11ROBERT ThompsonThe Benchwarmers121.800
11Mace GaffneyBlack Ops121.800
13Eoin CareyThe Damp Clothons120.750
14Matt LynchGot Nothing111.300
15Ragupathy ChinnaswamyGOLDEN DUCKS106.050
16sam cooperCharlie's Angels101.850
16ryan colcloughCharlie's Angels101.850
18Aqeel ArshadBlack Ops97.650
19Md ShamsuddohaThe Benchwarmers96.600
19vihari bodepudiBlack Ops96.600
21Vincent HedeThe Damp Clothons92.400
22Josh HaydockGOLDEN DUCKS90.720
23Daniel Costello-ArlotteBlack Ops90.300
24Thomas WainwrightSilvio Rodriguez82.950
25Kurtley Nielsencreampie crusaders81.900
26Daniel Costello-ArlotteTHE ALLROUNDERS77.700
26Kahlem ReardonBilly Goats77.700
28Troy CowenGot Nothing75.600
29Jai cavanoughGOLDEN DUCKS71.400
30Al Taylorcreampie crusaders70.350
30shane KleinGot Nothing70.350
32Dave TannochThe Damp Clothons69.300
33Ross PointonShredders 65.100
34Jordan BoneyShredders 64.050
34Josh HoareShredders 64.050
34Stephen WeierGOLDEN DUCKS64.050
37James SpaldingWinnie Blues Kangaroos60.900
38Callum CoplandWinnie Blues Kangaroos58.800
38sharnn ReardonBilly Goats58.800
38Brandon WebbBilly Goats58.800
41Ben Hilsdoncreampie crusaders57.750
41Justin StrangGOLDEN DUCKS57.750
41Jacob HowlettCharlie's Angels57.750
44Mark leeGot Nothing56.700
45Sam MartinThe Benchwarmers55.650
46jacob verrallCharlie's Angels54.600
47Jordan SalisburyThe golden galahs 52.500
47Matthew WallsThe Damp Clothons52.500
47Marcus FillipettoThe Damp Clothons52.500
50Nick StebbingsGOLDEN DUCKS45.150
50Josh BrownBlack Ops45.150
52Branden BeardShredders 43.050
53Ghulam MustafaBilly Goats42.000
55Keith NeumannSilvio Rodriguez38.850
55Clayton FluteGot Nothing38.850
55brandon kleinGot Nothing38.850
55owen somertonThe Benchwarmers38.850
59Allan Shankscreampie crusaders32.550
60Harrison SedgwickWinnie Blues Kangaroos31.500
60Todd pimmThe Benchwarmers31.500
60Tony ‘karaoke’ MurphyBlack Ops31.500
63Nick Morriscreampie crusaders29.400
64Jared CrooksBlack Ops27.300
65Aaron Vietheercreampie crusaders26.250
65Jack TiernanThe golden galahs 26.250
65Sebastian WilsonThe Damp Clothons26.250
65Harley HollandTHE ALLROUNDERS26.250
69cam masterscreampie crusaders18.900
69Mykel SmithShredders 18.900
69Chris RichardsonThe Benchwarmers18.900
72Matt CoxThe golden galahs 12.600
72Bob LynchGot Nothing12.600
72Daniel LinwoodThe Benchwarmers12.600
72Sam CurtisThe Damp Clothons12.600
76Josh AndersonGOLDEN DUCKS10.500
77Andrew KennyGot Nothing6.300
77Aqeel ArshadBilly Goats6.300
79Tasman MylesSilvio Rodriguez4.200
79Jeff NeumannSilvio Rodriguez4.200
79Ben SuttonThe Benchwarmers4.200
79Luke DarrThe Damp Clothons4.200
83jacob QuerroCharlie's Angels2.100

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