Miami Open - 2019

League Standings and Results


31st March 2019Yankee Royals (Club 40)171 - 170Challengers CC
31st March 2019Invaders CC148 - 159Westfield & the Columbian Moose
31st March 2019Challengers CC200 - 106Gladiators
31st March 2019Westfield & the Columbian Moose145 - 129New York Eagles
31st March 2019FCCC85 - 143Invaders CC
31st March 2019UDSCC103 - 167Yankee Royals (Club 40)
31st March 2019Westfield Gold86 - 132New York Eagles
30th March 2019Gladiators180 - 154Roaring Lions
30th March 2019Yankee Royals (Club 40)125 - 122Westfield Blues
30th March 2019Meluso Cricket Club72 - 193Invaders CC
30th March 2019UDSCC137 - 136New York Eagles
30th March 2019Westfield & the Columbian Moose190 - 186Roaring Lions
30th March 2019FCCC177 - 178Gladiators
29th March 2019Yankee Royals (Club 40)122 - 119Invaders CC
29th March 2019Meluso Cricket Club125 - 126Gladiators
29th March 2019Challengers CC104 - 98Westfield Gold
29th March 2019Roaring Lions203 - 204UDSCC
29th March 2019Meluso Cricket Club106 - 138Westfield Blues
29th March 2019Westfield & the Columbian Moose149 - 155New York Eagles
29th March 2019Challengers CC156 - 82Invaders CC
29th March 2019FCCC151 - 153Westfield Blues
29th March 2019Roaring Lions157 - 154New York Eagles
29th March 2019Yankee Royals (Club 40)129 - 124Westfield Gold
28th March 2019Invaders CC96 - 95Westfield Gold
28th March 2019FCCC113 - 110Meluso Cricket Club
28th March 2019Yankee Royals (Club 40)120 - 121Challengers CC
28th March 2019Westfield Blues171 - 172Gladiators
28th March 2019Westfield & the Columbian Moose109 - 110UDSCC


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