Octopus CC Vs Thames Rail
Date: 25/06/2018 18:30
Venue: Paddington Recreation Centre (W9 1PD)
Umpire(s): S.M ARIF (LS)
Batted First: Thames Rail
Thames Rail Scored 125 for 2 after 20.0 overs
Octopus CC Scored 126 for 0 after 11.0 overs
Octopus CC Won By 8 Wickets

Man of the Match - Vish Selvaraj

Thames Rail
Kevin Judge000NA0.000.000.00000
Michael Roche000NA0.002.02613.00000
Anand Santana152Run out250.002.03015.00000
Max Judge25434Not out158.820.000.00000
Anthony Kennedy35043Not out116.280.000.00000
Maxim Dsouza403Caught0.001.088.00000
Ronan Gay51313Not out100.002.02311.50000
Matthew Harraghy627Not out28.574.0358.75000

Octopus CC
Nick Bellamy000NA0.004.0164.00100
Karthik Guru000NA0.004.0215.25000
Stuart Ogilvie000NA0.004.0153.75000
Mike Wilkinson000NA0.000.000.00000
Vish Selvaraj15117Not out300.000.000.00000
Jamie Hutchinson25028Not out178.574.04110.25000
Perry Pearce31512Not out125.004.0317.75000
Alan Nasser463Not out200.000.000.00000