11Hayden NoonWanderers927.375
12Bryce LampardCrafty Tappers919.671
13Kevin CoxThe Redbacks845.211
14James MartinSons of Pitches782.118
15Aidan WhitlockRedbank Rippers746.822
16Anthony WildRedbank Rippers740.781
17Jacob NichollsRedbank Rippers736.759
18Mitchell MiddletonThe Redbacks730.145
19Ellis LearmontSons of Pitches704.371
20Kris SimpsonThe Redbacks689.015
21Terry HarrisSons of Pitches667.974
22Russell TomkinsonWanderers648.931
23Matt WildRedbank Rippers643.059
24Andrew WeierHit n Run642.094
25David FarrawellWanderers607.164
26Matthew BurgemeisterWanderers581.029
27Tim WebberWanderers564.138
28Corey ZarbCrafty Tappers536.058
29Anthony DarrSons of Pitches534.708
30Brendan AshtonWanderers493.006
31Ash WeierHit n Run484.044
32Jesse Lange-PointonRedbank Rippers462.159
33John EvesHit n Run462.025
34Gregg MarksCrafty Tappers455.884
35Ross PointonRedbank Rippers440.855
36John SavageThe Redbacks417.505
37Aaron Holly Wanderers401.672
38glen bushSons of Pitches375.889
39Jason AndrewWanderers353.072
40Lindsey EspositoSons of Pitches347.663
41Al PhoenixRedbank Rippers325.618
42Chris BeesonRedbank Rippers322.537
43Aaron TookHit n Run315.259
44Lachlan KammholzCrafty Tappers308.787
45Biniyam EllingsWanderers288.912
46Nathan NichollsRedbank Rippers220.767
47Ben DownesRedbank Rippers220.745
48Kris SimpsonCrafty Tappers174.295
49Jason HarlowSons of Pitches167.424
50Jason "Slogger" HartCrafty Tappers167.084
51Adam BarrowRedbank Rippers143.504
52Jordan PierpointThe Redbacks125.400
53Steven AuldHit n Run121.000
54Nick SkeenCrafty Tappers117.850
55Craig "Turtle" PurtonCrafty Tappers110.440
56Glen NoonanCrafty Tappers105.612
57Jacob NichollsRedbank Rippers104.358
58Shayne NortonCrafty Tappers101.919
59Linton NoonWanderers97.600
60Jason "Slogger" HartRedbank Rippers89.980
61Tyreece CoolwellRedbank Rippers80.883
62Steven"MAD DOG' KuhnkeSons of Pitches65.083
63Connor "HACK AT IT' BarberSons of Pitches53.753
64Ben BeerSons of Pitches43.279
65Corey 'KUZZO' ParkinsonSons of Pitches30.763
66Jesse Lange-PointonHit n Run16.132
67Jordan SaltnerSons of Pitches11.733
68Ben BleerSons of Pitches9.900
69James SooCrafty Tappers9.773
70Jordan PierpointRedbank Rippers5.720
71Josh LampardHit n Run5.657
72Ryan PhoneixRedbank Rippers2.363
73Paul Baggs Sons of Pitches1.150

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