Tshwane Division 5 - 2019 Spring

League Standings and Results

1PAYANS 811002.50129
PAYANS 8 vs The Ducklings, 15/09/2019 14:55Points
Won by more than 20%2
1 point for wearing the official coloured LMS Shirts1
2Die Pompdonkies11002.3140028
Die Pompdonkies vs The Whackers, 15/09/2019 10:15Points
Won by more than 20%2
3RAUBEX BEAMERS11001.6230028
RAUBEX BEAMERS vs Scoring Willows, 15/09/2019 12:35Points
Won by more than 20%2
4Super Dads000000000
4The Wolfpack000000000
8Scoring Willows1010-1.6230000
9The Whackers1010-2.3140000
10The Ducklings1010-2.5000-1
PAYANS 8 vs The Ducklings, 15/09/2019 14:55Points

24th November 2019Tigers - The Whackers
24th November 2019Die Pompdonkies - The Wolfpack
24th November 2019Scoring Willows - Slayers
17th November 2019RAUBEX BEAMERS - Super Dads
17th November 2019Tigers - Super Dads
17th November 2019The Wolfpack - The Ducklings
17th November 2019PAYANS 8 - Slayers
10th November 2019Tigers - Scoring Willows
10th November 2019PAYANS 8 - RAUBEX BEAMERS
10th November 2019The Wolfpack - Slayers
10th November 2019The Whackers - Super Dads
10th November 2019Die Pompdonkies - The Ducklings
3rd November 2019Die Pompdonkies - Super Dads
3rd November 2019The Wolfpack - RAUBEX BEAMERS
3rd November 2019The Whackers - Scoring Willows
3rd November 2019The Ducklings - Slayers
3rd November 2019Tigers - PAYANS 8
27th October 2019The Wolfpack - Tigers
27th October 2019Die Pompdonkies - Slayers
27th October 2019The Ducklings - RAUBEX BEAMERS
27th October 2019The Whackers - PAYANS 8
27th October 2019Super Dads - Scoring Willows
20th October 2019The Whackers - The Wolfpack
20th October 2019The Ducklings - Tigers
20th October 2019Super Dads - PAYANS 8
20th October 2019Die Pompdonkies - Scoring Willows
20th October 2019Slayers - RAUBEX BEAMERS
13th October 2019Super Dads - The Wolfpack
13th October 2019Slayers - Tigers
13th October 2019Die Pompdonkies - RAUBEX BEAMERS
13th October 2019The Ducklings - The Whackers
6th October 2019Super Dads - The Ducklings
6th October 2019Slayers - The Whackers
6th October 2019Die Pompdonkies - PAYANS 8
6th October 2019RAUBEX BEAMERS - Tigers
6th October 2019Scoring Willows - The Wolfpack
29th September 2019Slayers - Super Dads
29th September 2019Scoring Willows - The Ducklings
29th September 2019RAUBEX BEAMERS - The Whackers
29th September 2019PAYANS 8 - The Wolfpack
29th September 2019Die Pompdonkies - Tigers
22nd September 2019Scoring Willows - PAYANS 8
15th September 2019PAYANS 850 - 0The Ducklings
15th September 2019RAUBEX BEAMERS108 - 106Scoring Willows
15th September 2019Die Pompdonkies84 - 81The Whackers


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