#LMSCBR - Michael Buhagiar 'RUOK?' Cup 2020 Winter Sunday

11Greg AxonYesNoWait122.593
12Jason BishopPolar Bears118.452
13Ben CampbellP-Town Penguins114.186
14Sam WaltonPumpin Booty113.296
15Troy MillerPumpin Booty112.975
16David DouglasYesNoWait107.346
17Simon Pommer2/222 - Benauds93.813
18Hayden Page3 Short90.111
19Tim PigotInForm89.280
20Niven TurnerPolar Bears87.305
21Phil Simpson3 Short86.094
22Brent Hartland2/222 - Richies84.568
23Shea Hanson2/222 - Richies81.936
24Daniel KerrWood Ducks Cricket Club78.850
25Wu Hao2/222 - Richies76.530
26Simon HillYesNoWait75.370
27David ToddP-Town Penguins63.636
28Shea Hanson2/222 - Benauds59.641
29Matt McAndrewP-Town Penguins57.143
30Jason FinleyGoannas56.472
31connor buttPolar Bears56.467
32Nathan VinceThe Cougars56.286
33Andrew Bowman LovedayPumpin Booty55.563
34Dane ClarksonPumpin Booty52.929
35Douggie Steltenpool2/222 - Benauds51.882
36Jason FinlayGoannas51.571
37Harry (Mr Worldwide) BergmanFargoff Yorout47.818
38Adam Cheeks KendallYesNoWait46.000
39Dan Sattler3 Short45.083
40Charlie Webb2/222 - Richies44.386
41Joel Coates2/222 - Richies39.794
42Liam Moxon2/222 - Benauds39.567
43Victor SjodinWood Ducks Cricket Club36.031
44David TrompfP-Town Penguins35.046
45Ben CampbellInForm30.000
45Terry GeigerGoannas30.000
47Joel Coates2/222 - Benauds27.842
48Douggie Steltenpool2/222 - Richies25.217
49Dane ClarksonPumpin Booty22.321
50Clayton "The Hammer" BryanInForm19.559
51Tim SundarGoannas17.273
52David SankeyPumpin Booty15.000
53Nathan VincePolar Bears13.500
54Harry (Mr Worldwide) Bergman2/222 - Richies13.379
55Syed M HumayunPolar Bears9.579
56Douggie SteltenpoolPumpin Booty3.267
57Chris "Super Arch" ArcellaInForm2.083
58Clayton "The Hammer" Bryan2/222 - Benauds0.500

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