11Wasim KhalidDynamite Ducks1,201.609
12Toqeer AhmadChakwal Stars1,146.640
13Abdul Rehman MalikNoak Hill Stars1,138.394
14Sibet HussainDynamite Ducks1,130.381
15Ali ZahidChakwal Stars1,049.812
16Shafiq MuhammadTeam Redbridge955.499
17Abbas SaleemBlack Eagles954.186
18Mubashar ButtBlack Eagles913.073
19Nabeel AktharDynamite Ducks866.577
20Sohail ChaudhryEight Mavericks809.739
21Anwar KhanTeam Redbridge789.487
22INSHALLAH KHANEight Mavericks766.497
23Muhammad IrfanSafe Skills709.810
24Ahsan zeb ChaudharyChakwal Stars703.875
25Muhammad Kamran AliSafe Skills689.053
26Uzair AhmadSafe Skills686.488
27Haroon HafeezSafe Skills681.878
28Husnain AbbasDynamite Ducks674.377
29Tanzeel IlyasEight Mavericks643.292
30Mohammad Adeel ZiaNoak Hill Stars639.403
31Suhaib UmerTeam Redbridge626.235
32Yasir VirkDagenham Stars619.593
33Aqeel IlyasEight Mavericks611.983
34Naeem RiazTeam Redbridge609.576
35Laeeq AhmadDynamite Ducks591.418
36Shahrukh IrfanEight Mavericks578.993
37Syed Najaf AbbasSafe Skills564.285
38Mubashar AwanSafe Skills547.173
39Sajjad MirzaTeam Redbridge538.754
40Zia HussainDynamite Ducks523.102
41Shujaat AliTeam Redbridge519.623
42Zubair AhmedSafe Skills485.193
43Babar AyubDagenham Stars483.867
44Mohsan ZebChakwal Stars479.770
45Asim MirNoak Hill Stars438.861
46Mohsin IftikharLoxford Lions429.046
47Sohail JahangiriDagenham Stars410.065
48Ahsan YousafChakwal Stars405.789
49Ubaid KianiDynamite Ducks387.599
50Ghufran HassanNoak Hill Stars382.325
51Adil IjazSafe Skills369.740
52Shayyan SajidDagenham Stars364.485
53Shehryar Ali KhanChakwal Stars353.396
54Rehan MalikNoak Hill Stars342.603
55adnan saddiqDagenham Stars334.782
56Zafar UllahTeam Redbridge329.149
57Ilhan MustafaEight Mavericks319.626
58Muhammad AdnanDagenham Stars314.129
59Ali RafiqueNoak Hill Stars310.818
60Jawad KhanNoak Hill Stars298.523
61Tariq MahmoodChakwal Stars295.217
62Junaid IlyasEight Mavericks290.200
63Malik WaqasTeam Redbridge281.587
64Muhammad UsmanChakwal Stars281.501
65Syed FarhanDynamite Ducks277.595
66Imran Afzal Dagenham Stars274.300
67Mirza Farhad BaigDagenham Stars270.633
68Naveed AliBlack Eagles267.046
69Mohammad ChowdhuryDynamite Ducks258.697
70Fazal RehmanSafe Skills256.739
71Faisal HayatDagenham Stars245.207
72UMAR FAROOQDagenham Stars229.798
73Mazhar MinhasTeam Redbridge222.479
74Waseem MajeedTeam Redbridge220.798
75Sahaj ChadhaTeam Redbridge217.186
76Vid KantumuchhuBlack Eagles216.030
77Ahmed ZulfiqarNoak Hill Stars215.050
78Amaan FaisalNoak Hill Stars189.870
79Mati Ur Rehman KhanTeam Redbridge185.564
80Zeeshan KhalidDagenham Stars181.394
81Arslan RajaDagenham Stars178.833
82Hamza AhmedDynamite Ducks174.220
83Sridhar Surathi MunendramaniTeam Redbridge169.320
84Muhammad Asif ZeeshanTeam Redbridge168.940
85Hazza NasirLoxford Lions167.074
86Touseeq ShahDagenham Stars165.140
87Usman NaeemTeam Redbridge159.850
88Rana Mubashir NazirChakwal Stars158.800
89Ali ZebChakwal Stars158.400
90Ayaz AlamTeam Redbridge158.100
91Moazzam SultanSafe Skills149.358
92Abis ZulfiqarEight Mavericks148.427
93Muhammad AliNoak Hill Stars140.300
94Hassan BegSafe Skills139.533
95Simranjeet SinghEight Mavericks138.124
96Rizwan GondalDagenham Stars136.275
97Mustaba ShahChakwal Stars128.800
98Sumit ChedaLoxford Lions127.906
99Abid ZadranNoak Hill Stars127.827
100Ibrar KhanBlack Eagles126.500
101Farhan MalikNoak Hill Stars123.273
102Sanjay MishraSafe Skills121.900
103Ali AhmedLoxford Lions120.060
104Irfan AzizDagenham Stars119.764
105Asim SaleemEight Mavericks117.018
106Adil JavedLoxford Lions116.438
107Musroor TajDagenham Stars115.500
108Baber ChoudharyDynamite Ducks107.450
109Ahmad ButtTeam Redbridge106.838
110Tariq MahmoodNoak Hill Stars99.147
111Muhammad Zeshan MirzaNoak Hill Stars97.985
112Naseer Ud dinChakwal Stars95.220
113Sameer GargLoxford Lions89.700
114Muhammed AliDynamite Ducks89.100
115Zohaib HanifNoak Hill Stars87.923
116Masoud KhanLoxford Lions83.584
117Sarfraz AhmedDagenham Stars83.447
118Adnan EjazEight Mavericks77.000
119Louie CollinsBlack Eagles73.150
120Majid AqilDynamite Ducks72.988
121Adnan KhanDagenham Stars72.967
122Ahmed ElechChakwal Stars71.657
123Naseer Ud dinSafe Skills64.080
124Kashif AkramNoak Hill Stars63.080
125Syed GilaniSafe Skills61.979
126Muhammad AliEight Mavericks58.839
127Muhammad AsifChakwal Stars57.829
128Afzaal MuhammedEight Mavericks55.529
129Raja Khaliq MahmoodDagenham Stars52.113
130Sohaib KhanTeam Redbridge50.933
131Najum BegBlack Eagles50.107
132Ahtesham AhmadDagenham Stars49.450
133Saqib KamranEight Mavericks47.667
134Raja Imran siddiqueDagenham Stars46.383
135Ali ZebSafe Skills45.950
136Haseeb Ul Hassan Dynamite Ducks45.833
137Shoaib KhawajaLoxford Lions45.000
138Zille RabbaniDagenham Stars44.994
139Obaid RahmanSafe Skills43.125
140Mubashar AwanDagenham Stars41.544
141Mubashar AwanNoak Hill Stars40.607
142Dhruv TalatiNoak Hill Stars40.394
143Imran AhmadTeam Redbridge37.400
144Ch .m HafeezDagenham Stars37.033
145Behzad KhalidNoak Hill Stars34.883
146Ali RazaDagenham Stars30.800
147Ali RazaTeam Redbridge30.580
148Abdul SattiTeam Redbridge28.750
149Kumar SumitDynamite Ducks28.411
150Rehan HabibLoxford Lions28.175
151Gul HassanDynamite Ducks27.500
152Muhammad Ali NomaanDynamite Ducks24.600
153Hakeem KhanSafe Skills22.275
154Husnain AliDynamite Ducks22.061
154Haider BukhariEight Mavericks22.061
156Rana KamranEight Mavericks21.850
157Aamir ShaukatTeam Redbridge20.317
158Jakir HussainNoak Hill Stars18.400
159Muhammad ZubairDagenham Stars17.250
160vvvv GadhviEight Mavericks13.259
161Obaid RahmanDagenham Stars10.057
162Abdul MananDagenham Stars8.800
163Faisal HayatChakwal Stars7.044
164Moazzam SahiDagenham Stars6.400
165Kamal ManiTeam Redbridge6.133
166Parimeet JadavBlack Eagles5.635
167Muhammad Kamran AliNoak Hill Stars4.792
168Abdullah AkbarSafe Skills2.933

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