11Mathew CherianPAYANS 8439.995
12Martin LamprechtBlesbokke434.829
13Johan VisagieSofa King Good418.986
14Divan StanderDonald Stumps PTA409.273
15Francois du PlessisSPANRASNA383.826
16Varun George CherianPAYANS 8382.265
17Ruan Von AboDonald Stumps PTA361.803
18Ryno OppermanPitch Vipers358.272
19Nico KrugerSofa King Good355.412
20Devin AlmeidaStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)345.721
21Francois ConradieSofa King Good340.087
22Lourens OosthuizenSPANRASNA338.219
23Danie van HeerdenStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)334.686
24Aphiwe ScinaPAYANS 8334.649
25Lambert RobertsDonald Stumps PTA319.504
26Jaycee MinnieBlesbokke308.445
27Jaco HafeleBlesbokke291.652
28Jannie PretoriusStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)282.634
29Jaco HafeleSPANRASNA266.313
30Clayton BrunsdonPAYANS 8266.123
31Gerhard AspelingStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)264.102
32Neels LombardFlamingo`s264.082
33De Wet LombardStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)255.048
34Clinton LombardFlamingo`s253.347
35Neil du ToitSPANRASNA246.009
36Jared FouriePitch Vipers238.459
37Kyle KeyterSofa King Good236.167
38Jeandre DekkerSofa King Good227.500
39Bertus Du PlessisThe Nice Guys217.312
40Louwrens SnymanDonald Stumps PTA210.506
41Rory HoughPitch Vipers191.582
42Tristan MiddletonPitch Vipers190.342
43Swara Jansen Van RensburgThe Nice Guys189.255
44Andries MollerSPANRASNA188.219
45Jean van WykThe Nice Guys187.783
46Christo ElsSBW Bandits187.723
47Corne MombergThe Nice Guys186.334
48Christo CoetzerFlamingo`s180.452
49Erik PieterseSPANRASNA174.124
50Derik Du ToitSPANRASNA169.549
51Jaco LubbeSBW Bandits162.796
52Phillip NaudePAYANS 8160.553
53Johan FourieSofa King Good155.799
54Martin Childs-HurnSofa King Good153.511
55Sherwynne SteynPAYANS 8146.386
56Louis MollerSPANRASNA141.384
57Pieter KleynhansPitch Vipers139.637
58Eben BothaSofa King Good137.292
59Wayne SteynPAYANS 8136.125
60JR AbrhamsFlamingo`s134.203
61Armandt HoltzhausenSBW Bandits133.782
62Ruan PrinslooStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)133.451
63Francois BurgerSBW Bandits129.840
64Martin BothmaBlesbokke127.432
65Robert SmithPitch Vipers125.646
66Greg ViljoenFlamingo`s125.450
67Lorenzo LamprechtSPANRASNA114.075
68Gerhard GibsonSofa King Good107.893
69Andrew EdwardsSofa King Good106.474
70Johan HarrisThe Nice Guys105.888
71Hyno HafeleBlesbokke104.007
72Evert KleynhansPitch Vipers101.250
73Ruben EloffDonald Stumps PTA97.692
74Mattias NortjeDonald Stumps PTA97.441
75Walter KrusePitch Vipers95.905
76Waldo NelSBW Bandits95.390
77Marnu ElsPitch Vipers95.383
78Danie van ReenenSPANRASNA95.313
79Eugene HugoStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)93.657
80Bonolo MasolaPAYANS 892.996
81Ruan GreeffSofa King Good92.257
82Pieter van NiekerkFlamingo`s90.128
83Danie 'Snooter' MüllerSBW Bandits89.606
84Jaco ErasmusSBW Bandits84.211
85Willem LudekeSofa King Good82.950
86Wouter van der MerweBlesbokke82.394
87Dijo PaulPAYANS 878.557
88Jaco PetersStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)78.248
89Marthin FourieDonald Stumps PTA75.122
90Renier Valkie VorsterFlamingo`s74.725
91Adriaan Jnr LamprechtBlesbokke74.542
92Uys CoetseeFlamingo`s70.865
93Norman BristowSBW Bandits69.585
94Tiaan DorflingThe Nice Guys68.146
95Dhirtan PillayThe Nice Guys67.941
96Niel CoetzeeSofa King Good66.020
97Keagan GousPitch Vipers64.174
98Antonio ManussosDonald Stumps PTA63.143
99Marnus PosthumusStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)58.909
100Zander BarnardSBW Bandits54.857
101Gerhard CoetzeeSofa King Good54.321
102Pierre du PreezThe Nice Guys54.055
103Tihardt KrugerSofa King Good53.493
104Wiehan StrydomDonald Stumps PTA50.579
105HF DelportDonald Stumps PTA48.291
106Nico De BruynStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)47.458
107Ernst NaudeSBW Bandits47.432
108Rean VenterStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)47.115
109Geran HerbstDonald Stumps PTA44.083
110Heinrich FourieDonald Stumps PTA43.200
111Manu VarghesePAYANS 843.000
112Maartin Snr Du ToitBlesbokke42.908
113Jeandre DekkerStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)42.000
114Adriaan Snr LamprechtBlesbokke41.875
115Logan AlmeidaStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)41.597
116Dylan ScheepersSofa King Good38.440
117Francois VisagieStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)38.205
118Johan MeiringPitch Vipers37.400
119Rohan van der WaltSofa King Good36.067
120Nico De BruynSofa King Good35.583
121Denzil van der MerweSofa King Good34.083
122Trevor HectorThe Nice Guys33.500
123Werner van NiekerkStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)33.063
124Anton PrinslooThe Nice Guys31.867
125Tiaan SmithFlamingo`s30.364
126Marco NaudeThe Nice Guys29.133
127Danny BothaSPANRASNA28.175
128CD HechterSPANRASNA28.080
129Hanco HertzogFlamingo`s27.842
130Willtohn MathewsPitch Vipers27.612
131Albertus SmithSBW Bandits26.400
132Jacques NelStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)26.200
133Stephan BarkhuizenStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)24.508
134Jiby MatthewPAYANS 824.500
135Ruan TauteStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)24.000
136Jayant VijayakumarPAYANS 822.443
137Henco BeukesPAYANS 821.500
138Frans SteenkampStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)21.000
139Diederik (Dieds) van RooyenStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)20.167
140James ViviersStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)19.167
141Boago MotlhabediPAYANS 818.778
142Gerrie MaraisPitch Vipers18.571
143Dewald PretoriusStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)18.000
144Koshy AlexanderPAYANS 817.650
145Albert De VilliersStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)17.325
146Leniel SwartDonald Stumps PTA17.300
147Willem LudekeStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)17.010
148Vincent van der MerwePitch Vipers16.356
149Grant BeetgeStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)15.500
149Heindrich MentzSofa King Good15.500
151Ludolf LourensSofa King Good14.364
152Ron PhilipPAYANS 814.222
153Cobus DurandThe Nice Guys13.444
154Jaco ScheepersSofa King Good13.091
155Raymond DoyleThe Nice Guys12.500
155Christo AdendorffThe Nice Guys12.500
157Jeandre 'Vleis' BarnardSBW Bandits12.150
158Frans SteenkampSofa King Good10.000
159Niel CoetzeeStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)9.000
160Andrew FouriePitch Vipers8.481
161Albert Van WykSPANRASNA8.100
162Alex DuysStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)8.000
163Benjamin SeipStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)5.818
163Bryce EdwardsSofa King Good5.818
165Magnus CoetzeeDonald Stumps PTA5.000
166Bernard GousPitch Vipers4.167
167CM KrielDonald Stumps PTA4.000
168BERNHARD SEIPStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)2.286
169Carine ElsSBW Bandits2.250
170Hannes LudikDonald Stumps PTA2.000
171Keegan PickardStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)1.778
172SM van der MerweStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)1.600
173ERNST Van der SpuySPANRASNA1.350
174Louis JonkerStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)1.333
174Werner OelofseSofa King Good1.333
176Francois JoubertSofa King Good1.000
177Chandre NiemandSPANRASNA0.571
178Pierre LubbeSBW Bandits0.350
179Derrick CremerStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)0.333
179Gerhardt CoetzeeStrictly Rubbish Empowerment (SRE)0.333
179Rikus SwartDonald Stumps PTA0.333

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