Joburg: Neil McKenzie, who participated in several games and the 2012 World Champs in Cape Town, said ”The game is great fun & very social! Lasts about 2 hours so still leaves plenty of time for guys to spend with their families.” 
New Zealand: Martin Crowe says " Played first ever LMS game tonight with Marc Ellis. Last Man bats on his own and game only takes 2 hours. Love it." 
London: Bobby Skinstad (email 18th Augsut 2006), whose birthday bash included a day of LMS cricket tournament, said “Last Man Stands is an excellent way to spend some time with mates. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and reviewing my stats and ranking.”
England: David Neilsen-Scott (email December 2014) "I came to LMS to have fun playing cricket with my dad, but I have ended up massively improving almost every aspect of my game. I still have a lot of fun, and in world and national championships have been exposed to a high level of cricket".
Gold Coast: Adam Hollioake says: “Last Man Stands is a very exciting global amateur Twenty20 competition and I am really looking forward to playing with some of the best LMS teams from around the world in this unprecedented event."
Joburg: Sivan Pillay (email 15th August 2012) " Your league is well run and organized. Great fun for us. PS I am the Chairman of Old Maristonians Cricket Club from which Calypso is made up."
Durban/North West England: Grayson McMullen (email December 2014) "LMS has been a game changer for me. I have been privileged enough to experience LMS both in South Africa and the UK. Playing for the Scouse Africa side in the local UK League was an incredible experience. It's a great way to enjoy a social game, share some midweek stories, be healthier and at the same time be a part of a group people who share the love for the game...In my opinion, it's the best way to play the sport that so many of us share a passion for."
England: Paul Kearney (email September 2014) "LMS is an exciting midweek format that myself and some of the other players began as a way of having a competitive edge to our midweek work but it has now become important in it's own right as a format of the game. LMS makes you work hard in the field and gives an avenue to put bat on ball, but retiring at 50 means that the whole team are involved in every game. LMS has brought many talented players together in our team and the competitive element ensures that, whilst enjoyable, it is a format that encourages everyone to play to the best of their ability"
England: Mike Gatting said " This was my first game of  LastManStands, I really enjoyed it and loved that it is short and fun. The rules are very interesteing which keeps you on your toes and makes for a really fun game of cricket. I also like the idea that you can get a game in after work. "
Joburg: HD Ackerman said “It’s a great concept. I hear it is very successful overseas and let’s hope it takes off here in South Africa."
New Zealand: Mark Ellis says " Its a great chance for people that are getting a bit long in the tooth, we can still play in a competitive enviroment"
Joburg - Damian (email 11 June 2012)  "Thanks very much for the opportunity to be part of something so special.  Thanks Damian" 

Testimonials from Cricket Clubs

Cape Town: Bradley Seconds (email 7th April 2012) "...it was a pleasure hosting the LMS World Champs at the Western Province Cricket Club, & we look forward to hosing you again, hopefully in the not too distant future" 

Joburg: Malcolm Passmore   (email 22nd January 2010) "...LMS & their teams have seemlessly become part of the Marks Park Sports Club, and we look forward to each and every game. It has brought new blood to the club!" 

Joburg: Anne Pratt  (9th July 2012) "...We have been hosting LMS since they started in in 2006 in South Africa and they have been a great asset to the Old Edwardian Society" 

Joburg: Boycotters Cricket Club " I would like to thank LMS for the continued support through the recruitment of new players and sponsorship. We are very greatful for this and always look forward to being part of Last Man Stands for the years to come"