Octopus CC Vs T20 Gentry
Date: 13/06/2017 18:30
Venue: Paddington Recreation Centre (W9 1PD)
Umpire(s): S.M ARIF (LS)
Batted First: Octopus CC
Octopus CC Scored 163 for 6 after 20.0 overs
T20 Gentry Scored 165 for 2 after 15.3 overs
T20 Gentry Won By 6 Wickets

Man of the Match - Kevin Ervine

Octopus CC
Charley Wright11110Caught110.000.000.00000
Jo Smith25039Run out128.210.000.00000
Ben Frais36028Not out214.292.02412.00000
Perry Pearce52416Caught150.004.0389.50100
Mike Wilkinson665Run out120.004.0307.50100
Amal Gilbert755Double play100.002.02814.00000
Sam Grant801Not out0.003.34512.50000

T20 Gentry
James Howard000NA0.004.0369.00000
William White000NA0.004.0256.25100
Dan Cambage15027Not out185.191.01212.00000
Scott Hughes23915Caught260.003.0217.00100
Kevin Ervine35220Not out260.004.0328.00100
Rob Anderson459Not out55.561.01212.00000
David Owen-Conway502Caught0.003.0248.00000
Alun Roberts61912Not out158.330.000.00002