Region Top Teams

1Caught ShortCentral AKL Wednesday Div 115.6672
2Top CatchCentral AKL Thursday13.7330
3The Old FirmCentral AKL Thursday12.8287
4Cow TippersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 111.3284
5Fancy DansCentral AKL Thursday10.8655
6The Chapel Bar Rampant StagsCentral AKL Thursday10.2628
7The Dubai Diamond DealersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 19.7594
8SteadfastCentral AKL Thursday9.4192
9Salami ArmyCentral AKL Thursday9.2054
10The Jamaican SteamersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 29.1754
11Dominion ConstructorsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 18.9911
12Ball BustersEden Park Media Smash8.9766
13MervertsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 28.7558
14MOA RamsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 18.5082
15The Sons CCCentral AKL Wednesday Div 18.4072
16Angry PiratesCentral AKL Tuesday Division 18.3659
17Fat PitchesCentral AKL Wednesday Div 18.2366
18Hairy GoatsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 28.1040
19The LongBoxesCentral AKL Wednesday Div 18.0064
20James GroupCentral AKL Thursday7.9516
21The PigsCentral AKL Thursday7.8863
22Nice OptionCentral AKL Thursday7.7804
23Auckland Rising StarsCentral AKL Tuesday Division 17.2231
24Succulent Salmon XICentral AKL Tuesday Division 17.0483
25Mantonio's All StarsEden Park Media Smash6.9173
26MinceCentral AKL Tuesday Division 16.8978
27WhakamanaCentral AKL Tuesday Division 16.8542
28SOB Emerging X1Central AKL Wednesday Div 26.6620
29The ChadsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 16.5400
30Seal Pups 1st XICentral AKL Tuesday Division 16.3206
31Bowling ShaneCentral AKL Tuesday Division 26.1035
32Nang XICentral AKL Thursday6.0714
33Dream CollectorsCentral AKL Tuesday Division 15.9385
34Loaded 8Central AKL Thursday5.9286
35Team ZoneCentral AKL Wednesday Div 25.8241
36Hungarian HookasCentral AKL Monday Div 25.7200
37dalitsCentral AKL Monday Div 15.6965
38Neil Broom & The SweepersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 25.6940
39Beugs Cricket ClubCentral AKL Tuesday Division 15.6377
40Backyard BowljobsCentral AKL Wednesday Div 15.5600
41Pitch HittersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 25.4324
42Ebony and IvoryCentral AKL Thursday5.2345
43The Steve WarnersEden Park Media Smash5.2000
44Below ExpectationsCentral AKL Tuesday Division 25.1466
45MochachinosEden Park Media Smash5.1194
46Cobra ninja vipersEden Park Media Smash5.1097
47Running on EmptyCentral AKL Tuesday Division 24.9448
48Grubber DucksCentral AKL Monday Div 14.8043
49Smash PalaceCentral AKL Monday Div 14.7297
50BattlersCentral AKL Wednesday Div 24.6897
51Winnie BluesCentral AKL Tuesday Division 14.6526
5220 SuperkingsCentral AKL Monday Div 24.5209
53M.C.C.CCentral AKL Tuesday Division 14.4000
54Whispering Eye Pirates NZCentral AKL Monday Div 14.3922
55Show us your Graham GoochCentral AKL Monday Div 14.2258
56CBCCEden Park Media Smash4.2023
57Eagles!!Central AKL Monday Div 24.2000
58Yarrows FrenchsticksCentral AKL Thursday4.0882
59Green ParrotsCentral AKL Tuesday Division 23.9774
60GottherunsCentral AKL Monday Div 13.7656
61Young Bucks!Central AKL Monday Div 13.6317
62The Susi Two StarsCentral AKL Monday Div 13.5022
63Mott MacChuck-itsCentral AKL Monday Div 23.4483
64The Naan MeersCentral AKL Tuesday Division 23.3000
65DoosrasCentral AKL Tuesday Division 23.2932
66HOUSE@NZCentral AKL Tuesday Division 23.0200
67The Dam BustersCentral AKL Tuesday Division 23.0170
68PDP WoundersCentral AKL Monday Div 22.9000
69Hit & MissCentral AKL Monday Div 22.8198
70Beefy's BooeysCentral AKL Thursday2.8000
71Cow Corner Dairy AklCentral AKL Monday Div 22.7200
72Too Close to CutCentral AKL Monday Div 22.7088
73Mahuhu Are-Ya'sCentral AKL Tuesday Division 22.6600
74millennium strikersEden Park Media Smash2.6200
75Sweaty BoxesCentral AKL Monday Div 22.4500
76Firing BlanksCentral AKL Monday Div 22.4366
77The Barbeque ShrimpsCentral AKL Monday Div 22.2418
78Shackleton SharkzCentral AKL Thursday2.2090
79Persil Dual CapsCentral AKL Thursday2.1129
80Good To GoCentral AKL Thursday1.8800
81Runs and RosesCentral AKL Wednesday Div 21.8200
82SKY FawkesCentral AKL Tuesday Division 21.3600
83West BarbariansCentral AKL Monday Div 21.3576
84Smash My BoxCentral AKL Monday Div 10.7000
85CassinoversCentral AKL Wednesday Div 20.6800
86Test Eagles Cricket ClubCentral AKL Monday Div 10.4400
87The Media Invitational TeamEden Park Media Smash0.3600
88UoA Team 1Eden Park Media Smash0.3400
89GSCEden Park Media Smash0.3200
90Mauka BoysCentral AKL Monday Div 20.2400
91ColgreatsCentral AKL Thursday0.0800
92The Alternative Commentary CollectiveEden Park Media Smash0.0200
93UoA Team 2Eden Park Media Smash0.0000
93RhubarbariansCentral AKL Tuesday Division 20.0000


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