11Abbas SaleemBlack Eagles1,249.082
12Rizwan BashirBrothers United1,231.073
13Adil ZareefDynamite Ducks1,214.528
14Ahsan YousafCSS Strikers1,210.184
15Mohsin IftikharLoxford Lions1,194.004
16Sibet HussainDynamite Ducks1,168.107
17Goldie SinghLoxford Lions1,165.501
18Rohail AliChakwal Stars1,133.026
19Shoaib KhawajaLoxford Lions1,079.244
20Khanzadah WaziriBlack Eagles1,066.940
21Nofal RajaBrothers United1,030.365
22Muhammad UsmanPunjabi Munde1,024.206
23Banny MalikLoxford Lions984.813
24Muhammad Naeem AslamCSS Strikers972.157
25Malik Kashif JamalBrothers United937.738
26Zia HussainDynamite Ducks906.228
27Ahsan ChaudharyChakwal Stars892.383
28Vid KantumuchhuBlack Eagles882.659
29Rehan HabibLoxford Lions865.172
30Deepak SharmaPunjabi Munde850.749
31Muhammad Kamran AliGrays Lions847.284
32Ajmal HussainGrays Lions791.737
33Vickram SinghPunjabi Munde763.740
34Muhammad AsifDynamite Ducks729.347
35Hazza NasirLoxford Lions718.428
36Manish SharmaPunjabi Munde705.866
37Yasir SarfrazPunjabi Munde684.344
38Tayyab ButtPunjabi Munde676.451
39Ali ZahidChakwal Stars675.239
40Naveed AliBlack Eagles656.350
41Fazal RehmanGrays Lions601.456
42Syed Najaf AbbasChakwal Stars593.466
43Ibrar KhanBlack Eagles563.668
44Ali AhmedLoxford Lions555.967
45Hamza AhmedDynamite Ducks554.369
46Mo AdamsBlack Eagles526.594
47Usama AliPunjabi Munde517.806
48Nouman SaeedCSS Strikers508.838
49Khurram Zafar KhanCSS Strikers505.132
50Haroon HafeezGrays Lions500.918
51Kashif MahmoodBlack Eagles479.761
52Mubashar AwanGrays Lions475.124
53Raja ImranBrothers United450.618
54Sumit ChedaLoxford Lions447.431
55Sukhjit DhaliwalLoxford Lions446.985
56Haris KhanBrothers United437.260
57Laeeq AhmadDynamite Ducks434.154
58Syed FarhanDynamite Ducks433.126
59Mohammad MoizDynamite Ducks404.019
60Husnain AliDynamite Ducks397.507
61Wasim KhalidDynamite Ducks393.392
62Ahmed KhawajaDynamite Ducks382.200
63imran zafarGrays Lions341.077
64Faris BhattiBrothers United337.716
65Arif Saeed ChaudhryCSS Strikers331.681
66Hassan SaleemPunjabi Munde312.443
67Nabeel AktharDynamite Ducks279.125
68Allah Rakha ChaudhryCSS Strikers277.733
69Nadeem Ahmed Grays Lions265.038
70Damandeep SinghChakwal Stars227.260
71Vikram SinghPunjabi Munde218.973
72Irfan MohammedDynamite Ducks201.650
73Mohammad AzamCSS Strikers175.910
74Husnain AbbasDynamite Ducks164.850
75Majid AqilDynamite Ducks154.362
76Javed ButtDynamite Ducks153.452
77mehtab singhPunjabi Munde147.685
78Zubair AhmedGrays Lions143.960
79Mubashar AhmedDynamite Ducks143.070
80Saleem UllahBrothers United134.280
81Gulfraz MawazDynamite Ducks123.327
82Mubashar AwanCSS Strikers119.289
83Adnan ChoudryBrothers United114.345
84Zain MughalChakwal Stars98.070
85Saad KapoorLoxford Lions97.062
86Mohammed KhanBlack Eagles81.125
87Anas FarhanGrays Lions80.545
88Kamran AsifPunjabi Munde73.519
89Mohsan ZebGrays Lions68.848
90Abdul MohaimenGrays Lions67.500
91Ali BajwaGrays Lions52.419
92Yasir SarfrazGrays Lions51.450
93Raja Khaliq MahmoodBrothers United50.338
94Shahzad ZafarCSS Strikers42.859
95Ahnad ButtGrays Lions28.412
96Umar ijazGrays Lions26.775
97Tariq MahmoodChakwal Stars26.747
98Tariq JanBlack Eagles21.350
99Ahmed ShakirGrays Lions14.175
100Ghayoor SajjadGrays Lions12.434
101Rajaguru SrinivasanBlack Eagles10.000
102Hammad MalikBlack Eagles5.989
103mohammad sulemanCSS Strikers5.250
104Humayun ShahzadCSS Strikers4.550
105Ali ZebChakwal Stars2.800
106Raja Farooq UsmanBrothers United2.363
107Sameer GargLoxford Lions1.333

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