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SG United team with 10 & Unders Winners Trophy & other prizes during Juniors season 5.
SG United 1 with the Winners trophy & KRS with runners up trophy and other prizes at at CSC during 14 & Under tournament of Juniors season 5.
Ping yi & SG United at their opening game of U 14 season 4 tournament at Turf City.
SG United U 14 team with winners trophy and other prizes at Fulham CC, London after winning the LMS Junior series.

League Manager Information

Kunal Kant
+65 97870930

Region Information

Last Man Stands JUNIORS Cricket Singapore

Join Thousands of other Teams and Players Currently Playing LMS 8-a-side T20 Cricket around the world!


LMS JUNIORS SEASON 8 (End Feb - May 2020)

LAST DATE OF ENTRY FOR SEASON 8 - Friday 21 Feb 2020

League Dates & Days

29 Feb 2020 till +/- 31 May 2020 (depending on weather & number of matches).

U 10 Pro Soft Ball - Sundays or/and Saturdays various timings at Bukit Timah Field/ DPS/ St. Joseph''''''''''''''''s

U 13 Hard Ball - Thursdays/Fridays & Sundays evenings (4:30/45 pm start) at CSC /Turf City/ Bukit Timah Field/ WCP/Dempsey/ St. Joseph''''''''''''''''s School

U 16 Hard Ball - Tuesdays/Wednesdays evenings (4:30/45 pm start) at CSC/ Turf City/ Bukit Timah Field/ Dempsey & Sunday evenings at WCP/ Bukit Timah Field.

Our Twenty20 cricket league format suits players of all standards. so keep your inhibitions aside and don''''t worry about how good or bad you are - Get involved and play with Last Man Stands!

- There are Three Team trophies to be won in each age category : WINNERS. RUNNERS-UP & 3RD POSITION. Man of the match awards & player of the tournament. Best Batsman & Best Bowler award will be given in each age category. Participation certificates to all the participants will be give.

- Matches will be played with white balls & colored LMS Clothing.

- Minimum 3 & Maximum 8 teams will participate per age group.

- Cut off Date of Birth:

U 10 - Born or after 1st Jan 2010

U 13 - Born on or after 1st Jan 2007

U 16 - Born on or after 1st Jan 2004

Total League Fees

- $1600 + 150 for players & team registration + $150 for shirts (includes 10 shirts) = $1900 for U 11. U 13 & 15. 1800 for U 9 pro soft. Without Shirts $1750 for hard ball & $1650 U 9 pro soft ball tournament.

* Teams can register any number of players.

League Fee Includes:

LMS umpire.
Venue Manager
Field hire.
New white/Pink leather ball (U11 & above) or Pro Soft ball (U 9) for every game.
League management.

Man of the match awards. player of the tournament awards. Best Batsman & Best Bowler Award. Participation Certificates & team awards.
Capturing of stats on the Global LMS website.

Every Team gets a TEAM WORLD RANKING which updates once a week.

Every Player receives league. regional. country and Global BATTING and BOWLING RANKING (which is updated once a week).

* Teams are kindly requested to bring their own kit bags during the course of this league.

IT setup includes:
Live Scoring via our software in Every Match.
Team and Player Profiles with Full Stats History.
Local and World Team Rankings

- Every Team is bounded by LMS Terms and Conditions.

Team Sign-Up

Team spaces for the league are limited and League fee needs to be paid before securing a spot in a league.

In order to Sign-up as a Team : https://admin.lastmanstands.com/SpawtzApp/Registration/TeamGlobalRegistration.aspx

Individual Sign-Up

We will also be accepting Individual Player Registrations - these players will be placed with teams that require additional players to make a full squad. If you are looking to join a team as an individual player please email us at [email protected] with some basic information about your game and we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ll try to fit you with a squad that suits you.

In order to Sign-up as an Individual : https://admin.lastmanstands.com/SpawtzApp/Registration/JoinGlobalRegistration.aspx

Innovative LMS Rules

Its not like any other Cricket League in the World. Its Cricket with a Twist. Or is it?
All 8 wickets are needed to bowl a team out. When the seventh wicket falls. the Last Man Stands (on his own) The Last Man can only score 2. 4 or 6 off any ball
Five balls per over. maximum of six per over.
If a player clears the ropes (i.e. hits a six) off the LAST available ball of the innings it is worth 12 runs! This rule applies to both the first and second innings.
The non striker can STEAL two runs IF the striker is out caught
Once a batsman has 50 runs to his name. he has to retire. He may return to bat should all other wickets fall.
Note: No double play & run up limit applicable for Junior leagues.

With our unique rules. everyone gets an equal opportunity to bat and bowl in the course of every match. It is a perfect chance to get your money''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s worth.

Changes in the rules for LMS Juniors:

Major amendments for LMS U 9''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s - 20 balls or 30 runs retirement. Everyone must bowl 1 over except Wicket Keeper. Maximum 4 overs a bowler can bowl. Test Match Wides. No LBWs. No run up restrictions. No points deductions for uniform. More than 3 bounce - 1st ball warning & 2nd ball no ball. No Retire out in knock outs. However. retire out can be done only at league stage to give everyone chance if coach wishes to but strictly not to bring back the batsman who scored 30 and was genuinely retired.

For all Age Groups - There will be no double play rule & run up restrictions for LMS Juniors. Also. we are not too strict for uniform points for juniors as we understand sometimes hard to manage junior boys and they forget to wear LMS Shirts etc. but we prefer everyone to come in proper LMS uniform & teams can buy couple of extra shirts. No Retire out in knock outs. However. retire out can be done only at league stage to give everyone chance if coach wishes to but strictly not to bring back the batsman who scored 50 and was genuinely retired.

- Other rules are same as given on LMS Site.

LMS Rules in Detail at : https://www.lastmanstands.com/rules


- A team should register minimum 8 players.

- A team should submit their registered players for the particular season in writing via email to the league manager or add online at LMS Site. Any new registration between the league should be notified to the league manager in written to update the squad.

- For any rain cancelled game team list should be submitted in written to the league manager on the day of match only. If the game is rescheduled then they can change the team list as per the availability of the players. If the game is totally cancelled and cannot be rescheduled then the team list which was submitted to the league manager and the players who were supposed to play in that game will be considered qualified for the knockout stage.**

- In case of teams are short of players. they can ask other teams to give any extra players. Maximum 2 players per game will be allowed to play for the other team and they can only bat number 4 or lower and can only bowl 2 overs. Same rule applies if club has entered 2 teams in the league.

- To play in the knock out games. players should play at least 1 LMS Games this season for his team and no player exchange will be allowed in knock out games.

** Any breach of the players* eligibility criteria will result in strict action and opponent will be given 4 choices:

- Replay the match (Match Fee applicable)

- Points equally shared ? 4 points

- Results as it is

- Forfeit (-1 & 10 points to opponent)


If there is any rain cancellation (before starting of the game) in knock out games then one option will be given for the rescheduling based on the ground availability. If any of the teams are not available or ground is not available for rescheduling then winner will be declared & qualify for next round based on the standings i.e. whoever is on the top will win & qualify. If match has started & later gets washed off then there will be no rescheduling (same as in league) and winner will be declared based on standings.

- Similarly. winner will be declared in the finals based on standings if there is any rain cancellation & if the rescheduling is not possible.

- Team who forfeits the game will get -1 point & double match fee will be charged and the team who gets walkover will be declared winner with 8 points & qualify for the next round & will get the full match fee refund. Please try to tell us at least 2-3 days in advance if you have less than 5 players.

- Tied games will be decided by eliminated over. Please refer to the rules & regulation section for the explanation - http://www.lastmanstands.com/rules#Q.__Tied_Matches_in_Knock_Out_game___LMS_Bowl_Off

- Players must have played minimum 1 league game for its team to be eligible to play in the knock out games.


Inaugural Singapore Juniors Season 1:

Duration: 20th Feb - 11th April 2017 for U 15 & 18th Feb - 22 April for U 10 & 12 (Mixed Junior Series)

Venues: U 10 & 12 (Mixed group) - NPS. U 15 - IA. CSC & Yorker


Mixed age group series - NPSI School & SG United CC (5 matches series). Winners - NPSI School. Player of the Series - Ethan Mendonca (SG United CC)

U 15 - Yorker Cricket Academy. Singapore Cricket Club 1. Singapore Cricket Club 2 & Ping Yi Secondary School (Each team played other twice followed by semi finals. 3rd position play offs & finals). Winners - SCC 1. Runners Up - SCC 2. 3rd Place - Yorker Cricket Academy.

Player of the Tournament - Arav Tapadia (SCC 1)


LMS Juniors Series - Season 2 - SG United Cup
SG United CC 1 v/s SG United CC 2
Venue - Bukit Timah Filed (Cricket Pitch)
Duration - 7th May - 28th May 2017

Winners - SG United CC 1

Player of the Series - Sam Albrecht (SG United CC 1)


3rd Sept 2017 till 26th November 2017

U 12 & 14 Combined (4 players 10-12 year olds & 4 players 12-14 year olds)

Teams - Singapore United CC 1. Singapore United CC 2. Yorker Academy. Singa Cricket Academy

Winners - Yorkers. Runners Up - SG United . Third Position - SG United 2

Player of the Tournament - Atharva Pradhan (Yorker)

Best Batsman - Ethan Mendonca (SG United 1)

Best Bowler - Atharva Pradhan (Yorker)

U 10 Pro Soft Ball

Teams - Singapore United. Singa ACademy.. GIIS Balestier.

Winners - Yorkers. Runners Up - SG United. 3rd Position - Singa

Player of the Tournament - Darsheel Sirola (Yorkers)

Best Batsman - Darsheel Sirola (Yorkers)


Feb - June 2018

U 10 (Pro Soft Ball)

Teams - Singapore United. SCC. MSDCA & SportyGo

Winners – Singapore United

Runners Up – SportyGo

Third Position – SCC

Best Bowler – Pragadish Kumar (SG United)

Best Batsman – Vedant Nagpal (SG United)

Player of the Tournament – Karan Sanghvi (SG United)

U 12 & 14 Mixed (Hard Ball)

Teams - KRS. SG United 1. SG United 2. Ping Yi School. Dragons CC. SportyGo

Winners – KRS

Runners Up – Singapore United

Third Position – Dragons CC

Best Bowler – Shameer Husain (Ping Yi Secondary School)

Best Batsman – Shameer Husain (Ping Yi Secondary School)

Player of the Tournament – Shameer Husain (Ping Yi Secondary School)


Sept - Dec 2018

10 & Unders (Pro Soft Ball)

Teams - Singapore United 1. Singapore United 2. Dulwich College. SportyGo Cheetahs & Sporty Go Cubs

Winners – Singapore United

Runners Up – SportyGo Cubs

Third Position – SportyGo Cheetahs

Best Bowler – Darsheel Sirola (SportyGo)

Best Batsman – Darsheel Sirola (SportyGo)

Player of the Tournament – Darsheel Sirola (SportyGo)

14 & Unders (Hard Ball)

Teams - KRS. SG United 1. SG United 2. OFS School. SportyGo Lions. SportyGo Tigers

Winners – Singapore United 1

Runners Up – KRS

Third Position – OFS

Best Bowler – Abhinav Simha (SG United)

Best Batsman – Sidhanth Srikanth (KRS)

Player of the Tournament – Ruchit Ahuja (SG United)

Season 6

15 U:

Winners - NPS International School
Runners Up - SportyGo
Third Position - KRS

Best Batsman - Aryan Modi (KRS)
Best Bowler - Sanskar Maheshwari (NPS)
Player of the Tournament - Suchir Gupta (NPS)

U 13:

SG United vs SJII Tigers 5 matches series

SG United won 4-1

Best Batsman: Pranad Eshaan Meduri (SG United)

Best Bowler: Manas Karnik (SJII Tigers)

Player of the Series: Manas Karnik (SJII Tigers)

Season 7

15 U:

Winners - SG United Juniors
Runners Up - OFS
Third Position - SCC Academy

Best Batsman - Aakash Banerjee (OFS)
Best Bowler - Aryan Menon (SCC)
Player of the tournament- Aryan Menon (SCC)

U 13:

Winners - OFS
Runners Up - SCC Academy
Third Position- SG United

Best Batsman - Kavin Arivan (SG United)
Best Bowler- Manas Karnik (SJII Tigers)
Player of the Tournament- Kavin Arivan (SG United)

U 10:

Winners - SG United Warriors
Runners Up - SportyGo
Third Position - SG United Kings

Best Batsman - Jagrut Patel (SportyGo)
Best Bowler - Dhavesh Dinesh Kumar (SG United Kings)
Player of the Tournament- Dhavesh Dinesh Kumar (SG United Kings)

Contact Details

Name: Kunal Kant

Mobile Number: +65 97870930

E-mail address: [email protected]

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