Sandton Sun 1 - 2019/2020

League Standings and Results


27th December 20201 Knight Stand - B&C TEAM
27th December 2020Grt8 - Spicy Tigers
27th December 2020Johannesburg Protea - Bleed Blue
27th December 2020FIREBLADES - The Mighty Ooosh
15th March 2020B&C TEAM83 - 82Off The Field
15th March 2020Tshwane Strikers141 - 122B&C TEAM
15th March 20201 Knight Stand107 - 104Off The Field
15th March 2020The Mighty Ooosh136 - 131Grt8
15th March 2020The Beer Boys126 - 129[email protected]
15th March 2020FIREBLADES97 - 92Spicy Tigers
15th March 2020Bleed Blue72 - 132Johannesburg Protea
8th March 2020Off The Field158 - 155Tshwane Strikers
8th March 20201 Knight Stand99 - 98B&C TEAM
8th March 2020Spicy Tigers132 - 158The Mighty Ooosh
8th March 2020Johannesburg Protea153 - 104The Beer Boys
8th March 2020FIREBLADES111 - 110Grt8
8th March 2020Bleed Blue145 - 113[email protected]
1st March 20201 Knight Stand126 - 120Tshwane Strikers
1st March 2020[email protected]104 - 144Johannesburg Protea
1st March 2020Bleed Blue128 - 130The Beer Boys
23rd February 2020B&C TEAM149 - 95FIREBLADES
23rd February 2020Off The Field50 - 50Spicy Tigers
23rd February 2020FIREBLADES108 - 141Grt8
23rd February 2020[email protected]107 - 120Johannesburg Protea
16th February 2020Tshwane Strikers141 - 140B&C TEAM
16th February 2020Tshwane Strikers151 - 1491 Knight Stand
16th February 2020The Mighty Ooosh106 - 105Spicy Tigers
16th February 2020Bleed Blue155 - 142[email protected]
16th February 2020Off The Field145 - 147The Beer Boys
16th February 2020[email protected]57 - 55FIREBLADES
9th February 2020The Beer Boys100 - 1101 Knight Stand
9th February 2020Tshwane Strikers127 - 127Grt8
9th February 2020The Mighty Ooosh139 - 166Johannesburg Protea
2nd February 2020Off The Field169 - 165FIREBLADES
2nd February 2020B&C TEAM84 - 181Johannesburg Protea
2nd February 2020Spicy Tigers111 - 111Tshwane Strikers
2nd February 2020The Mighty Ooosh131 - 133Bleed Blue
2nd February 2020Grt8138 - 139[email protected]
26th January 2020[email protected]143 - 170B&C TEAM
26th January 2020Off The Field170 - 144Bleed Blue
26th January 2020FIREBLADES117 - 171Tshwane Strikers
26th January 2020Grt899 - 178The Mighty Ooosh
26th January 2020Johannesburg Protea75 - 72The Beer Boys
19th January 20201 Knight Stand151 - 99Spicy Tigers
19th January 2020Tshwane Strikers117 - 114The Beer Boys
19th January 2020Off The Field113 - 114The Mighty Ooosh
1st December 2019Off The Field189 - 1561 Knight Stand
1st December 2019B&C TEAM122 - 110Bleed Blue
1st December 2019Tshwane Strikers144 - 129[email protected]
1st December 2019The Mighty Ooosh114 - 113FIREBLADES
1st December 2019The Beer Boys129 - 125Grt8
1st December 2019Spicy Tigers91 - 132Johannesburg Protea
24th November 20191 Knight Stand161 - 107Grt8
24th November 2019Off The Field125 - 121Johannesburg Protea
24th November 2019Spicy Tigers124 - 143FIREBLADES
17th November 2019The Beer Boys163 - 120B&C TEAM
17th November 20191 Knight Stand126 - 129[email protected]
17th November 2019The Mighty Ooosh113 - 121Tshwane Strikers
17th November 2019Spicy Tigers95 - 99Bleed Blue
17th November 2019Johannesburg Protea147 - 102FIREBLADES
17th November 2019Off The Field149 - 68Grt8
10th November 20191 Knight Stand109 - 108B&C TEAM
10th November 2019Johannesburg Protea153 - 109Bleed Blue
10th November 2019The Beer Boys160 - 130The Mighty Ooosh
3rd November 2019Off The Field128 - 131[email protected]
3rd November 2019Grt8146 - 127B&C TEAM
3rd November 20191 Knight Stand154 - 150The Mighty Ooosh
3rd November 2019Spicy Tigers76 - 215The Beer Boys
3rd November 2019FIREBLADES60 - 141Bleed Blue
27th October 2019Johannesburg Protea150 - 146Tshwane Strikers
27th October 2019Bleed Blue86 - 83Grt8
27th October 2019The Beer Boys181 - 50[email protected]
20th October 2019Off The Field123 - 124B&C TEAM
20th October 2019Johannesburg Protea120 - 1181 Knight Stand
20th October 2019FIREBLADES111 - 132The Beer Boys
20th October 2019Grt8149 - 145Spicy Tigers
20th October 2019Bleed Blue132 - 111Tshwane Strikers
20th October 2019[email protected]90 - 84The Mighty Ooosh
13th October 2019B&C TEAM141 - 139The Mighty Ooosh
13th October 2019FIREBLADES85 - 1151 Knight Stand
13th October 2019[email protected]117 - 116Spicy Tigers
13th October 2019Bleed Blue130 - 126The Beer Boys
13th October 2019Grt8115 - 177Johannesburg Protea
13th October 2019Off The Field156 - 155Tshwane Strikers
6th October 2019B&C TEAM147 - 146Spicy Tigers
6th October 2019Bleed Blue117 - 1141 Knight Stand


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