Welcome To LMS Alberton

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good!
South Africa's Rebels have been playing LMS for over 10 years and have a great resume including 2018 South African Champions and 2017 World Champs Runners Up

Could your team be as good?
It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good!

League Manager Information

Eugenio Menezes | Preggy Kandan
0722832752 | 0723866163

Region Information

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Alberton and Joburg South 2019/2020 league starts: 29 September 2019


Registration Fee for Existing teams: R350 per team.

Match Fees: Standard: R720 per game
Payment: 50% upfront payable by 30 September 2019

Alberton Entrance Form

If you have any queries please email [email protected] or call Eugenio Menezes at 072 283 2752 or Preggy Kandan at 072 386 6163

E: [email protected]

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LastManStandsT20Alberton/

Match fees cover the following:
LMS umpire
Field hire
New ball for every game
Capturing of stats on the Global LMS world wide website
Every Team gets a TEAM WORLD RANKING which updates once a week.
Every Player receives league. regional. country and Global BATTING and BOWLING RANKING (which update twice a week)


Teams need to be wearing official LMS shirts to receive clothing bonus points. These must be obtained from www.mylmskit.com

Last Man Stands Alberton and Joburg South re-launched in June 2015 and the level of cricket has been exceptional!

Last Man Stands is the widest reaching amateur cricket league in the world with over 2000 teams playing the format globally.

Last Man Stands Alberton and Joburg South entrance form: click here!

The format is T20. 8-a-side and games last around 2 hours.

LMS is played under the normal laws of cricket but there are a few extra rules that add to the excitment of the game:
?Batsman retire at 50 but can come back in if the other wickets are lost.

When the seventh wicket falls the last man stands and bats alone but can only score 2s. 4s and 6s.

Five ball overs with a maximum of 6 balls per over for overs 1 to 19. The first wide is 1 and an extra ball. After that all wides/no balls are 3 runs. In the final over 5 legitimate balls must be bowled.

If a player hits the Last ball of the innings for 6 it is worth 12 - referred to as a HOME RUN

Four overs per bowler

There''s a double play whereby if the batsman is caught then the non-striker can also be run out.

Every player receives a World Batting Ranking and World Bowling Ranking on the LMS Website.

Every team receives a global Team World Ranking

This article and video featuring Mike Gatting contains further information on Last Man Stands - Metro News Paper Article and Video featuring Mike Gatting.

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