162 / 2
(17.1 Overs )
159 / 4
(20.0 Overs )

Bajrangi XI Won by 6 wickets
Player of the Match

Bajrangi XI vs Farani Taylor Stallions
Tournament: 2019 LMS World Champs - Sydney
Date: 15/12/2019
Time: 9:00
Venue: Queens Park
Umpire(s): Srikanth Nandigam Umpire, Phil 'BS' Buckland,
Batted First: Farani Taylor Stallions
Farani Taylor Stallions scored 159 / 4 after 20.000 overs
Bajrangi XI scored 162 / 2 after 17.100 overs
Match Result: Bajrangi XI Won by 6 wickets
Player of the Match: Tanweer Sikandar (Farani Taylor Stallions)
Bajrangi XI Starting 8

MatchesBatt. AvgBowl. Avg
Nisarg Vyas2833.1314.80
Maulik Patel2754.3327.33
Nitish Mishra2731.6015.72
Mayur Patel2748.8017.45
Urvish Thummar2644.6017.53
Jaydeep Kapadiya2635.41.00
Rakesh Kahar1922.7530.00
Rituraj Kshatriya1845.0019.94
Farani Taylor Stallions Starting 8

MatchesBatt. AvgBowl. Avg
Burhan Mahmood21847.6918.06
Hassan Rahman20827.4023.46
Farhan Ejaz17922.3221.37
Ahmed Khawaja9639.0720.66
Shahbaz Khan7645.4322.28
Tanweer Sikandar7359.2022.52
Imran Qadir3049.1417.09
Nouman Ali518.50.00

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