Upload your Player Profile Picture




BREAKING NEWS - Player Profile image upload is here!

Ever since the launch of the new website many have asked why they could not upload a player picture onto their profile? Since then the LMS IT department has worked tirelessly in setting up this capability. What was once a generic picture on your page has now been replaced with the ability to upload your very own player profile picture.

The steps to do this are easy:

1. Head to your player profile page.

2. Click on 'Upload Profile Image' as seen below



3. Enter your LMS login details as seen below:-

(NB you need to have a confirmed email address to do this)

4. Click on 'Choose file' to find the photo you want and click submit:-

5. Your profile picture will be shown on your profile page (It may take a few hours to update so be patient if it does not show up right away).

6. You can also go directly to the following link to uplaod your player photo - http://www.lastmanstands.com/profile-picture-upload

Keep watching this space for more updates on website enhancments in the weeks to come.