11Josh TeisSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team89.100
11Tom Greer-SmithNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team89.100
13Dave BroughtonSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team86.900
14Aaron HarrisSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team85.200
15Josh KingLogan Division 1 Dream Team83.600
16Tim MarchisioTaken81.000
17Ian HooperNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team79.200
18Joseph CarrollLogan Division 2 Dream Team77.000
19Ben PassfieldNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team71.500
20Chris WhiteSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team63.800
21Will CampbellSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team60.500
21Jordan MachinNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team60.500
21Troy JennerNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team60.500
21Josh LampardLogan Division 1 Dream Team60.500
21Bryan WilshireLogan Division 1 Dream Team60.500
26Troy BrownNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team59.400
26Craig BundgaardSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team59.400
26Imutavai TengereSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team59.400
29Dallan MurphyNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team58.300
30Morgan KeavneyTaken56.000
31Richard VinsonNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team55.000
31Dan MayburySun Coast Division 2 Dream Team55.000
33Edward OrfordThe Battering Rams54.000
34Tom LeiperNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team53.900
35Mat ParsonsSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team53.000
35Bram MortonThe Battering Rams53.000
37Blake MurphySouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team49.500
37Zac JaneSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team49.500
39Tristan NeaveSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team46.200
40Colin HunterThe Battering Rams44.000
40Andrew GreenSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team44.000
42Sandeep MangalNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team40.700
42Rob DoweSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team40.700
44Scott FergusonNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team36.300
44Adam DumbrellNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team36.300
44Tim MarchisioSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team36.300
44Josh FraserSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team36.300
48Josh KingLogan Division 2 Dream Team34.100
48Chad SchwarzeLogan Division 2 Dream Team34.100
48Joshua ThomSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team34.100
51Ben ScottLogan Division 2 Dream Team33.000
52Brad TrevenaSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team31.900
53Sam GallonSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team30.800
54Hayden HowseSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team28.600
55Tony NottMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 128.000
56Nick YoungSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team27.500
56Tai BuiSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team27.500
56Dean KnightSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team27.500
56Jon DumbrellNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team27.500
56Ted TishlerLogan Division 1 Dream Team27.500
56Jamie WilshireLogan Division 2 Dream Team27.500
56James HowarthSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team27.500
63James CardingNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team26.400
64Dan MayburySun Coast Division 1 Dream Team25.080
65Bruce WilsonMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 125.000
65Paul Sempf Taken25.000
67Nick YoungSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team22.000
68Jake "Ed Sheeran" BurnsLogan Division 2 Dream Team19.800
69Richard VinsonMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 118.000
70Mick VinsonNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team13.200
70Tom BarrettSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team13.200
70Tim McGuireSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team13.200
73Justin SehmishThe Battering Rams12.000
73Lucas KeavneyTaken12.000
75Ben BrowneSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team6.600
76Damon KellySouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team4.400

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