11Matt KensettThe insatiable hobos540.397
12Brendan DavisRegistered Six Offenders532.568
13Nik GeogiakakisBotany Turtles530.019
14Peter FrazisCasa Bonita527.560
15Ryan PomroyRegistered Six Offenders526.988
16George GeorgiakakisBotany Turtles510.059
17Alex RobinsonThe Superiors498.315
18Peter BagnallAngry Dragons497.089
19Alex LazarovBotany Turtles461.784
20Aaron WhiteleyAngry Dragons455.664
21Joshua PearlNewonga Dissidents449.649
22James AndersonThe insatiable hobos432.187
23Khurram MahmoodThe Strugglers383.705
24Rowan GraceNewonga Dissidents363.850
25Nick YaxleyAngry Dragons349.048
26Matt RobinsonAngry Dragons348.673
27james GoodwinThe insatiable hobos341.616
28Daniel MaxwellBotany Turtles326.754
29Toby BeelsAngry Dragons316.635
30Elliott JohnsonThe Strugglers311.535
31Ben MurrayRegistered Six Offenders302.048
32Adam GabbeyRegistered Six Offenders301.281
33Qasim KhanThe Strugglers298.303
34Hugh WinterThe insatiable hobos293.897
35Mitch PomroyRegistered Six Offenders285.020
36Blake ShawRegistered Six Offenders281.238
37Henry WinterThe insatiable hobos279.038
38Theo MalanosCasa Bonita261.677
39Angus MeadRegistered Six Offenders261.525
40Dylan O'ConnorBotany Turtles255.710
41Julz LardisCasa Bonita245.475
42Armand HidajatBotany Turtles237.164
43Rob StevensonNewonga Dissidents227.060
44Tyler BrownBotany Turtles226.932
45Menny FeldmanThe Superiors223.888
46Kande ManoThe Strugglers219.494
47henry morganThe insatiable hobos217.732
48Anthony ShakCasa Bonita203.052
49James Punter ContosCasa Bonita194.450
50Scott PurcellCasa Bonita194.306
51Paul MouthaanCasa Bonita193.861
52Faisal AfzalRegistered Six Offenders191.922
53Nick YeeAngry Dragons190.050
54Lee DobbinsAngry Dragons182.350
55Eli JacobsThe Superiors172.849
56Kapil SharmaThe Strugglers153.200
57Vinay KumarAngry Dragons148.699
58Angelo ApokisCasa Bonita145.977
59Todd MartinRegistered Six Offenders138.242
60Jason GameAngry Dragons136.960
61david kofskyThe Superiors128.561
62Andrew CooneyCasa Bonita127.276
63Shmuli RosenbaumThe Superiors123.240
64Behrang DehestaniThe Strugglers116.619
65Bibi GoldschmidtThe Superiors112.163
66Tim KaretBotany Turtles86.450
67Dylan PomroyRegistered Six Offenders81.897
68Nick LockyerThe insatiable hobos74.384
69Alex BealeCasa Bonita74.072
70Paul BertelleCasa Bonita67.034
71Matt OlesenBotany Turtles65.550
72David LennardCasa Bonita63.967
73Tom RavenCasa Bonita55.650
74Ryan BrookAngry Dragons50.466
75Ryan WilliamThe Superiors44.923
76Eli AmzalakThe Superiors44.225
77Mana Castillo-SioniBotany Turtles43.612
78Chaim LeverThe Superiors41.250
79Mendy JosephThe Superiors38.360
80Tim GittinsThe insatiable hobos37.701
81Aycee AbrahamsThe Superiors37.563
82Kande ManoThe Superiors37.191
83John McKiernanThe insatiable hobos37.147
84Kris D'ArneyAngry Dragons36.695
85Nathan FlintCasa Bonita36.540
86Faisal AfzalThe Superiors36.383
87Stephen BradfordThe Strugglers35.783
88Callum DaviesCasa Bonita26.367
89Gad KrebsThe Superiors22.540
90Chris NivenRegistered Six Offenders20.000
91John WaddellRegistered Six Offenders19.000
92Hal HisseyRegistered Six Offenders15.471
93Alastair StuartAngry Dragons13.125
94Rod HowarthThe Strugglers12.600
95Beris ZanetichCasa Bonita8.077
96Mendel SlavinThe Superiors7.143
97John McEvillyThe insatiable hobos6.687
98Elimelech LevyThe Superiors5.938
99Ray AngAngry Dragons5.600
100Tony GeorgiakakisBotany Turtles3.103

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