lions455.300
17praveen yamaniUSA Masters426.246
18Rudie FronemanSouth Africa Masters418.834
19Kavan TrivediEngland Masters- Lions401.243
20Sharmin KarbhariUSA Masters381.929
21Amit KapoorIndia Masters381.323
22Wayne WoodAustralia Masters Gold375.041
23Mick WitteveenAustralia Masters Green373.734
24Aaron WatsonEngland Masters- Lions366.631
25Orien BosticBarbados Masters364.835
26Chandrasekhar EdaraUSA Masters363.846
27Hendrik PotgieterSouth Africa Masters358.003
28Mayur KulkarniIndia Masters348.437
29Nick EvansROW Masters345.489
30Hallam BryanBarbados Masters340.553
31Farhan EjazEngland Masters- Bulldogs338.503
32Nathan WilsonSouth Africa Masters335.109
33Saad JaffaryPakistan Masters324.828
34Apurva NairROW Masters320.417
35Simon De San MiguelEngland Masters- Lions316.019
36Gavin BuckleROW Masters314.650
37Hitesh ChowdhuryIndia Masters311.420
38Najeeb AhmadPakistan Masters288.928
39Graham BradfieldEngland Masters- Bulldogs287.546
40Maheish KesarkarUSA Masters286.541
41Jagadeesh SubbiahIndia Masters286.280
42James SchoefferAustralia Masters Gold284.621
43Alex VallentineAustralia Masters Gold280.632
44Matt ParkinsonEngland Masters- Bulldogs270.204
45Jagmohan SinghUSA Masters270.019
46Abdul Hameed MajeedPakistan Masters263.301
47Shayne NortonAustralia Masters Green253.987
48Edward IdeROW Masters249.329
49Gregg MarksAustralia Masters Green244.326
50Paul GillettAustralia Masters Green240.705
51Ross CawoodROW Masters234.506
52Kwesi Kevin PerryPakistan Masters229.447
53Vineet VohraIndia Masters225.212
54Elliot DawsonAustralia Masters Gold217.726
55Abhishek SharmaIndia Masters201.661
56Khemraj JaisinghEngland Masters- Bulldogs185.741
57Sean ArmstrongBarbados Masters181.985
58Wayne GreveROW Masters180.995
59Kaleem MohmudIndia Masters180.846
60Romeo AlvesBarbados Masters169.869
61Manoj OswalEngland Masters- Lions160.460
62Mick McGrathAustralia Masters Gold158.455
63Nick BishopEngland Masters- Bulldogs158.010
64Lee "Lipstick" NesslingEngland Masters- Lions155.940
65Aaron LomasEngland Masters- Lions147.513
66Chris MapstoneAustralia Masters Green142.945
67Marty DownsAustralia Masters Gold141.770
68Vishal JainUSA Masters135.286
69William LashleyBarbados Masters128.110
70Gregory PorterEngland Masters- Bulldogs127.535
71Shiva KodurIndia Masters117.328
72Ryan LayneBarbados Masters92.944
73Martin ParrisPakistan Masters91.591
74Simon BurnsAustralia Masters Gold84.497
75Owen BirchBarbados Masters80.730
76Muhammad ibrar Nazir Pakistan Masters75.436
77Sushant AhirraoUSA Masters72.739
78Ged McMahonPakistan Masters65.780
79Darryn MoreSouth Africa Masters65.480
80Jonny Ward ManningEngland Masters- Bulldogs58.052
81Kamran InayatEngland Masters- Bulldogs55.813
82Ritesh PatelROW Masters46.496
83Samad MotaraBarbados Masters36.800
84Richard PilcherEngland Masters- Bulldogs36.769
85Graham BradfieldEngland Masters- Lions24.695
86Rakesh JampalaAustralia Masters Gold23.932
87Fahad ChaudharyPakistan Masters18.400
88Owais QuddusiPakistan Masters11.040
89Ged McMahonAustralia Masters Green1.840

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