11Johann WilkenRebel Fraction416.150
12Clement JordaanBOW's & ARROWS390.600
13Stephan BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)379.550
14Johan PieterseRebel Fraction369.900
15James BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)337.050
16Christo KellermannGroen Mambas329.700
17Jas AndroasBadgers & Eagles309.150
18Jannie GerberGroen Mambas294.000
19Henk KlopperGroen Mambas289.800
20JJ ChoncoRebel Fraction283.250
21Johann StrydomGrotters282.450
22Gerrie SwartBOW's & ARROWS250.550
23Clinton WallesBadgers & Eagles242.750
24Anton GerberGroen Mambas239.400
25Slang AugustynBadgers & Eagles238.950
26Ryan HoubertPhoenix Sport216.400
27Pieter JacobsBOW's & ARROWS214.100
28Stephan BarkhuizenRebel Fraction212.000
29Eugene De HaanBadgers & Eagles207.900
30Mauritz Van StratenPretoria Mavericks207.750
31Wynand PretoriusGrotters202.650
32Johan MollerPretoria Mavericks189.050
33Dewet "Wetta" BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)176.400
34Johan (Rooies) MortonGrotters166.650
35Dawie(Mona Lisa) ScholtzGrotters154.350
36Jurgens DreyerGroen Mambas149.100
37Ryan HoubertWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)131.000
38Dewet "Wetta" BarkhuizenRebel Fraction128.100
39Nico LuusGrotters121.800
39Jimmie SomersPhoenix Sport121.800
41Herman SchonkenGrotters120.750
42Anton PrinslooGrotters118.750
43Nols ErasmusBadgers & Eagles111.300
43Quinten StoltzGroen Mambas111.300
45Reinhardt Van WykWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)110.250
46David EPretoria Mavericks110.100
47Nikus CilliersPretoria Mavericks109.200
48Johan SchumynGrotters108.800
49Rijan GrobbelaarRebel Fraction103.950
50Braam KoegelenbergGroen Mambas88.200
51Charl van Wyk (Charlie)Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)87.350
52Johan (Rooies) MortonBadgers & Eagles72.000
53Marius PotgieterBOW's & ARROWS69.300
54Carlo KeiserWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)57.750
54Charles WyethBOW's & ARROWS57.750
56Christo ZietsmanPretoria Mavericks55.650
57Sternberg CilliersPretoria Mavericks53.200
58Jas AndroasGrotters52.500
59Roelf van der MerweGroen Mambas45.150
60Eben AugustynGrotters44.100
60Robert KendallWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)44.100
62Cameron JansenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)32.550
62Leon BaasdenBOW's & ARROWS32.550
64Christiaan FoonkWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)30.450
65Nols ErasmusGrotters29.400
66C.J (Christo) MinnaarPhoenix Sport28.350
67Kevin -Pretoria Mavericks25.000
68Deon Janse van RensburgWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)23.100
69Nikki van TonderPretoria Mavericks21.000
70Wiehan KielblockWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)18.900
71Henning Van der waltWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)12.600
72Danie BruwerRebel Fraction4.200

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