11Jeremy Kempstonsunday sloggers753.736
12David DannattSwamp Donkeys 2.0712.476
13Ethan AcuttYTB686.638
14Matthew SmithYTB682.347
15Karan PalJebron Lames680.862
16Brendan AshtonJebron Lames666.769
17Martin HendersonThe 2nd XI647.506
18Daniel ChandlerYTB647.021
19Aidan WhitlockRedbank Rippers638.238
20Daniel HamiltonYTB621.277
21Shanley NeuendorfThe 2nd XI619.984
22Tim WichuraHalf track Hackers557.683
23Jarid GriesbachThe 2nd XI540.862
24Nathan NichollsRedbank Rippers539.116
25Ashneel NairThe In & Outs537.543
26Luke Boultonsunday sloggers506.845
27Adam BarrowJebron Lames502.851
28Chris BattesYTB501.390
29Marc QuanThe Redbacks499.962
30Jacob ParkRedbank Rippers495.960
31Craig CummingHalf track Hackers475.569
32Matt BoettcherThe Muppets465.618
33Luke MuggeridgeHalf track Hackers459.041
34Grant SuthersHalf track Hackers449.128
35Thomas HancockThe In & Outs439.268
36Brett HindesSwamp Donkeys 2.0437.159
37Joshua SandnesThe Muppets437.147
38Shane RossYTB435.350
39Pieter Van Der KooijThe In & Outs432.083
40Marc QuanThe In & Outs431.995
41Al PhoenixRedbank Rippers426.996
42James CainThe In & Outs415.459
43Brenden YeoHalf track Hackers406.474
44Shayne NortonThe Abusement Parks400.510
45Kris SimpsonThe Redbacks398.756
46Anthony WildRedbank Rippers394.470
47Brodie KenyonThe 2nd XI377.418
48Tim BashamThe Keith’s376.234
49Gregg MarksThe Abusement Parks375.290
50John SavageThe Redbacks370.923
51Matt WildRedbank Rippers361.523
52Grant DuceYTB354.049
53Chris HurlockJebron Lames353.541
54Hayden DonnollanThe 2nd XI351.777
55Ryan DouglassHalf track Hackers346.322
56Alex leottaThe In & Outs334.941
57Jesse Lange-PointonRedbank Rippers327.552
58Ryan TooheyThe Keith’s327.481
59Jordan SaltnerHalf track Hackers326.955
60Mitchell smallThe In & Outs324.249
61Andrew MckenzieSwamp Donkeys 2.0321.036
62Michael HawkinsThe In & Outs309.043
63Caleb Risson The Keith’s303.530
64Ken GascoyneSwamp Donkeys 2.0291.867
65Leighton MullerThe Keith’s284.737
66Jordan PierpointThe Redbacks280.136
67Tom Youngsunday sloggers272.460
68Luke MuggeridgeRedbank Rippers243.328
69David FarrawellJebron Lames229.421
70Jesse Lange-PointonThe Redbacks229.192
71Jarrad KellyThe In & Outs223.684
72Kris HoffmannThe Keith’s223.380
73Ryan BarramThe Abusement Parks220.344
74Vinnie ManualSwamp Donkeys 2.0218.970
75Matthew CroneThe Abusement Parks217.749
76Trent GermonThe Redbacks211.481
77Brentley Heatonsunday sloggers209.417
78Steven AuldThe Muppets201.632
79Daniel SykesThe 2nd XI191.465
80Trent GermonHalf track Hackers184.939
81Andy LevettThe Muppets179.813
82Thienushan ChandrasekaramThe 2nd XI179.309
83Aaron WhitlockRedbank Rippers173.302
84Daniel Hamiltonsunday sloggers173.047
85Cameron IngleThe 2nd XI172.637
86Hayden NoonJebron Lames170.608
87Matthew CroneThe Redbacks163.228
88Biniyam EllingsJebron Lames160.942
89Andy RobertsSwamp Donkeys 2.0153.450
90Samuel YarrowThe Keith’s148.689
91Brian MurphyThe Muppets145.989
92Daniel ArcherThe Abusement Parks144.346
93Daniel HamiltonThe Keith’s139.566
94Brent CrokerRedbank Rippers135.815
95Luke BoettcherThe Muppets135.226
96Matthew BurgemeisterJebron Lames133.454
97Brendan YeoThe Muppets133.420
98Jake BoettcherThe Muppets132.878
99Gavin MaslenThe Abusement Parks132.092
100Daniel LakeSwamp Donkeys 2.0131.427
101Tim FinlaysonThe Abusement Parks129.534
102Jesse Lange-PointonSwamp Donkeys 2.0126.663
103Steven"MAD DOG' KuhnkeThe Muppets125.721
104Ethan AcuttThe Keith’s120.215
105Matt BrownThe Keith’s119.866
106Vaughan OldhamThe 2nd XI118.875
107Shane RossThe In & Outs118.352
108Vaunn WayThe 2nd XI116.727
109Andy LevettThe In & Outs115.200
110Tim BashamSwamp Donkeys 2.0114.925
111Lee Martufisunday sloggers114.239
112Joshua SandnesThe Redbacks112.748
113Ross PointonRedbank Rippers112.314
114Anthony WildThe Muppets112.260
115Lee BrownThe Redbacks110.133
116Jason "Slogger" HartThe Muppets108.900
117Callum Chandler YTB107.475
118Daniel Chandlersunday sloggers105.600
119Lewis ChapmanSwamp Donkeys 2.0102.015
120Tama ManualSwamp Donkeys 2.098.759
121Brent CrokerThe Muppets98.246
122timothy WeberJebron Lames97.781
123Liam BichelThe 2nd XI97.158
124Adam BarrowRedbank Rippers93.458
125Shane HancoxThe Muppets87.938
126Jesse Lange-PointonThe Muppets84.185
127Gavin Martufisunday sloggers82.132
128Jay OttoHalf track Hackers80.850
129Troy CunninghamThe Muppets79.475
130Cameron NicholThe Muppets77.175
131Dean BichelThe 2nd XI75.167
132Corey 'KUZZO' ParkinsonThe Muppets74.690
133Gareth ShepherdThe Muppets71.500
134Joshua SandnesRedbank Rippers69.960
135Brendan KleidonHalf track Hackers69.738
136Michael Snellsunday sloggers67.414
137Anthony KramerRedbank Rippers65.185
138Nick SkeenHalf track Hackers64.167
139Scott MacdonaldThe Redbacks60.867
140Kevin CoxThe Muppets60.638
141Jason PackerThe 2nd XI58.117
142Gavin MaslenRedbank Rippers57.292
143Luke PitmanSwamp Donkeys 2.055.637
144Luke ZabellHalf track Hackers55.147
145Dan LinakerThe Muppets52.609
146Simon ThorpThe Muppets48.690
147Gregg MarksThe In & Outs47.300
148Nick BergThe Keith’s46.269
149Brendan AshtonThe 2nd XI43.057
150Nick ConwaySwamp Donkeys 2.041.965
151Corey MarshallThe 2nd XI39.967
152Trent KinchelaJebron Lames39.757
153Simon WadeThe In & Outs39.600
154Linton NoonJebron Lames33.138
155Aidan WhitlockJebron Lames31.790
156Michael SnellHalf track Hackers29.466
157Vaughan OldhamJebron Lames28.535
158Craig "Turtle" PurtonThe Abusement Parks28.400
159Chris BeesonRedbank Rippers27.737
160Steven AuldThe 2nd XI26.557
161Sam SharmaThe In & Outs24.184
162Andrew TooheyThe Keith’s21.866
163Jordan PierpointThe Muppets17.820
164Steven Auldsunday sloggers17.600
165Adam BarrowThe Muppets15.000
166Jarred BroadbentThe Keith’s13.475
167Kyle RadThe Muppets11.733
168Bob Downing The Muppets9.900
169Tyreece CoolwellThe Muppets7.700
170Kerry WoodruffeThe Abusement Parks6.854
171Leighton MullerYTB6.738
172Michael DenmanThe Keith’s6.400
173Al PhoenixThe Muppets6.109
174Wade SweeneyThe In & Outs4.492
175Michael BlightThe In & Outs4.400
176Anthony WildHalf track Hackers3.520
177Kyle PamenterThe Keith’s2.713
178Zane RoweHalf track Hackers2.475
179Michael SnellThe Muppets1.980
179Tim DiefenbachThe Abusement Parks1.980
181Billy GierkeThe Muppets1.400
182Mason Dowersunday sloggers1.354
183Nick O'ConnellRedbank Rippers1.100
184Brandon Webbsunday sloggers0.550
184Mitchell DixonThe Keith’s0.550
186David DaltonThe Muppets0.350
187Jordan SaltnerThe In & Outs0.275

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