Ian Galloway Tuesday - 2019/2020

League Standings and Results

1League Finishing Position 1000000000
1Loopy Cry Babies000000000
1Mighty Wakkas000000000
1Pakistan Sultans000000000
1Wellington Scorchers000000000

18th February 2020 -
11th February 2020 -
4th February 2020 -
28th January 2020 -
21st January 2020PUNJAB PACERS - League Finishing Position 1
21st January 2020Pakistan Sultans - Wellington Scorchers
21st January 2020Mighty Wakkas - Loopy Cry Babies
14th January 2020Mighty Wakkas - PUNJAB PACERS
14th January 2020Pakistan Sultans - League Finishing Position 1
14th January 2020Loopy Cry Babies - Wellington Scorchers
7th January 2020Loopy Cry Babies - Pakistan Sultans
7th January 2020Mighty Wakkas - League Finishing Position 1
7th January 2020Wellington Scorchers - PUNJAB PACERS
17th December 2019Wellington Scorchers - Mighty Wakkas
17th December 2019PUNJAB PACERS - Pakistan Sultans
17th December 2019Loopy Cry Babies - League Finishing Position 1
10th December 2019Wellington Scorchers - League Finishing Position 1
10th December 2019PUNJAB PACERS - Loopy Cry Babies
10th December 2019Pakistan Sultans - Mighty Wakkas
3rd December 2019League Finishing Position 1 - PUNJAB PACERS
3rd December 2019Loopy Cry Babies - Mighty Wakkas
3rd December 2019Wellington Scorchers - Pakistan Sultans
26th November 2019League Finishing Position 1 - Pakistan Sultans
26th November 2019Wellington Scorchers - Loopy Cry Babies
26th November 2019PUNJAB PACERS - Mighty Wakkas
19th November 2019Pakistan Sultans - Loopy Cry Babies
19th November 2019League Finishing Position 1 - Mighty Wakkas
19th November 2019PUNJAB PACERS - Wellington Scorchers
12th November 2019Mighty Wakkas - Wellington Scorchers
12th November 2019Pakistan Sultans - PUNJAB PACERS
12th November 2019League Finishing Position 1 - Loopy Cry Babies
5th November 2019Loopy Cry Babies - PUNJAB PACERS
5th November 2019League Finishing Position 1 - Wellington Scorchers
5th November 2019Mighty Wakkas - Pakistan Sultans


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