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It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good!
South Africa's Rebels have been playing LMS for over 10 years and have a great resume including 2018 South African Champions and 2017 World Champs Runners Up

Could your team be as good?
It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good!

League Manager Information

Alex Flatley
0423 417 884

Region Information

Become a part of the World''s largest amateur T20 Cricket league! 2 hours. 8-a-side outdoor games which are held all year round for players of all backgrounds and abilities. Play with your mates in a fun. competitive and social environment with the chance to play in the National Championships as well as travelling around the world with LMS Tours! Start Local. Go Global!

The starts for each season in 2020 are as follows:

SUMMER - 12th January
SPRING - 4th October

*All Leagues are held on Sundays. End dates dependent on the amount of teams in the league but breaks in-between seasons are around 4-5 weeks long.

Dream Team games and one-off tournaments are also held in the league during the year! Registering a team in the league also allows teams to access entry to LMS Tours around the world!


Want to enter? Follow these steps:

1. Register Online - Register by clicking the Team Signup tab above and filling in all details.

2. Order your LMS Shirts - You can order your shirts here on shop.lastmanstands.com. The minimum order is for 8 LMS shirts but 10 are recommended to make sure your team doesn''''''''t miss out on shirt bonus points each week! The minimum purchase price online is $200. Orders will take a minimum of three weeks so register and order early! Returning teams will pay a small re-registration fee of $80 when they re-enter unless shirts of up to that amount are reordered.

NOTE! There are two clothing bonus points up for grabs each game; a LMS Shirt Bonus Point and a Trouser Bonus Point. All members of a team must be wearing them to qualify for bonus points which can prove vital come finals time. This is also incentive to make sure all teams are organised and look the part!

3. Match Payments Each Game - All teams must pay a fee each week before the game each week to the umpire or league manager. Match fees are paid before each game and are $120 per team per game ($15 per player per game). The fees include but are not limited to: umpires. field hire. world rankings for batting and bowling as well as personalized Last Man Stands profiles on www.lastmanstands.com!

YOU CAN ALSO REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL PLAYER! We keep our individual registrations open all year and then we find you a team who will need players. or form a new team! This may take some time but we will find you a team to call home! Click on the Register tab above!


The Tweed Coast League has specific rules for finals for players which are as follows:
- A minimum of 2 games must be played in order for a player to qualify for a player to qualify in full for a team;
- If a player does not meet the above requirement but has still played for that team (1 game for the season). then they will be allowed to play however they will only be permitted to bowl a maximum of 2 overs and bat 7 or 8.
- Only one team per player for the whole of the finals. This is also inclusive of substitute fielders.

Should any team who is listed to play in a finals match in the league and does not go ahead with playing in the finals for whatever reason. the opposing team who would have been the opponent shall progress to the next stage of the finals.

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