11Christo SteynSouthern Pisscats165.900
12Jordan SarkisJDL Electric161.500
13Cameron FryerLMS South Africa153.900
14Dawid OosthuizenThe Triple Ms149.100
15Nick Wilson Awesome Moresome148.610
16Darryn MoreAwesome Moresome145.480
17Roy KurzSouthern Pisscats133.000
18Emile SaadOpen The Field129.000
19Moussa SayeghU14B ALL DAY127.000
20Dalton WebsterLMS South Africa125.400
21Brandon "Scorpion" SaundersSports Pass124.450
22Mitchell MoreAwesome Moresome119.900
23Anton MullerThe Pokeymoms118.650
24Japie van der MerweSports Pass115.900
25Errol MoreAwesome Moresome112.324
26Elias MarumoRedhill Coaches112.240
27Charles MaobeloRedhill Coaches111.320
28James NelsonLMS South Africa110.200
29Andrew EatonDwarf Destroyers110.000
30Darren KurzThe Triple Ms109.200
31Julian MassonThe Triple Ms106.120
32Amos MaungwaWhite - Walkers101.850
33Sean BlanckenbergRyan Freese Chokers98.800
34Adrian Maritz9th Man97.850
34Ryan FreeseRyan Freese Guzzlers97.850
36Grant WilesmithDwarf Destroyers90.000
37Matthew DabbsDwarf Destroyers86.000
38Rhys DanielsRedhill Coaches83.720
39Tlangi Main9th Man81.000
40Juan Ackerman9th Man80.750
41Sharief 'Punisher' Moodaley9th Man80.000
42Chad WilliamsU14B ALL DAY76.000
43Dale MoreAwesome Moresome75.650
44Lee WestonMixed Grill75.600
44Fahad ChaudharyGrt875.600
46Gift MashabaRedhill Coaches74.520
47Carl FreeseRyan Freese Guzzlers74.100
47Sibusiso NkomaniRyan Freese Chokers74.100
47Michael Da SilvaJDL Electric74.100
50Mitchell MoreSouthern Pisscats72.450
51Carl GliddonDwarf Destroyers72.000
52Ian SolomonU14B ALL DAY70.300
53Reece AthertonSouthern Pisscats69.300
54Albertus SmithSports Pass68.400
55Pete FourieMixed Grill68.250
56Brandon MoreAwesome Moresome68.080
57Christopher KurzSouthern Pisscats65.550
58Jeff BruwerRyan Freese Guzzlers64.600
59Syed Amir ShahGrt864.050
60Vaughn Van BerkelLMS South Africa63.650
60Simon RobinsonU14B ALL DAY63.650
60Selwyn SteinU14B ALL DAY63.650
63Brendon JonesRyan Freese Chokers62.320
64Ryan JutzenSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes60.000
65Haider ShahGrt858.800
66Ruan BassonJohan Kamper Birthday57.950
67Brenton MeerholzSouthern Pisscats55.650
68Craig MarshallRyan Freese Chokers55.100
69Christopher KurzThe Triple Ms54.600
70Gideon ScheepersDoc's Misfits52.250
70David DahlenJDL Electric52.250
72Ray VenterWestrand Alliance51.300
73Mark DabbsSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes50.400
74Júan CoetserDoc's Misfits50.350
75Liam MassonThe Triple Ms48.760
76David JoshuaRedhill Coaches47.840
77Matthew PenneyU14B ALL DAY46.550
78Tafadzwa ChihotaWhite - Walkers46.200
79Kevin JohnstoneDwarf Destroyers45.000
80Prosper TsvanhuWhite - Walkers44.100
81Craig FebruaryU14B ALL DAY42.750
82Carole BaskinMixed Grill42.000
83Johan FourieMixed Grill40.950
84Daniel GrusdU14B ALL DAY40.850
84Charles EmslieJohan Kamper Birthday40.850
86Malcomn PikeSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes39.000
87Dawid OosthuizenSouthern Pisscats38.000
87Leonard ProwseJDL Electric38.000
89Darryn MoreSouthern Pisscats37.800
90Dilon Reddy9th Man37.000
91Ian SolomonDwarf Destroyers36.000
92Basarashe ChikosiWhite - Walkers31.500
92Tinashe RuswaWhite - Walkers31.500
94Duncan BowieSouthern Pisscats31.350
94Henry HaarhoffDoc's Misfits31.350
96Matthew LevineSouthern Pisscats30.450
96Tomasz "Tommy Gun - Pew Pew" CieslakiewiczThe Pokeymoms30.450
98Doug WebsterLMS South Africa29.450
98Juan AckermanWestrand Alliance29.450
100Duane CooperRyan Freese Guzzlers28.500
100Dale SeptemberWestrand Alliance28.500
102Suraj Jivan9th Man26.600
103Brandon MoreSouthern Pisscats26.250
104Mohomed SulaimanJHB TITANS25.000
104Cornelious MahlanguJHB TITANS25.000
106Steven HoggRyan Freese Guzzlers23.750
106Grant BRyan Freese Guzzlers23.750
106Mark SnowAlex Chiefs23.750
106Ben HayesSports Pass23.750
106Jeandre OlivierJohan Kamper Birthday23.750
111Russell ReneckeRedhill Coaches23.000
112Seano "Burger King" ReynoldsThe Pokeymoms21.000
113Ayerton Dos SantosDwarf Destroyers20.000
113Matt ShieldsSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes20.000
115Schalk GroenewaldAlex Chiefs19.000
116Jose "Who Ate My Cousin" FernandesThe Pokeymoms18.900
117PJ GouwsAlex Chiefs17.100
117Christiaan BothaDoc's Misfits17.100
117Jason Kirsten JacobsWestrand Alliance17.100
117Zander Van BluecraneJohan Kamper Birthday17.100
121Peter FontaineSouthern Pisscats14.820
122Nicholas ColeSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes12.000
122Nikiel Naidoo9th Man12.000
124Joe MuldersRyan Freese Chokers11.400
125Mehroze AbdullahGrt810.500
126Andrew EhmkeSteve Waugh Sıobhan's Pantıes10.000
127Maxwell ChifambaWhite - Walkers6.300
127Rory BrownMixed Grill6.300
129John BussioRyan Freese Guzzlers5.700
129Ashton SchulzAlex Chiefs5.700
131Victor ChaitezviWhite - Walkers4.200
131Charlie BatesThe Pokeymoms4.200
133Matthew "Fletch Cakes" FletcherDwarf Destroyers4.000
134Júan CoetserAlex Chiefs3.800
134Chris PotgieterJohan Kamper Birthday3.800

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