The winner of Indian National Championship will get free entry to play at 2019 LAST MAN STANDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP + Flights + Hotel + Outfit (for 8 players only) (valued at USD 10 000).



REGISTER NOW ! This form caters for all leagues. Once you have registered we will contact you and assign you to your preferred league.


Finally the wait is over! It gives me great pleasure in announcing the

Next Season of Last Man Stands in Gurgaon, which will start on 1st October 2017 with a set of Charity Matches.




In our Last League, Eight fantastic teams competed & Strikers were crowned champions of last Man Stands Gurgaon. To see how it went visit: Facebook Page



The Winners Strikers who emerged as the Champions will now be representing Gurgaon by competing in the LMS World Champs in Cape Town from the 9-16th December 2017:




What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on the next season of Last Man Stands Gurgaon:


Registrations are now open for :


1) LMS League (Open Category) Sunday

Entry- 42,000 INR (Inclusive of Taxes)

Confirmed 5 Matches for each team

Venue- Croire Cricket Club, Gurgaon

Prize: Free Entrance into Gurgaon Knock Out



2) LMS League (Corporate Category) Sunday 

Entry- 42,000 INR (Inclusive of Taxes)

Confirmed 5 Matches for each team

Venue- Croire Cricket Club, Gurgaon

Prize: Free Entrance into Gurgaon Knock Out





* Compulsory for all players to wear an official LMS Jersey (800 INR per Regular Jersey)

* For All the Leagues above -  No Player should have played professional cricket in last 5 years. No Ranji Trophy and State players allowed.

* To confirm your slot, Register your Team by paying an Advance of 10,000 INR.

* Every Team can Register maximum of 12 players - out of which 8 players will be Regular and 4 Stand In Players.

* Inclusions: Refreshments, Live Scoring, Stats, Rankings, Social Media Presence and Chance to Represent India in World Series 2018.

* Matches starts from 8th October 2017. Last Date of Registrattion: 20th September 2017.


Plan Ahead:-


* Winner of the Gurgaon Knock out will get Free Entrance to the Indian National Championships.


* Indian National Championships will take place in Summer 2018. The winner of the India National Championships will get FREE ENTRY to the Last Man Stands World Champs in 2019.


* Road to London: Top players of the Indian National Championships 2018 will have a chance of being selected to represent India at the World Series, which is taking place in June 2018 in London. The balance of the Indian team will get selected at this year's Last Man Stands World Champs in Cape Town.



ABOUT Last Man Stands

Last Man Stands is the world's largest amateur T20 competition running in 13 countries with over 100 000 players worldwide! Stand up and be counted in the World Rankings. It’s fun and fast with each player and team getting their Profiles, Stats and Rankings. For more information on the rules please visit this page, and look at the video:


The top 32 teams in the world get to play in the  Last Man Stands World Championships 2017,  and for the rest of the teams that still want to play, but have not qualified there is the Cow Corner Cup. For more information about the World Champs in Cape Town & Cow Corner Cup click here.


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Registration Steps:

 Step 1:

Register yourself / your team on our official LMS website. Please make sure to enter the correct email id, as players stats will be linked to this email ID


 Step 2:

Pay your league fees via bank transfer.


Bank details:

Company Name: The Sports and Entertainment Company

Account Number: 600820110000867          Account Type: Current Account

IFSC Code: BKID0006008  Bank Name: Bank of India Branch: Bank of India, Kirti Nagar


 Step 3:

Once registered please contact our League Manager to confirm your payment and to arrange for the LMS Jerseys for you or your team (For New Registration only).


Once you have registered yourself/your team, please begin adding your squad of players to the team (see how to add players here). All players need to be registered with a valid email address in order to get stats and view their scores live.