Millwall Park Wed/Thurs/Frid - 2019

League Standings and Results

28th August 2019 -
22nd August 2019 -
21st August 2019 -
16th August 2019 -
15th August 2019 -
14th August 2019 -
9th August 2019Royal London Cricket Club - Barclays Cricket Club
8th August 2019Deutsche CC - Credit Suisse
7th August 2019ICICI Falcons - Boom Boom Badshahs
2nd August 2019ICICI Falcons - Royal London Cricket Club
1st August 2019Morgan Stanley - Barclays Cricket Club
31st July 2019Credit Suisse - Boom Boom Badshahs
26th July 2019ICICI Falcons - Barclays Cricket Club
25th July 2019Deutsche CC - Morgan Stanley
24th July 2019Credit Suisse - Royal London Cricket Club
19th July 2019Credit Suisse - ICICI Falcons
18th July 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - Morgan Stanley
17th July 2019Deutsche CC - Barclays Cricket Club
12th July 2019Royal London Cricket Club - Morgan Stanley
11th July 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - Deutsche CC
10th July 2019Credit Suisse - Barclays Cricket Club
5th July 2019Morgan Stanley - ICICI Falcons
4th July 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - Barclays Cricket Club
3rd July 2019Royal London Cricket Club - Deutsche CC
28th June 2019ICICI Falcons - Deutsche CC
27th June 2019Royal London Cricket Club - Boom Boom Badshahs
26th June 2019Morgan Stanley - Credit Suisse
21st June 2019Credit Suisse - Deutsche CC
20th June 2019Barclays Cricket Club - Royal London Cricket Club
19th June 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - ICICI Falcons
14th June 2019Barclays Cricket Club - Morgan Stanley
13th June 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - Credit Suisse
12th June 2019Royal London Cricket Club - ICICI Falcons
7th June 2019Royal London Cricket Club - Credit Suisse
6th June 2019Barclays Cricket Club - ICICI Falcons
5th June 2019Morgan Stanley - Deutsche CC
31st May 2019Morgan Stanley - Boom Boom Badshahs
30th May 2019ICICI Falcons - Credit Suisse
29th May 2019Barclays Cricket Club - Deutsche CC
24th May 2019Morgan Stanley - Royal London Cricket Club
23rd May 2019Barclays Cricket Club - Credit Suisse
22nd May 2019Deutsche CC - Boom Boom Badshahs
17th May 2019Deutsche CC - Royal London Cricket Club
16th May 2019ICICI Falcons - Morgan Stanley
15th May 2019Barclays Cricket Club - Boom Boom Badshahs
10th May 2019Boom Boom Badshahs - Royal London Cricket Club
9th May 2019Credit Suisse - Morgan Stanley
8th May 2019Deutsche CC - ICICI Falcons


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