11PJ GouwsDie Span629.900
12Jeff BruwerRebels608.150
13Cameron FryerRebels602.000
14Nick LevesleyCHOC Cowzat!599.450
15John " the chef Mario" EsseyCant Remember589.600
16Dalton WebsterJoburg Bashers586.900
17Hendrik RoetsDie Span560.690
18Matthew PenneyCant Remember535.700
19James NelsonDie Span502.250
20Mike BossengerJoburg Bashers497.600
21Roscoe DekkerBilly's Uncle491.400
22Don BensonBilly's Uncle489.150
23Henry HaarhoffDie Span474.530
24Craig MarshallRebels473.740
25Jean Pierre BloemRebels459.000
26Craig WebsterJoburg Bashers451.800
27Nick "Meerkat" GreenHell if i no435.600
28Charlie LiquorishCant Remember434.600
29Frik MaartensJoburg Bashers406.000
30Vaughn Van BerkelRebels392.550
31Phillip BothaCHOC Cowzat!376.670
32Juan AckermanDie Span376.000
33Nick Lister-JamesBilly's Uncle373.260
34Daniel PoultonRebels347.900
35Adrian LovelandCant Remember347.000
36Stian GroveCant Remember345.000
37Gert (shhh) NelDie Span343.000
38Dean "Les Bleu" Le VeyHell if i no327.800
39Nolan NayagerY-Nots310.000
40Tyler "MAN BUN" de BruynHell if i no307.650
41Duane CooperCHOC Cowzat!273.300
42Tony SnydersCHOC Cowzat!259.450
43Samashen NaidooY-Nots254.000
44Alan CoghlanY-Nots229.000
45Dalton WebsterRebels223.550
46Joshua WilkenCant Remember219.500
47Alex RaymondCHOC Cowzat!218.600
48Dale VersterCHOC Cowzat!217.700
49Carl MaartY-Nots209.000
50Daniel SlyHell if i no207.000
51Jason ClarkeHell if i no205.000
52Brian "Flex" BainJoburg Bashers200.000
53Gavin BothaY-Nots197.000
54Clint De BruynJoburg Bashers183.000
55Timothy WilsonCant Remember172.000
56Savo CeprnichCant Remember167.000
57Stef Le rouxJoburg Bashers165.500
58Werner SnymanCHOC Cowzat!163.700
59Simon FleischerBilly's Uncle156.000
60Jean van RooyenRebels154.850
61Roscoe DavidsCant Remember147.800
62Pieter KalisRebels146.300
63Travis CopleyCHOC Cowzat!145.000
64Riaan BroughDie Span140.000
65Peter HaslamBilly's Uncle137.000
66Calvin BrinckmannDie Span131.000
67Brett MoyoY-Nots129.000
68Ross BushJoburg Bashers128.850
69Werner SnymanJoburg Bashers128.000
70Donovan RitchieCant Remember123.500
71Sean BlanckenbergRebels123.000
72Super Sub 3Rebels122.000
73Jason PinardBilly's Uncle121.400
74Grant BainCHOC Cowzat!116.000
75Rudi GreylingCant Remember114.000
76Hendrik RoetsJoburg Bashers113.000
76Nico PotgieterY-Nots113.000
78Rudi GreylingDie Span102.000
79Stian GroveRebels95.600
80Reece AthertonCant Remember91.000
81Zaid AbrahamsHell if i no90.000
82Ryan FreeseRebels89.800
83Steven "One Ball" De BruynHell if i no89.200
84Rudi GreylingJoburg Bashers89.000
84jared noahCant Remember89.000
86Jonathan (Jono) BoschRebels88.000
87Charlie LiquorishCHOC Cowzat!87.350
88Nic HardingBilly's Uncle86.600
89Ruan "Os" BothaDie Span86.200
90Johan BarkhuizenDie Span85.000
91Luschan ChettyY-Nots81.000
92Super Sub 2Rebels77.000
93Jithen ParamanundY-Nots69.800
94Timothy WilsonJoburg Bashers69.000
94Henry HaarhoffCant Remember69.000
96Calvin BrinckmannRebels68.400
97Brendan de JonghCHOC Cowzat!63.650
97Sandile NgemaCHOC Cowzat!63.650
99James SaundersBilly's Uncle62.000
100Cobus WelthagenDie Span61.000
101Jean FourieCant Remember60.000
102Pieter LouwRebels56.000
102Patrick-Ryan SwanepoelDie Span56.000
102Brett HansenY-Nots56.000
102Stuart McDonaldBilly's Uncle56.000
106Wesley MiddeltonRebels55.000
107Christiaan SchutteCHOC Cowzat!53.200
108Andrew "one game" CrossHell if i no52.000
108jared noahCHOC Cowzat!52.000
110Henry HaarhoffRebels50.350
110James McGillivrayCant Remember50.350
112Jean VanHell if i no49.000
113Jason BunningCHOC Cowzat!47.500
114Chris PretoriusCant Remember45.000
115Dinolan DoorsamyY-Nots42.000
115Jonty SchwartzBilly's Uncle42.000
117Sean MaskellDie Span37.000
118Dian BothaDie Span34.000
119Gavin "Gambit" DeanJoburg Bashers33.000
120Doug EvansCant Remember32.400
121Jino SebastianCant Remember31.400
122Darryn MoreCant Remember31.000
123Crispin RobinsonY-Nots30.000
124werner Van GreunenY-Nots29.000
125Jp VRebels28.000
126Tyler "MAN BUN" de BruynCant Remember25.000
126Brian "Flex" BainCant Remember25.000
126Lionel MpisiY-Nots25.000
129Dillon DoorsamyY-Nots24.000
130Ryan LevyBilly's Uncle23.750
131Super Sub 4Rebels20.000
132Marco WashingtonBilly's Uncle19.000
133Richard JarvisJoburg Bashers12.000
134Aldyn "Veldfokus" DebboDie Span8.000
135Phillip HauptCHOC Cowzat!5.700
136Floyd GovenderY-Nots4.000
137Pritesh DayaJoburg Bashers3.600

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