Sunshine Coast Summer - Division 1 2017 - 1st Quarter

11Josh TeisTuitey's Tiling Moisties565.211
12Karl EvaSun Coast Wanderers C.C.547.492
13Kurt StanfordTuitey's Tiling Moisties493.288
14Luke HepworthSun Coast Wanderers C.C.477.367
15Bevan ShepherdWhitewalkers463.103
16Blake RobertsonThe Registered Six Offenders443.917
17Jake MackawayThe Registered Six Offenders430.419
18Ian McConnelWilson Fencing426.961
19Matt McauleyWilson Fencing423.888
20Wade SteinbachWilson Fencing416.698
21Anthony BrogdenSun Coast Wanderers C.C.369.248
22Matt StewartSun Coast Wanderers C.C.358.398
23Will CampbellThe Registered Six Offenders357.755
24Dion SladeThe Registered Six Offenders330.408
25Daniel HandWilson Fencing314.944
26Jayden BettsThe Registered Six Offenders266.311
27Dylan Crawford-WindowWhitewalkers265.959
28Zarrar KhanWilson Fencing252.547
29Mark LesterWilson Fencing243.015
30Praduman SinghRoyal Punjab231.629
31Myles JohnsonSun Coast Wanderers C.C.224.007
32Amit "Mitty" SareenSun Coast Wanderers C.C.221.950
33Scott ForemanWhitewalkers219.988
34Patrick WebberWilson Fencing219.298
35Brad LeeSun Coast Wanderers C.C.190.668
36Prabh SinghRoyal Punjab190.037
37Ryan MackawayThe Registered Six Offenders169.733
38Shane RyanWhitewalkers168.830
39Chris Wright Whitewalkers168.285
40Happy SinghRoyal Punjab166.767
41Chris StockwellWhitewalkers153.246
42Jordan AndersonSun Coast Wanderers C.C.151.917
43Anny Singh Royal Punjab149.503
44Shawn KellyTuitey's Tiling Moisties148.184
45Karam BrarRoyal Punjab145.208
46Gagan SinghRoyal Punjab137.839
47Paul CooperTuitey's Tiling Moisties137.806
48Grant HutcheonWhitewalkers135.361
49Jamie RowTuitey's Tiling Moisties128.665
50Kristian NoeSun Coast Wanderers C.C.128.448
51Gursimran SinghRoyal Punjab127.336
52Chris VisagieWhitewalkers123.781
53Pava SinghRoyal Punjab112.102
54Lally SinghRoyal Punjab111.661
55Dave FitchettTuitey's Tiling Moisties86.400
56Daniel HandSun Coast Wanderers C.C.80.047
57Abhineet SinghRoyal Punjab72.923
58Steve LouriganSun Coast Wanderers C.C.63.037
59Keenan BourkeWilson Fencing62.388
60Bruce WilsonWilson Fencing61.163
61Rajdeep SinghRoyal Punjab59.650
62Varinder SinghRoyal Punjab46.439
63Gulwant Singh Royal Punjab46.382
64Dylan FosterSun Coast Wanderers C.C.46.086
65Brad CumberlandTuitey's Tiling Moisties42.986
66Aman Singh 2Royal Punjab42.875
67Chris VisagieWilson Fencing38.981
68Chris ClotThe Registered Six Offenders38.480
69Ian JamesyTuitey's Tiling Moisties37.140
70Jake Scanlan The Registered Six Offenders34.300
71Simon SpannWhitewalkers28.613
72Sunny BajwaRoyal Punjab28.533
73James Renssen Royal Punjab21.600
74Aman SinghRoyal Punjab21.263
75Naveen ChandRoyal Punjab18.966
76Cody GoldsteinWilson Fencing17.850
77Matt HaynesThe Registered Six Offenders17.500
78Chris SteinbachWilson Fencing17.150
79Scott SandersonSun Coast Wanderers C.C.16.800
80Alexander TelfordTuitey's Tiling Moisties15.960
81Dayne RzeszkowskiTuitey's Tiling Moisties15.000
82Darcy Crawford-RickardsWhitewalkers14.000
83Elliot RowleyWilson Fencing9.450
84Liam HendersonWilson Fencing8.505
85Jacob GoslingTuitey's Tiling Moisties4.677
86Gurjinder SinghRoyal Punjab3.675
87Trent GoldsteinWilson Fencing3.150
88Dean AndersonSun Coast Wanderers C.C.2.363
89Dylan BettsThe Registered Six Offenders2.100
90Nathan SwartSun Coast Wanderers C.C.1.350
91Jovan van AsTuitey's Tiling Moisties0.840
92Naveen NaveenRoyal Punjab0.175

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