Global Team Rankings

Top 100 Out of 6407
1RebelsJoburg Central Sat 115.9510
2Cow TippersCentral AKL Wednesday15.2229
3Caught ShortCentral AKL Wednesday14.3862
4Top CatchCentral AKL Thursday14.2680
5FJT StallionsPaddington Wednesday/Thursday13.9980
6White RiverFawkner Park - Sundays A Grade13.5299
7Ocean 12Parramatta Sunday 113.4509
83 ShortCCSCA/LMS Canberra Summer Twilights - Thursday 13.0764
9Brisbane Cool Boys (Tamilanda)Logan 113.0146
10The Unfit BitsTshwane Division 1 A Grade12.9379
11Computer Source LTDDhaka League12.7679
12Bloem RebelsBloem - Div 112.6893
13AON All StarsClapham Sunday12.6878
14Rock LobstersRMB Lawyers Cup - Wollongong12.6812
15Spider MonkeysEast Sydney Sunday 112.6251
16The Muffin MenJoburg Central Sat 112.4146
17Old Two Blues C.C.Fawkner Park Mon/Wed12.3137
18The Chapel Bar Rampant StagsCentral AKL Thursday12.1797
19Abby's Diner2016 South Yorkshire Premiership12.1178
20Broke Bat MountainMid Week Sydney Finals11.8888
21Fancy DansCentral AKL Thursday11.7972
22The 2nd XIIpswich Sunday League 111.6380
23COBRASAlberton Division 111.5860
24Dirty SlappersAdelaide Central Mid week Div 111.5224
25RamsCentral AKL Wednesday11.4027
26TFCSteadwall Properties Derby League11.3769
27The Great 8Melbourne Champions League11.2833
28The Dubai Diamond DealersCentral AKL Wednesday11.2359
29ColtsEast Sydney Sunday 111.1983
30Fawkner FuryFawkner Park - Sundays A Grade11.1829
31Vacuum CleanersRegents Park Wednesday11.1692
32The Old FirmCentral AKL Thursday11.1361
33Die SpanJoburg Central Sat 111.1200
34Cavaliers 1st VIIIPerth - Inner North & Central - Division 111.0348
35Pak Lion's BrightonBrighton Thursday11.0281
36Slippery GypsiesMelbourne Champions League10.9894
37SmashersPaddington Sunday10.9834
38Drop BearsFawkner Park Tues/Thurs10.8343
39Brandy & BoepsCape Town Friendlies10.7070
40Kalahari NinjasKalahari Division 110.6865
41Thunder DragonsBenoni Sunday 110.6167
42The In & OutsWednesday/Friday nights 16/1710.5392
43Frederick SpofforthNorth Brisbane 110.5376
44Tanks PlumbingTshwane .Premier Division10.5192
45Whispering Eye PiratesInner West Melbourne Sundays10.4845
46WoodiesLogan 110.4478
47Punjab XILane Cove & Ryde Sunday10.4209
48Warren's BenchersWandsworth Park/Barnes Tues/Wed/Thurs10.4200
49TaurusBradford Premier League10.3802
50South Sydney Juniors Cricket ClubEast North Region Play Offs10.3119
51Pukhtoonkhwa ZalmiManchester Corporate Thursday League10.3044
52Kunny FuntsSydney End of Season Play Offs 10.2672
53Old EstoniansRegents Park Tuesday10.2631
54On the FieldJoburg Central Sat 110.2258
55Chakwal Stars2016 London Autumn Cup10.1461
56Raw Pace2017 London Spring Cup10.0893
57Waverley Fawkner Park Mon/Wed10.0600
58Valhalla StrikersTshwane .Premier Division10.0463
59Burton Latimer CCBurton Latimer Midweek10.0388
60FM TropicsEast Sydney Sunday 19.9356
61Angry PiratesCentral AKL Tuesday9.9093
62AC All StarsLMS World Champs Qualification9.8688
63YesNoWaitCCSCA/LMS Canberra Summer Twilights - Wednesday 9.8178
64Old SeagulliansBattersea Park/Wandsworth Park Tuesday9.7501
65Old FoolsInner West Melbourne Sundays9.7183
66Mass DestructionTshwane Friendlies 20179.7179
67Norwest SpartansStrathfield Sunday9.6714
68Joburg RebelsTshwane .Premier Division9.6682
69The HuntsJJ Holland Mid Week9.6164
70OMTW'ton Grill Meats Beer Thursday9.6160
71Dilligaf'sCCSCA/LMS Canberra Summer Twilights - Wednesday 9.6090
72Highgate HawksRegents Park Thursday9.5278
73The Sons CCCentral AKL Tuesday9.5268
74Putney Super VikingsWandsworth Park/Barnes Tues/Wed/Thurs9.5217
75Super 8Toowoomba Friendlies 20179.5132
76The Bundu BashersWainoni Park Tuesday/Thursday9.4916
77The UnwatchablesSouth Brisbane 19.4839
78SquidjigsSutherland Shire Sunday 19.4181
79Sydney ScorpionsEast Sydney Sunday 19.4129
80COT Evington CCLeicester Midweek A Grade9.4091
81Jhoolay Laal BangersLMS World Champs Qualification9.3844
82RCLWandsworth Park/Barnes Tues/Wed/Thurs9.3713
83North London Muslim CCHackney Thursdays9.3682
84Box ShotsSouth Brisbane 19.3673
85Fat PitchesCentral AKL Wednesday9.3637
86Southside BrothersLogan 19.3378
87Got The Runs..Toowoomba Summer 20179.3355
88UnderdogsPerth - Southern - Division 29.2951
89CT WarriorsCape Town Sunday 1 9.2486
90The Muffin StuffersHamilton Tuesday9.2388
91Low & slowVaalTriangle Sunday A League9.2328
92Ooblidoobli HackersBedfordview 1 9.2146
93JHB StrikersAlberton Division 19.2093
94Chucking ChokersWimbledon Wednesday9.1787
95Beenskut BoeliesEdgemead Sunday 19.1228
96Slide and PenetrateRegents Park Wednesday9.0648
97Loopy Cry BabiesW'ton Grill Meats Beer Thursday9.0445
98GrasshoppersKalahari Division 19.0415
99Khan StarsManchester & Trafford A Grade9.0400
100BackgineW'ton Grill Meats Beer Wednesday8.9814