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Our next season is likely to commence in early April. Please register ASAP to avoid missing out!


Check us out and like our Facebook page:


1.)  $200 (US) Registration fee per team - (Pays coloured international ODI style team shirts + insurance costs - see for more info - minimum order for registration is 8 standard LMS shirts at $25 (US) each, although customised options/extra shirts are available as well).


The registration fee is only paid once a year (regardless of the number of seasons a teams plays in the year). Re-registration (after first year) costs $120 per team (assuming that a new set of shirts are not required) and this is paid annually.


2.) The match fees of $120 per team per game (i.e. $15 a player in a 8 man team) covering the following:

  - Field Hire
  - League Manager
  - Umpiring
  - Scoring
  - Cricket ball
  - Stats Capture
  - Team World rankings
  - Team Profile Pages
  - Batting Rankings for each player
  - Bowling Rankings for each player
  - Personal profiles for every registered player in the team


For more details please e-mail : or call Kirk Flemming on 0416 413 910