Sydney Super Series

Draft Night - 17th December 2018. 6:30pm arrival for 7pm start

Draft Venue - CBD Hotel

Tournament Dates - 26th, 27th and 28th January 2019

Tournament Venue - McKay Oval, Centennial Park.

Prize - $15,000 and entry to the 2019 World Champs


The inaugural LMS Super Series event takes place at the end of January in Sydney. 139 of the best LMS players from across New South Wales have been declared eligible for the draft style league (based on their Regional Rankings and the number of players in each region). 6 Team Owners will then build the perfect squad, with the winning team to receive Qualifcation and Free Entry into the 2019 World Champs (also in Sydney) in December. The winning team owner will also receive a cool $15,000! 


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Meet the Sydney Super Series Team Owners

Team Owner - Ziad Abbas

Team Name - East Coast Whales
Headline Sponsor -
Hariri Chickens
LMS Experience -
198 games with majority of them for the Spider Monkeys. Represented Australia at the 2018 World Series in England. Over 5000 runs and 178 wickets means he has qualified as a player in for the Super Series draft.

Team Owners' Thoughts -  I am very excited about the super series concept. Places best players from the region in one competition against each other. I first got involved in LMS back in 2014 thru friends with the Spider Monkeys and haven't looked back. The player draft is an interesting concept which should in theory even out the teams. Looking for guys who play fair but play hard. I like to play with guys who enjoy playing for each other.

Players Selected - Round 1 - Simon Keen. RD2 - Steven Sheakey. RD3 - Nabeel Mahommed. RD4 - Habib Hamade. RD5 - Mohammad Hammoud. RD6 - Kirk Adderley. RD7 - Huss Hajazi. RD8 - Scott Appleby. RD9 - Ziad Abbas. Wildcard Round - Adeel Hussain


Team Owner - Ryan Burke

Team Name - Illawarriors
Headline Sponsor - AVCON Projects
LMS Experience - First played in 2009. Represented South Coast Slashers in the 2011 Aussie Champs.

Team Owners' Thoughts - The AVCON Team is really excited about being involved with LMS and this Super Series. Being a very average cricketer myself, I appreciate the skills required to be a good 20/20 cricketer and we are looking at getting the best team on the paddock as possible. I’m hoping some of our Illawarra big hitters can support our team into a victory in the super series. Well done on the idea and look forward to a few beers and exciting games with all

Players Selected - Round 1 - Abdullah Javaid. RD2 - Paul Marchesi. RD3 - Ryan Scott. RD4 - Oscar Gibbins. RD5 - Pushpinder Singh Jassal. RD6 - Brad Smith. RD7 - Daniel Paul Dent. RD8 - Febin Alias. RD9 - Razeem Hussein. Wildcard Round - Lydon Gibbons



Team Owners - Palak Mistry & Moon Patel
Team Name 
Parramatta Blue Tongues
LMS Experience - Both play for the Sydney Supermen in the Western Sydney Leagues. Palak recently registered his maiden LMS half century. Moon has scored just under 900 runs and taken 32 career wickets.

Team Owners' Thoughts - Ever since we started playing LMS, we have been huge fans of the format. Its cricket for mates and that’s what we believe brings Spirit to the format. We are delighted to be a part of this Super Series & we believe this Super series will set a tremendous stage for all involved.Wearing a selectors hat in order to put a winning team together is an idea we cherish & we look forward to the opportunity provided. We believe a good T20 team is always the one with a strong bowling attack and we will ensure our Parramatta Blue Tongue spearheads are a threat to all the big hitters out there.

Players Selected - Round 1 - Brad McGrath. RD2 - Mark Scanlan Jnr. RD3 - Gus Sloan. RD4 - Jayson Pratten. RD5 - Stephen Harris. RD6 - Vinayak Shenoy. RD7 - Mathew Christison. RD8 - Peter Newsome. RD9 - Nikhil Dhawan. Wildcard Round - Not Disclosed.



Team Owner - Kamil Khan

Team Name - Western Tigers
Headline Sponsor - Sonar Technologies   

LMS Experience - Played 52 games for Spartan in the West Sydney league. Currently inside the top 250 bowlers globally. Qualified for the Super Series Draft as a bowler.

Team Owners' Thoughts - I have played LMS since 2016 and recently played in the Aussie Champs on the Gold Coast for my team Spartan. The LMS Super Series is a great way to play with all the best players within Last Man Stands. As i have qualified as a player for the players draft and as a bowler, i will be looking for high quality batsmen and big hitters for the Western Tigers side.

Players Selected - Round 1 - Suthakar Senathipillay. RD2 - Purusothaman Sreenivasan. RD3 - Karan Kaul. RD4 - Blaize Irving-Holliday. RD5 - Ahsan Butt. RD6 - Darryl Thomas. RD7 - James Stone. RD8 - Hamza Mahmood. RD9 - Kamil Khan. Wildcard Round - Not Disclosed.


Team Owner - Yashpal Erda

Team Name - Sydney City
Headline Sponsor - Masala Theory
LMS Experience -  Indian (Gujarat) Franchise Owner since June 2017.

Players Selected - Round 1 - Vinay Kumar. RD2 - Oliver Thomas. RD3 - Toby Llewellyn. RD4 - Dave Playford. RD5 - Shaun Lorentz. RD6 - Tim Higgins. RD7 - John Thornell. RD8 - Paul Bremner. RD9 - Lionel 'Gary' Singh. Wildcard Round - Not Disclosed.



Team Owner - Nathan Dale on behalf of Primary Club

Team Name - Central Coast Chargers
LMS Experience -  Played in the 2013 & 2015 World Champs Finals in London & Barbados for Sydney based side Old Arrack. 

Players Selected - Round 1 - Sam Lang. RD2 - Rampkesh Jampala. RD3 - Scott Hocking. RD4 - JJ Burton. RD5 - James Phillips. RD6 - David Hancock. RD7 - Chris Morgan. RD8 - Mick Ward. RD9 - Luke Jensen. Wildcard Round - Not Disclosed.










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