Alternate Commentary Collective AKL Tues 2011 - 4th Quarter

11Gareth WilkinsonThe Rock699.571
12Cavlin BothaAngry Pirates698.097
13Brad HillAngry Pirates680.052
14Simon fenwickHines Electrical662.615
15Andrew ThornHines Electrical655.100
16Lukas DavidsonAbsinthe Minded Fools652.159
17Willie LyonsY'Gs597.032
18Jerome RuskWhakamana568.050
19Nathan RichmondAbsinthe Minded Fools567.701
20Matt DickinsonWhakamana565.571
21Nick RobertsonAbsinthe Minded Fools562.639
22Mitch HealyHP Massive548.409
23Graeme BrentHP Massive542.129
24Kane LindsayHines Electrical541.958
25John DayThe Rock531.353
26Henry RowleyY'Gs528.220
27Paul CunninghamAbsinthe Minded Fools526.552
28Harry GruarY'Gs522.853
29Cameron MarcroftWhakamana498.930
30Kayne StorieHines Electrical495.923
31Steve MartinAbsinthe Minded Fools486.160
32Daren StringerAngry Pirates455.629
33Derek ArnoldHP Massive439.168
34Mike LaneWhakamana425.616
35Chris BirdThe Rock404.286
36Jeremy WellsWhakamana392.082
37Toby LaidlawY'Gs384.244
38Michael MurrayThe Naan Meers365.383
39Michael ColleyY'Gs354.050
40Alan MenziesThe Rock344.408
41Matt SilvertonThe Rock342.437
42Garrett MiddleburgHines Electrical339.544
43Philip McCrackenThe Naan Meers322.251
44Ant VDY'Gs315.864
45Michael BurgessHP Massive309.857
46Greg BondAngry Pirates308.000
47Morgan JohnHP Massive294.499
48Matthew RichardsThe Barbeque Shrimps276.950
49Bobby CharlesWhakamana275.000
50David HendrickxHines Electrical256.585
51Hayden PohioThe Barbeque Shrimps242.561
52Scott ThruppThe Rock239.500
53Michael KeenHP Massive227.240
54Dom HinesHines Electrical225.786
55campo the old campaignerWhakamana224.028
56Ben BayleyThe Naan Meers220.276
57Stuart ThrumbleThe Barbeque Shrimps215.019
58John RobertsAbsinthe Minded Fools186.117
59Ben BuchananWhakamana180.234
60Riki PlesterHP Massive167.700
61Stewart McLachlanThe Barbeque Shrimps164.411
62Oscar Burt-ShearerThe Barbeque Shrimps159.150
63Saeyorn SivanesanAbsinthe Minded Fools157.209
64Andy WhaleThe Barbeque Shrimps156.973
65David EasterbrookThe Barbeque Shrimps151.579
66Des RuskWhakamana141.367
67Simon CresswellThe Rock134.056
68Paul RaeThe Rock130.658
69James EllisHP Massive111.079
70Thomas PalmerY'Gs98.500
71Brad PorterThe Naan Meers94.143
72Nick HayThe Barbeque Shrimps80.533
73Nic RowanAbsinthe Minded Fools79.102
74Matt BondAngry Pirates74.304
75Rob McphersonThe Rock72.600
76Andrew MainAbsinthe Minded Fools51.098
77Jonny MoffattThe Rock48.692
78Stephen WoodsThe Barbeque Shrimps43.267
79Hamish HayesWhakamana40.125
80Scott CouchWhakamana40.111
81Will MaiseyThe Rock29.200
82Josh FairleyThe Barbeque Shrimps24.167
83David UrquhartWhakamana5.818
84Cam WattsThe Barbeque Shrimps4.900
85Simon McGrathThe Rock3.600

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