Global Team Rankings

Top 100 Out of 5778
1Cow TippersAKL Domain Wednesday15.9807
2Bloem RebelsBloemfontein Champs15.4663
3FJT StallionsPaddington Wednesday/Thursday15.2881
4RebelsJoburg Central Sat 114.1604
5Caught Short Tui Golden Lager Bombay Hills Cup13.8634
6Cavaliers 1st VIIIPerth - Southern - Centenary Park - A Grade13.5283
7Computer Source LTDDhaka Corporate League13.4500
8Abby's Diner2016 South Yorkshire Premiership13.3517
93 ShortCCSCA/LMS Autumn Leagues supporting "Lifeline ACT & RUOK?" Div 112.9896
10Rock LobstersRMB Lawyers Cup - Wollongong12.9314
11Fancy DansAKL Domain Thursday12.9052
12TaurusBradford Premier League12.6167
13The Chapel Bar Rampant StagsAKL Domain Thursday12.5447
14LoneRock ZebrasTshwane Division 1 A Grade12.4953
15Brisbane BlastersSouth Brisbane 112.3786
16COBRASAlberton and Joburg South Sunday League (Div 1)12.2660
17Whispering Eye PiratesJJ Holland Sundays12.1596
18The Old FirmAKL Domain Thursday12.1069
19Kalahari NinjasLMS Kalahari League12.0961
20AON All StarsSW London Sunday Division 112.0479
21Old Two Blues C.C.Fawkner Park Mon/Wed12.0360
22Spider MonkeysEast Sydney Sunday 111.9866
23Ocean 12Parramatta Sunday 111.9080
24Team ManchesterManchester & Trafford A Grade11.5870
25On the FieldJoburg Central Sat 111.5211
26The In & OutsToowoomba Winter Competition 201611.5079
27Highgate HawksRegents Park Thursday11.3426
28Raw PaceRegents Park Sunday Premier League11.2919
29Supreme EaglesBloemfontein Champs11.2831
30The 2nd XILogan 111.2366
31Broke Bat MountainSydney End of Season Play Offs 11.2205
32Joburg RebelsTshwane .Premier Division11.0799
33Old EstoniansRegents Park Tuesday11.0518
34Top CatchAKL Domain Thursday11.0406
35JHB StrikersGermiston 110.9358
36Old SeagulliansBattersea Park/Barnes Tuesday10.9036
37WoodiesLogan 110.8642
38The ChainhackersIpswich Sunday League 110.8582
39BrokeBatMountainLogan 110.8476
40The Red DragonsSouthern Gold Coast Summer League 201610.8307
41Drop BearsFawkner Park Tues/Thurs10.7813
42Kunny FuntsParramatta Sunday 110.7163
43KINGS VIIITshwane .Premier Division10.7028
44Noosa NecromancersSunshine Coast - Grading Games10.6564
45SmashersPaddington Sunday10.6259
46Frederick SpofforthNorth Brisbane 210.5653
47Old FoolsJJ Holland Sundays10.4628
48Box ShotsSouth Brisbane 210.4513
49Murphy's SewerLiardet Street Wednesday10.4301
50The UnwatchablesSouth Brisbane 210.4265
51Dirty SlappersAdelaide Central - Sunday League10.4159
52Kyocera Bloem ScorpionsBloemfontein Champs10.3697
53The WombatsRegents Park Thursday10.3434
54Team of RADBlacktown & Penrith Saturday 110.3356
55The Muffin MenJoburg Central Sat 110.2653
56WombatsEast Sydney Sunday 110.2481
57Lahore Badshaa's XIIRegents Park Sunday Premier League10.2229
58Cavaliers B SelectPerth - Southern - Centenary Park - A Grade10.2179
59White RiverFawkner Park - Sundays A Grade10.1897
60Rams Tui Golden Lager Bombay Hills Cup10.1557
61The Real Morning GloriesBenoni Sunday 110.0595
62CT WarriorsCape Town Sunday 1 10.0568
63QuaggasJoburg Central Sun 110.0469
64The See You Next Tuesday'sRegents Park Tuesday10.0281
65Royal Strikers LeedsLeeds Premier League9.9509
66Nashua PumasBloemfontein Champs9.9331
67Fat PitchesAKL Domain Wednesday9.9128
68Class Is TemporarySW London Sunday Division 19.8931
69THE HEAT$250 W'ton Champions Cup9.8529
70Putney Super VikingsWandsworth Park/Barnes Tues/Wed/Thurs9.8412
71U Must Neva >>>KakaJoburg Central Sun 19.8033
72Village IdiotsWainoni Park Tuesday9.7775
73The IslandersBattersea Park/Barnes Tuesday9.7129
74The Special OnesWirral Premier League9.6752
75Slide and PenetrateRegents Park Wednesday Premier Leaugue9.6216
76Bad IntentionsMelbourne Champions League9.5769
77PSD PiratesRegents Park Tuesday9.5319
78Ooblidoobli HackersBedfordview 1 9.5293
79American Pie Chuckers'Wimbledon Wednesday9.5201
80YesNoWaitCCSCA/LMS Autumn Leagues supporting "Lifeline ACT & RUOK?" Div 19.4957
81SwanniesSunshine Coast - Grading Games9.4906
82Guildford GoannasParramatta Saturday9.4172
83Hell if i noJoburg Central Sat 29.3106
84The Bail BagsWray Cresent Oval Wednesday/Thursday9.3081
85Gayle ForceTshwane .Premier Division9.2522
86Gary SizzlePaddington Sunday Division A9.2285
87South Sydney Juniors Cricket ClubSydney End of Season Play Offs 9.2266
88Germiston SadersGermiston 19.2143
89Got da RunsJoburg Sandton Sun 19.2064
90The Sons Tui Golden Lager Bombay Hills Cup9.2035
91Ball ShinersClapham Saturday9.2025
92Chakwal starsRedbridge Premier9.1360
93Raju RocketPaddington Sunday9.1086
94The Ranchsliders (Chch)CBHS Wednesday9.1070
95SparroSydney End of Season Play Offs 9.0826
96Wirral CulturalsWirral Spring Division 19.0455
97TadpolesRegents Park Thursday9.0234
98Chucking ChokersWimbledon Wednesday9.0031
99The BadgersSouth Park Monday/Tuesday (Fulham SW6)8.9985
100Slippery GypsiesFawkner Park Tues/Thurs8.9344