11Pj BrownGOLDEN DUCKS233.062
12Guy murdenThe Blushing Babes224.674
13Harish NairBlack Ops220.510
14Aron RoweGot The Runs (GTR)207.576
15Adrian MayersGOLDEN DUCKS170.867
16Peter MitchellGot Nothing150.150
17Luke McInnesGot Nothing149.321
18Tim DoweMaranoa Magpies139.193
19Michael HawkinsThe In & Outs138.803
20Josh MengelThe Unwanted 136.930
21Ben morganGOLDEN DUCKS125.778
22Josh HaydockGOLDEN DUCKS122.293
23Tom watsonThe Blushing Babes116.955
24Sam BradfordSons Of Pitches113.693
25James NardelloThe Blushing Babes110.857
26Doug MurphyGOLDEN DUCKS106.920
27sean hobbsSons Of Pitches103.950
28Jai cavanoughGOLDEN DUCKS101.776
29Nick MorganGot The Runs (GTR)98.322
30Noel KnightThe Unwanted 95.600
31Matt HarrisThe Blushing Babes90.325
32Jayke DoweMaranoa Magpies87.907
33mathew truineGot Nothing87.825
34Josh connollyGot Nothing85.347
35Elliott MacdonaldThe Blushing Babes84.350
36Andrew KennyGot Nothing80.047
37Danny MartinMaranoa Magpies78.996
38Justin StrangGOLDEN DUCKS70.555
39Connor FogartyThe Unwanted 68.384
40Dan O'NeillGOLDEN DUCKS67.625
41Greg HarthThe Unwanted 66.243
42Rumman HassanThe Unwanted 64.577
43James NardelloThe Unwanted 62.989
44Prudhvi GhantaBlack Ops59.005
45Jacob WGot Nothing56.027
46Brendon WebbSons Of Pitches54.982
47Toby MillikanThe Unwanted 53.197
48Shelldon MartinMaranoa Magpies43.872
49Jay ryalsMaranoa Magpies41.037
50Daley MartinMaranoa Magpies37.002
51Tallis MartinMaranoa Magpies32.550
51Kahlem reardonGot Nothing32.550
53Cameron MoodieMaranoa Magpies30.537
54Andrew RyanGot Nothing28.392
55John DavisThe Unwanted 28.021
56Cal ToddGot Nothing26.400
57Troy CowenGot Nothing25.270
58Griffin toddGot Nothing24.500
59Callum chereySons Of Pitches24.150
60Tim RanchodbhaiThe Unwanted 20.149
61Gerald LedgerGot The Runs (GTR)20.133
62Josh mcmahonBlack Ops19.014
63Michael brownGOLDEN DUCKS17.560
64Chris JacksonThe Blushing Babes16.800
65Tallis martinMaranoa Magpies15.000
66Ragupathy ChinnaswamyGOLDEN DUCKS11.200
67Stephen DonaldBlack Ops11.138
68Matt LynchGot Nothing10.739
69Andrew vonlossbergSons Of Pitches7.735
70Hugh RobertsonThe Blushing Babes7.350
71Craig Newman Sons Of Pitches6.563
72Anthony RobertsonGot Nothing6.440
73alan martinMaranoa Magpies6.431
74Fraser McIntyreGOLDEN DUCKS6.109
75Joseph ChandlerThe Unwanted 5.600
76Kaleb StantonSons Of Pitches5.400
77Shane van luenenThe Blushing Babes4.815
78shelldon martinMaranoa Magpies3.780
79Adrian DelaneySons Of Pitches2.363
79Jesse Lange-PointonSons Of Pitches2.363
81josh stantonSons Of Pitches1.680
82Joel CherrySons Of Pitches1.575
83Sam MayesGOLDEN DUCKS1.527
84Mark leeGot Nothing1.400
85Craig JacksonMaranoa Magpies0.525
86Andrew WebbBlack Ops0.367
86Joel smithThe In & Outs0.367
88Ben MayesGOLDEN DUCKS0.263
89Dan NevinSons Of Pitches0.210

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