11Ben ScottLogan Division 2 Dream Team125.156
12Tom Greer-SmithNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team118.839
13Paul PhillipsNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team114.141
14Ben BrowneSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team113.700
15John BurnettNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team111.870
16Matt RussellSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team97.815
17Troy BrownNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team97.382
18Ted TishlerLogan Division 1 Dream Team93.827
19Nick YoungSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team92.889
20James HowarthSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team92.557
21Richard VinsonNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team83.875
22Damon KellySouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team82.683
23Brandon CunninghamSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team80.080
24Jamie WilshireLogan Division 2 Dream Team75.087
25Jake MackawayThe Battering Rams71.250
26Ian HooperNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team70.465
27Callum JamesThe Battering Rams69.450
28Gav GoulletLogan Division 2 Dream Team67.886
29Brent CrooksyNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team66.926
30Brandon CunninghamSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team65.474
31Edward OrfordThe Battering Rams63.077
32Matt HardingThe Battering Rams60.063
33Craig McGregorTaken57.023
34Tom LeiperNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team56.100
35Bram MortonThe Battering Rams55.042
36Josh KingLogan Division 1 Dream Team51.150
37Daniel HandSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team49.573
38Aaron HarrisSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team46.800
39Imutavai TengereSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team46.475
40Colin HunterThe Battering Rams45.083
41Craig BundgaardSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team42.382
42Hayden BakerSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team42.100
43Andrew GreenSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team40.954
44Troy JennerNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team37.125
45Scott FergusonNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team36.667
46Dominic BarrettNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team35.640
47Jed Haswell-WalkerNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team34.100
48Josh LampardLogan Division 1 Dream Team33.846
49Jack BarrettNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team33.800
50Jon DumbrellNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team33.413
51Tristan NeaveSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team33.275
52Josh CrosbySouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team32.340
53Tim MarchisioSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team32.328
54Rob DoweSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team32.076
55Joseph CarrollLogan Division 2 Dream Team30.983
56Tim MarchisioTaken30.769
57Josh FraserSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team30.546
58Stephen JennerNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team29.700
59Gavin BartleyLogan Division 1 Dream Team28.600
60Tim McGuireSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team27.500
61Ben PassfieldNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team25.600
62Mushfiq RahmanSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team23.238
63Jesse ArgerosSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team22.707
64Asim ZafarNorth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team22.183
65Paul Sempf Taken21.778
66Bryce LampardLogan Division 2 Dream Team20.965
67Morgan KeavneyTaken20.046
68Tai BuiSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team20.020
69Justin SehmishThe Battering Rams18.200
70Chad SchwarzeLogan Division 2 Dream Team17.967
71Sam GallonSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team17.050
72Brandan ColemanSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team16.585
73Hayden HowseSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team15.714
74Dave BroughtonSouth Brisbane Division 4 Dream Team14.300
75Casey WelchSun Coast Division 2 Dream Team13.475
76Dan MayburySun Coast Division 1 Dream Team13.310
77Richard VinsonMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 112.500
77Lucas KeavneyTaken12.500
79Dallan MurphyNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team12.222
80Kalana IsurangaSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team11.733
81Bruce WilsonMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 110.889
82Dean KnightSouth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team10.560
83Tom BarrettSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team9.167
84DARRYL (BIG DADDY) PHILLIPSMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 19.091
85Athol "Ath" NathanSouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team8.800
86Will CampbellSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team6.738
87Gordon WillisNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team6.600
88Cameron AshfieldMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 16.400
89Brett MoleNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team5.657
90Ian McConnelThe Battering Rams5.333
91Paul GoodeTaken5.143
92Ethan “OG” MachinNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team2.475
93Kenny Le BherzNorth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team1.100
94Blake MurphySouth Brisbane Division 2 Dream Team0.733
95Jordan MachinNorth Brisbane Division 5 Dream Team0.550
95Tyson AllsopNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team0.550
95Adam DumbrellNorth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team0.550
95Joshua ThomSouth Brisbane Division 3 Dream Team0.550
99Blake SteelSun Coast Division 1 Dream Team0.367
100Nathan FrancisMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 10.333
100Adrian CookTaken0.333
100Jay DrakeleyTaken0.333
103Bryan WilshireLogan Division 1 Dream Team0.275
104Daniel KhouryMoreton Bay Dream Team Division 10.250

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