Leyton County Ground Monday/Tuesday (E10 6PY) 2022 Summer

11Deepak SharmaEast London Eagles662.997
12Ali ZebSafe Skills649.103
13Sagar JoshiEast London Eagles632.745
14Syed GilaniEast London Eagles593.361
15Yousaf ButtLeyton Lions590.296
16Syed GilaniGolden Lions577.594
17Mubashar ButtGolden Lions497.153
18Omar MasoodGolden Lions485.697
19Najum BegGolden Lions473.391
20Faisal HayatEast London Eagles470.310
21Vibhor YadavSafe Skills462.334
22Junaid LatifStoneydown Park CC454.030
23Mohsan ZebSafe Skills451.272
24Mubashar AwanHer Majesteys 8422.148
25Mubashar ButtHer Majesteys 8421.183
26Muhammad Kamran AliSafe Skills420.883
27Javed IqbalLeyton Lions417.522
28Gagan BassiEast London Eagles401.931
29Adeeb AliStoneydown Park CC397.243
30Ali ZebGolden Lions381.740
31Adil GondalStoneydown Park CC365.656
32Haris LatifStoneydown Park CC316.959
33Muhammad FaizanEast London Eagles304.154
34Ghufran AshrafLeyton Lions296.539
35Mubashar AwanStoneydown Park CC276.358
36Aumer AliSafe Skills261.990
37Sohaib AmjadStoneydown Park CC245.924
38Hasitha Nirmal SamarakoonHer Majesteys 8242.101
39Mehran AkramStoneydown Park CC235.001
40Mustaba ShahLeyton Lions229.587
41Ahsan ChaudharyEast London Eagles226.080
42Sohaib AmjadHer Majesteys 8225.360
43Zohaib TahirStoneydown Park CC225.355
44Rohail AliLeyton Lions224.560
45Imran ZafarSafe Skills223.800
46Areeb RashidLeyton Lions221.189
47Najum BegHer Majesteys 8214.590
48Abdul Rehman MalikEast London Eagles210.204
49Ashfaq AzamStoneydown Park CC206.691
50Harith WajidSafe Skills205.500
51Ranjaan Raj CheluvarajStoneydown Park CC204.358
52Ghulam MurtazaStoneydown Park CC202.911
53Uzair AhmadSafe Skills201.600
54Sohaib AmjadLeyton Lions196.860
55Mohsan ZebLeyton Lions194.046
56Ahsan ChaudharyLeyton Lions180.240
57Majid aqilLeyton Lions175.881
58Harith WajidLeyton Lions172.170
59Noman JavedLeyton Lions151.303
60Naveed AliHer Majesteys 8147.600
61Ali ZebHer Majesteys 8143.000
62Ali ZahidSafe Skills137.850
63Mirza Farhad BaigEast London Eagles133.520
64Ajmal ShahzadLeyton Lions130.538
65Naveed AliHer Majesteys 8127.837
66Rizwan SyedLeyton Lions125.628
67Hassan BegGolden Lions122.698
68Shariq PervaizHer Majesteys 8120.000
69Yahya HussainStoneydown Park CC117.600
69Nitesh GurjarSafe Skills117.600
71Gagan BassiHer Majesteys 8117.141
72Areeb RashidSafe Skills113.435
73Fazzy HussainEast London Eagles106.400
74Ghufran HassanEast London Eagles105.984
75Omar AhmadHer Majesteys 8104.471
76Husnan KazmiEast London Eagles96.475
77Mubashar AwanGolden Lions93.443
78Mairaj UmerGolden Lions91.319
79Imran SafdarHer Majesteys 888.360
80Adeeb AliHer Majesteys 887.771
81Kashif MahmoodHer Majesteys 887.511
82Abdul Munim MohammadEast London Eagles85.600
83Johar KhanHer Majesteys 883.400
84Zain ShahzadGolden Lions83.059
85Abdullah AkbarSafe Skills79.615
86Athar AbbasiLeyton Lions78.271
87Muhammad UsmanSafe Skills75.600
87Zohaib TahirHer Majesteys 875.600
89Taqeer ‘T’ ShahHer Majesteys 871.635
90Zohaib AliHer Majesteys 870.533
91Ali ZebLeyton Lions66.823
92Naveed AliEast London Eagles66.646
93Adeeb AliLeyton Lions64.000
94Imran SafdarStoneydown Park CC63.033
95Muhammad ShoaibLeyton Lions61.886
96Baldip Singh BoparaiEast London Eagles61.863
97Shoaib Nasir Safe Skills61.250
98Aumer AliLeyton Lions58.800
99Muhammad ShoaibStoneydown Park CC58.243
100Pirunthaban VaratharasanStoneydown Park CC56.640
101Gagan BassiGolden Lions55.543
102Mohammad Bilal ShaikhStoneydown Park CC54.474
103Hammad RathoreStoneydown Park CC53.345
104Israr KhanHer Majesteys 850.262
105Qadeer HussainStoneydown Park CC49.441
106Mubashar AwanSafe Skills48.588
107Tayyab ButtEast London Eagles46.956
108Muhammad AdnanSafe Skills44.800
109Danish LatifStoneydown Park CC43.900
110Raza MughalSafe Skills41.500
111Manish SharmaEast London Eagles40.560
112Hassan BegEast London Eagles36.436
113Ammar MahfoozHer Majesteys 836.300
114Anwar KhanStoneydown Park CC30.000
115Farhan SayedLeyton Lions29.908
116Mirza Farhad BaigGolden Lions28.971
117Haider IlyasHer Majesteys 828.800
118Irfan TahirHer Majesteys 828.740
119Ayaz AlamHer Majesteys 828.175
120Adil DaniyalHer Majesteys 828.118
121Ahsan ChaudharyHer Majesteys 824.545
122Omar AkramEast London Eagles24.200
123Ayaan JasaniStoneydown Park CC23.029
124Furqan JavaidEast London Eagles22.533
125Adil DaniyalGolden Lions21.600
126Rizwan MahmoodHer Majesteys 820.700
127Awais LatifStoneydown Park CC19.800
128Azhar NiazSafe Skills16.800
129Kamran javidSafe Skills14.520
130Oufa KhanGolden Lions14.236
131Suliman HaidarStoneydown Park CC10.971
132Mayur PatelStoneydown Park CC9.600
133Hassan BegHer Majesteys 88.533
134Imran SafdarLeyton Lions7.500
135Asad Ali khanLeyton Lions6.400
136Ashutosh SharmaSafe Skills4.800
137Arfan RajputGolden Lions4.600
137Imran BashirHer Majesteys 84.600
139Oufa KhanHer Majesteys 84.440
140Fazal JilaniLeyton Lions4.140
141Fred Marshall East London Eagles3.600
142Ali ZahidLeyton Lions2.070
143Omar MasoodHer Majesteys 80.686
144Rizwan AkbarLeyton Lions0.288

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