Region Top Teams

1Enjoy The MentSydney Champions Day14.2386
2Ocean 12West Sydney Sunday Div 113.4129
3Cold PieEast Sydney Sunday Div 112.8677
4Khawaja talkin' bout Willis?East Sydney Sunday Div 112.8586
5SpartansWest Sydney Sunday Div 112.2270
6Broke Bat MountainSydney Champions Day11.7472
7Zero Ducks GivenEast Sydney Sunday Div 111.7431
8Spider MonkeysSydney Champions Day11.4494
9Big Dog’s Gotta BatEast Sydney Midweek Div 111.1565
10Salads & Rigs ccWestern Region Play Offs11.0977
11The RadbacksEast North Region Play Offs10.6571
12These Guys 2West Sydney Saturday Div 19.9152
13PaddiesNorthern Sydney Sunday Div 19.5371
14Loose ScrewsWest Sydney Sunday Div 19.4429
15Western Swingers AWest Sydney Sunday Div 19.3243
16EASTS EXILESEast Sydney Sunday Div 19.1822
17R U SURE?West Sydney Sunday Div 19.1743
18North Shore BarbariansNorth Sydney Saturday9.0731
19M.A.G CCEast North Region Play Offs9.0209
20Ottoman LegionWest Sydney Saturday Div 18.9889
21Indian Lions Cricket ClubSydney Saturday Play Offs8.9629
22The Curry LeavesSydney Champions Day8.7129
23Rema's GemWestern Region Play Offs8.6565
24NSW Tamils Sports ClubWest Sydney Sunday Div 28.5630
25Daily BattersEast North Region Play Offs8.3435
26SueadNorthern Sydney Sunday Div 18.2968
27Penchant for PineapplesPenrith Midweek8.1000
28Desi LionsWest Sydney Sunday Div 38.0475
29The GBsWestern Region Play Offs8.0275
30The Primary Club of AustraliaEast Sydney Saturday7.9604
31BoldovaCampbelltown Sunday Div 17.8151
32UNWest Sydney Sunday Div 27.8023
33SquidjigsSydney Champions Day7.7488
34Eelam TigersWest Sydney Sunday Div 27.6328
35Star BlastersWest Sydney Sunday Div 17.6077
36Sydney HustlersWest Sydney Sunday Div 47.5415
37Donald StumpsWest Sydney Sunday Div 27.4686
38Dynami8sWestern Region Play Offs7.4616
39The ProwlersEast Sydney Sunday Div 17.1667
40S.U.S ClubSydney Champions Day7.1590
41WWCCWest Sydney Saturday Div 17.1514
42ColtsEast Sydney Saturday7.1463
43Passout Pearce East North Region Play Offs7.0135
44Flying FirebirdsMid Week Sydney Finals7.0062
45The Valley 8Campbelltown Sunday Div 16.9189
46COOL RUNNINGSWest Sydney Sunday Div 36.8508
47Covfefe Cricket ClubRyde Sunday6.8421
48Honey BadgersWest Sydney Saturday Div 16.8060
49WallaboksSydney Friendlies6.7376
50Six AppealCampbelltown Sunday Div 16.7331
51Blue ChakrasWest Sydney Sunday Div 26.6781
52C.I.L West Sydney Sunday Div 16.6048
53CrushersNorthern Sydney Sunday Div 16.5825
54Blinman BallersSouth West Region Play Offs6.5813
55CPISydney Saturday Play Offs6.5132
56T-WolvesEast Sydney Sunday Div 36.5052
57The BurnersCampbelltown Sunday Div 26.4858
58Cobra GangWest Sydney Sunday Div 56.4702
59Ball BustersCampbelltown Sunday Div 26.4643
60The dum bushiesEast Sydney Midweek Div 16.4169
61MUFFIN STUFFERSWest Sydney Sunday Div 36.3817
62STUMPED FOR A NAMECampbelltown Sunday Div 16.2560
63Mughal SquadWest Sydney Sunday Div 36.1778
64WanderersEast Sydney Sunday Div 26.1050
65KC & The SwimmersEast North Region Play Offs6.1044
66Wenty BoyzWest Sydney Sunday Div 26.0739
67Cleveland SteamersEast Sydney Sunday Div 26.0438
68Blake G and the PussycatsSouth West Region Play Offs6.0244
69ForfeitWest Sydney Sunday Div 26.0105
70Green DevilsWest Sydney Sunday Div 25.9986
71The SlugsEast North Region Play Offs5.9253
72The NannigansEast Sydney Sunday Div 35.8214
73The Gumps & RouthEast Sydney Sunday Div 25.7489
74Hit & Run AWest Sydney Saturday Div 15.6932
75Falky's Half Eaten CheeseburgerWest Sydney Sunday Div 15.6881
76The WolfpackEast Sydney Sunday Div 15.6401
77Sydney WarriorsWest Sydney Sunday Div 15.6344
78South Sydney Juniors Cricket ClubEast Sydney Sunday Div 15.6297
79NRL Cricket Club East Sydney Midweek Div 25.5194
80JackalsManly Sunday 15.3852
81Nice Gary!Northern Sydney Sunday Div 25.3604
82The Fitz Alan FamilyEast Sydney Sunday Div 25.3523
83Hero Honda'sWest Sydney Sunday Div 45.3511
84One More BeerEast Sydney Midweek Div 15.3269
85Chittagong WhizzpigsWest Sydney Sunday Div 35.2736
86AUSSIE BLUESWestern Sydney Plate5.1754
87SofteesEast Sydney Sunday Div 15.1600
88Stitched UpSouth West Region Play Offs5.1397
89Crossbat ShootersWest Sydney Sunday Div 25.1363
90The OutSide OffsPenrith Midweek5.1032
91The NorsemenSydney Saturday Play Offs5.0681
92SimbabweSydney Friendlies5.0233
93The Cops and ThrobbersEast North Region Play Offs4.9912
94Believe in the leaveEast Sydney Sunday Div 24.8906
95West Pymble ChapsNorthern Sydney Sunday Div 24.8339
96Hajj's HeroesEast Sydney Saturday4.8284
97North Shore BlackhawksNorthern Sydney Sunday Div 24.7823
98Smut PeddlersEast Sydney Sunday Div 24.5672
99Power HittersWest Sydney Sunday Div 34.5031
100white man cant stumpWest Sydney Sunday Div 24.4848


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