Benoni Sunday 1 - 2020 Summer

League Standings and Results

Spitbraai vs Springs Bengal Tiger, 12/01/2020 10:30Points
Won by more than 20%2
1 point for wearing the official coloured LMS Shirts1
2Jolly Brothers11004.0220028
Jolly Brothers vs Back Stoppers, 12/01/2020 12:45Points
Won by more than 20%2
3Drinking Buddies11002.0620028
East Rand Gladiators vs Drinking Buddies, 12/01/2020 08:15Points
Won by more than 20%2
Rusty Ballies vs Wicketpedia, 12/01/2020 15:00Points
5Rusty Ballies1010-0.9210123
Rusty Ballies vs Wicketpedia, 12/01/2020 15:00Points
Lost by less than 20%2
1 point for wearing the official coloured LMS Shirts1
8Springs Bengal Tiger1010-1.3050000
9East Rand Gladiators1010-2.0620000
10Back Stoppers1010-4.0220000

15th March 2020Jolly Brothers - Willowmore
8th March 2020DreamTeam - East Rand Gladiators
8th March 2020Back Stoppers - Drinking Buddies
8th March 2020Willowmore - Rusty Ballies
8th March 2020Wicketpedia - Spitbraai
1st March 2020Back Stoppers - Springs Bengal Tiger
1st March 2020Spitbraai - Drinking Buddies
1st March 2020Wicketpedia - Willowmore
1st March 2020Jolly Brothers - DreamTeam
1st March 2020Rusty Ballies - East Rand Gladiators
23rd February 2020Drinking Buddies - Springs Bengal Tiger
23rd February 2020Jolly Brothers - Rusty Ballies
23rd February 2020East Rand Gladiators - Spitbraai
23rd February 2020DreamTeam - Wicketpedia
23rd February 2020Back Stoppers - Willowmore
16th February 2020Back Stoppers - Wicketpedia
16th February 2020East Rand Gladiators - Jolly Brothers
16th February 2020Spitbraai - DreamTeam
16th February 2020Drinking Buddies - Rusty Ballies
16th February 2020Willowmore - Springs Bengal Tiger
9th February 2020Back Stoppers - Spitbraai
9th February 2020Springs Bengal Tiger - Rusty Ballies
9th February 2020Drinking Buddies - DreamTeam
9th February 2020Wicketpedia - Jolly Brothers
9th February 2020Willowmore - East Rand Gladiators
2nd February 2020Wicketpedia - Drinking Buddies
2nd February 2020Springs Bengal Tiger - East Rand Gladiators
2nd February 2020DreamTeam - Willowmore
2nd February 2020Spitbraai - Jolly Brothers
2nd February 2020Back Stoppers - Rusty Ballies
26th January 2020Rusty Ballies - DreamTeam
26th January 2020Jolly Brothers - Drinking Buddies
26th January 2020Spitbraai - Willowmore
26th January 2020Springs Bengal Tiger - Wicketpedia
26th January 2020Back Stoppers - East Rand Gladiators
19th January 2020East Rand Gladiators - Wicketpedia
19th January 2020Drinking Buddies - Willowmore
19th January 2020Back Stoppers - DreamTeam
19th January 2020Jolly Brothers - Springs Bengal Tiger
19th January 2020Rusty Ballies - Spitbraai
12th January 2020Rusty Ballies78 - 81Wicketpedia
12th January 2020Jolly Brothers65 - 64Back Stoppers
12th January 2020Spitbraai84 - 83Springs Bengal Tiger
12th January 2020East Rand Gladiators125 - 128Drinking Buddies


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