League Details

Date & TimePitchHome TeamAway TeamUmpire
Round 1
31/03/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Real Chokers vs WillowmoreMukesh Ramjee
Round 1
31/03/2012 08:50WPCC - Main OvalMephobia vs The Hangovers 2Owen Chitsinho
Round 1
31/03/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalBarbarians vs Spiders RMEMukesh Ramjee
Round 1
31/03/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalKINGS VIII vs The StrugglersMukesh Ramjee
Round 1
31/03/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalHMT Titans vs NigthwatchmenTirivangani Kepekepe
Round 1
31/03/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalBBFL vs The Yorkshire PuddingsOwen Chitsinho
Round 1
31/03/2012 13:45RHS - B2Awesome Possums vs Khayelitsha CC 1Roger Cameron
Round 1
31/03/2012 13:45 RHS - B1The Late Eight vs Adidas CTHannes S
Round 1
31/03/2012 14:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalCounter $triker$ vs Tradies You Cant TrustMukesh Ramjee
Round 1
31/03/2012 15:00RHS - Main OvalDelfos RAIDERS vs DoubleUpTirivangani Kepekepe
Round 1
31/03/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalHOTSHOTS vs Team BlazersMukesh Ramjee
Round 1
31/03/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalJohannesburg Protea vs Team ManchesterOwen Chitsinho
Round 1
31/03/2012 16:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalDesert Warriors vs Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)Mukesh Ramjee
Round 3
31/03/2012 16:00 RHS - B1Khayelitsha CC 1 vs The Late EightHannes S
Round 2
01/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalCounter $triker$ vs HMT TitansMukesh Ramjee
Round 2
01/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW) vs RebelsHannes S
Round 2
01/04/2012 08:30RHS - B2The Late Eight vs Awesome PossumsRoger Cameron
Round 2
01/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalTradies You Cant Trust vs NigthwatchmenOwen Chitsinho
Round 2
01/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Real Chokers vs MephobiaHannes S
Round 2
01/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalRebels vs Momentum MavericksMukesh Ramjee
Round 2
01/04/2012 10:45RHS - B2Adidas CT vs Khayelitsha CC 1Roger Cameron
Round 2
01/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalSpiders RME vs Team ManchesterOwen Chitsinho
Round 2
01/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalBBFL vs The StrugglersMukesh Ramjee
Round 2
01/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalBarbarians vs Johannesburg ProteaHannes S
Round 2
01/04/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalTeam Blazers vs DoubleUpBjorn Briggs
Round 3
01/04/2012 13:20RHS - B2Awesome Possums vs Adidas CTRoger Cameron
Round 2
01/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings vs KINGS VIIIOwen Chitsinho
Round 2
01/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalHOTSHOTS vs Delfos RAIDERSMukesh Ramjee
Round 2
01/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalWillowmore vs The Hangovers 2Hannes S
Round 3
02/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalNigthwatchmen vs Counter $triker$Hannes S
Round 3
02/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalThe Strugglers vs The Yorkshire PuddingsOwen Chitsinho
Round 3
02/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalKINGS VIII vs BBFLMukesh Ramjee
Round 3
02/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalJohannesburg Protea vs Spiders RMEHannes S
Round 3
02/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalDoubleUp vs HOTSHOTSOwen Chitsinho
Round 3
02/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Manchester vs BarbariansMukesh Ramjee
Round 3
02/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalDelfos RAIDERS vs Team BlazersHannes S
Round 3
02/04/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalMephobia vs WillowmoreTirivangani Kepekepe
Round 3
02/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalRebels vs Desert WarriorsOwen Chitsinho
Round 3
02/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalThe Hangovers 2 vs The Real ChokersMukesh Ramjee
Round 3
02/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalMomentum Mavericks vs Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)Hannes S
Round 3
02/04/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalHMT Titans vs Tradies You Cant TrustOwen Chitsinho
Round 1
03/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalMomentum Mavericks vs Desert WarriorsMukesh Ramjee
Team Blazers vs 3rd placed finisher
04/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Blazers vs Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)Mukesh Ramjee
Mephobia vs White Dragons
04/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalMephobia vs Spiders RMEOwen Chitsinho
Team Manchester vs Counter Strikers
04/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Manchester vs Counter $triker$Mukesh Ramjee
HMT Titans vs Ceva Crusasers
04/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalHMT Titans vs HOTSHOTSMukesh Ramjee
Rebels vs Struglers
04/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalRebels vs The StrugglersMukesh Ramjee
Hangovers 2 vs Winner of Dessert Warriors / Momentum Mavericks
04/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Hangovers 2 vs Desert WarriorsTirivangani Kepekepe
Yorkshire Puddings vs Khayelitsha 8 (Group G winners)
04/04/2012 16:00WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings vs Khayelitsha CC 1Owen Chitsinho
Kings vs Delfos Vikings
05/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalKINGS VIII vs Delfos RAIDERSHannes S
05/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalRebels vs Desert WarriorsOwen Chitsinho
05/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalTeam Manchester vs Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)Owen Chitsinho
05/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings vs MephobiaOwen Chitsinho
05/04/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalHOTSHOTS vs KINGS VIIIOwen Chitsinho
Semi Final 2
06/04/2012 08:25WPCC - Main OvalKINGS VIII vs Team ManchesterOwen Chitsinho,Tirivangani Kepekepe
Semi Final 1
06/04/2012 11:00WPCC - Main OvalMephobia vs RebelsMukesh Ramjee,Owen Chitsinho
06/04/2012 15:20WPCC - Main OvalMephobia vs KINGS VIIIMukesh Ramjee,Owen Chitsinho
World Champs South Africa - 2012
1KINGS VIII77001.908778064
3Team Manchester65100.746664046
5HMT Titans43103.358446032
6Khayelitsha CC 143101.589446032
7Desert Warriors53200.282554032
8Team Blazers43100.306444030
10The Yorkshire Puddings5320-0.547552030
11Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)52300.019556028
12Counter $triker$4220-0.303446026
13Delfos RAIDERS42200.445444024
14Adidas CT32102.804334022
15Spiders RME4220-0.295442022
16The Hangovers 24220-0.517442022
17The Strugglers4130-1.594444018
19The Real Chokers3120-0.783332014
20Momentum Mavericks3120-0.903332014
22Johannesburg Protea3030-0.576336012
24Awesome Possums3120-2.332222012
26Tradies You Cant Trust3030-2.54733208
28The Late Eight3030-2.77122003
DatePitchHome TeamAway Team
06/04/2012 15:20WPCC - Main OvalMephobia125 Vs 128KINGS VIII
06/04/2012 11:00WPCC - Main OvalMephobia144 Vs 84Rebels
06/04/2012 08:25WPCC - Main OvalKINGS VIII166 Vs 157Team Manchester
05/04/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalHOTSHOTS101 Vs 119KINGS VIII
05/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings127 Vs 163Mephobia
05/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalTeam Manchester136 Vs 122Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)
05/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalRebels140 Vs 136Desert Warriors
05/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalKINGS VIII135 Vs 106Delfos RAIDERS
04/04/2012 16:00WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings133 Vs 103Khayelitsha CC 1
04/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Hangovers 2140 Vs 142Desert Warriors
04/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalRebels217 Vs 81The Strugglers
04/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalHMT Titans95 Vs 136HOTSHOTS
04/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Manchester147 Vs 137Counter $triker$
04/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalMephobia174 Vs 125Spiders RME
04/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Blazers120 Vs 145Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)
03/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalMomentum Mavericks137 Vs 139Desert Warriors
02/04/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalHMT Titans173 Vs 120Tradies You Cant Trust
02/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalMomentum Mavericks130 Vs 128Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)
02/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalThe Hangovers 2152 Vs 142The Real Chokers
02/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalRebels82 Vs 84Desert Warriors
02/04/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalMephobia163 Vs 51Willowmore
02/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalDelfos RAIDERS102 Vs 111Team Blazers
02/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalTeam Manchester157 Vs 147Barbarians
02/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalDoubleUp99 Vs 146HOTSHOTS
02/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalJohannesburg Protea114 Vs 122Spiders RME
02/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalKINGS VIII167 Vs 102BBFL
02/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalThe Strugglers106 Vs 110The Yorkshire Puddings
02/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalNigthwatchmen90 Vs 91Counter $triker$
01/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalWillowmore123 Vs 124The Hangovers 2
01/04/2012 15:15WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalHOTSHOTS134 Vs 139Delfos RAIDERS
01/04/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalThe Yorkshire Puddings102 Vs 178KINGS VIII
01/04/2012 13:20RHS - B2Awesome Possums83 Vs 196Adidas CT
01/04/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalTeam Blazers73 Vs 64DoubleUp
01/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalBarbarians118 Vs 114Johannesburg Protea
01/04/2012 13:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalBBFL91 Vs 155The Strugglers
01/04/2012 11:15WPCC - Main OvalSpiders RME132 Vs 170Team Manchester
01/04/2012 10:45RHS - B2Adidas CT84 Vs 86Khayelitsha CC 1
01/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalRebels191 Vs 143Momentum Mavericks
01/04/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Real Chokers134 Vs 111Mephobia
01/04/2012 09:00WPCC - Main OvalTradies You Cant Trust109 Vs 129Nigthwatchmen
01/04/2012 08:30RHS - B2The Late Eight0 Vs 50Awesome Possums
01/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)98 Vs 101Rebels
01/04/2012 08:30WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalCounter $triker$87 Vs 205HMT Titans
31/03/2012 16:00 RHS - B1Khayelitsha CC 1104 Vs 103The Late Eight
31/03/2012 16:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalDesert Warriors125 Vs 126Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)
31/03/2012 15:45WPCC - Main OvalJohannesburg Protea109 Vs 113Team Manchester
31/03/2012 15:15WPCC - Keurboom OvalHOTSHOTS103 Vs 106Team Blazers
31/03/2012 15:00RHS - Main OvalDelfos RAIDERS89 Vs 87DoubleUp
31/03/2012 14:00WPCC - Gary Kirsten ovalCounter $triker$92 Vs 91Tradies You Cant Trust
31/03/2012 13:45 RHS - B1The Late Eight99 Vs 186Adidas CT
31/03/2012 13:45RHS - B2Awesome Possums39 Vs 40Khayelitsha CC 1
31/03/2012 13:30WPCC - Main OvalBBFL130 Vs 132The Yorkshire Puddings
31/03/2012 13:00RHS - Main OvalHMT Titans15 Vs 14Nigthwatchmen
31/03/2012 13:00WPCC - Keurboom OvalKINGS VIII179 Vs 129The Strugglers
31/03/2012 10:45WPCC - Keurboom OvalBarbarians96 Vs 97Spiders RME
31/03/2012 08:50WPCC - Main OvalMephobia157 Vs 115The Hangovers 2
31/03/2012 08:30WPCC - Keurboom OvalThe Real Chokers79 Vs 139Willowmore
PlayerTeamBatting Points
1George WolhuterKINGS VIII880.127
2Imran MirzaTeam Manchester839.615
3Alex NelRebels678.287
4Stefan NelsonKINGS VIII627.153
5Juanre PotgieterMephobia612.622
6Michael "Meubels" BothaMephobia601.209
7Lysle TurnerMephobia541.421
8Yousuf AnwarTeam Manchester482.195
9Johan MeyerRebels466.039
10Gareth SandersMephobia409.704
11Stephan BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)391.154
12Armand StrydomHMT Titans374.872
13Dewan du PlooyHOTSHOTS371.725
14Werner PretoriusRebels356.065
15Christian PeyperHMT Titans344.651
16Mike EdwardsThe Yorkshire Puddings342.299
17Baber SharifDesert Warriors327.330
18Giancarlo PucciniThe Strugglers320.850
19Charles OlivierThe Real Chokers301.372
20Lydon GibbonsTradies You Cant Trust296.812
21Ian NelKINGS VIII293.052
22Charl van Wyk (Charlie)Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)291.287
23Brad MuscatThe Strugglers286.994
24John SadlerThe Yorkshire Puddings286.758
25Nicky van der MerweThe Hangovers 2284.738
26Grant HutcheonRebels278.947
27Jacques Du PreezMomentum Mavericks276.657
28Chris HollidayThe Yorkshire Puddings275.317
29Vernon OosthuizenSpiders RME264.962
30Pieter BooysenBarbarians257.954
31brian barris bernardDelfos RAIDERS255.884
32Giuliano dos santosKINGS VIII255.856
33Jaques "JY RY NIE!!" de BeerWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)255.478
34Johan BarnardSpiders RME254.462
35Lemmer le RouxCounter $triker$250.001
36Zeeshan MirzaTeam Manchester240.327
37Jacques Jansen van VuurenCounter $triker$239.689
38Mario OlivierHOTSHOTS235.731
39Andre OosthuizenCounter $triker$234.874
40Matthew KasselTeam Blazers229.303
41Kevin DayBBFL222.894
42kashif nazirDesert Warriors222.812
43Nicky BouwerKINGS VIII220.653
44Werner Jansen van RensburgMomentum Mavericks215.475
45Mohammed AliTeam Manchester215.155
46Erasmus "Supersub" DryNigthwatchmen205.560
47Jg AdendorffKINGS VIII205.306
48Thinus OosthuizenHMT Titans201.647
49Paul RosaThe Hangovers 2197.314
50Bryan BowlerMomentum Mavericks195.321
51Jano De BruynBBFL190.922
52Johann (Joe) De BeerWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)190.301
53Daniel BritsMephobia189.078
54Albert Van WykBarbarians185.262
55Jacques StrydomHMT Titans181.720
56Eugenio MenezesThe Hangovers 2176.861
57Justin van der MerweWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)174.259
58Mike MAD MIKE de vryeDelfos RAIDERS174.000
59Kevin SchwanKINGS VIII171.633
60Johan BarkhuizenThe Real Chokers167.412
61Jaco CampherCounter $triker$165.910
62Mike HawkenTeam Blazers161.135
63Janneman BothmaMephobia157.262
64Leroy DekkerRebels157.039
65Hitesh ParekhDesert Warriors153.875
66Marlin EsauMomentum Mavericks153.057
67Toann ClaassenSpiders RME151.336
68Grant SmallHMT Titans144.901
69Joe FinniganThe Yorkshire Puddings142.500
70Chris SandersMephobia142.420
71louis venterThe Real Chokers141.467
72Heinrich SinclairTeam Blazers141.421
73Ali ButtJohannesburg Protea132.750
74Estevan van der MerweHOTSHOTS131.614
75Christiaan SchutteRebels130.329
76Ryno RoetsKINGS VIII128.098
77Mike BritzBarbarians119.632
78Bernardus(Nando's) van der SpuySpiders RME118.619
79Attie ScottThe Hangovers 2117.956
80Karl AndersonThe Yorkshire Puddings113.232
81Jeff RodgersonMephobia111.596
82Kaleem ADesert Warriors110.639
83Elardus BreetMomentum Mavericks108.779
84Auke CompaanKINGS VIII106.099
85Grant GunterHMT Titans104.753
86Sarel TheronSpiders RME101.144
87Khaled MootusamiDelfos RAIDERS100.012
88Leonard du PisanieDoubleUp99.601
89garnet krugerDelfos RAIDERS96.000
90Josh HoareTradies You Cant Trust90.800
91Riaan BassonDoubleUp90.125
92Brian Prince PatelDelfos RAIDERS88.602
93Nicholas "Wilbur" HyslopRebels88.500
94Ibrahim MuhammadJohannesburg Protea87.477
95Justin GlanvilleBarbarians84.655
96Sean HaynesThe Strugglers84.167
97Jovan SchillerHOTSHOTS81.881
98Gerrie SnymanDoubleUp78.001
99De Wet van der WaltBarbarians77.705
100Bobby TaljaardTeam Blazers74.679
101Johan RynnersThe Real Chokers72.600
102James LeachSpiders RME71.813
103Neil De BruynNigthwatchmen70.756
104Jaco JoubertHOTSHOTS70.563
105Marius van den bergCounter $triker$69.356
106Dwayne KunnekeHOTSHOTS68.900
107Shafiq Muhammad`Johannesburg Protea68.768
108Errol SandlerTeam Blazers68.021
109Javed IqbalJohannesburg Protea64.286
110Neil WinspearTeam Blazers62.321
111Clinton MclauchlinCounter $triker$60.626
112Jason MerrifieldTeam Blazers58.800
113Pieter 'Roofie' ErweeThe Hangovers 257.202
114Renato AlmeidaDelfos RAIDERS57.078
115Richard BaerveldtBBFL55.882
116Marc Nicolle (Donky Kong and Gman)HOTSHOTS54.970
117Renier LeachSpiders RME54.260
118Roger "Horse" CameronBBFL52.179
119Imran RatherTeam Manchester50.900
120Martin KrugerNigthwatchmen50.700
121Brad EvansTradies You Cant Trust48.375
122Adriaan Janse van RensburgRebels46.807
123Brian ElkingtonHOTSHOTS46.334
124Schalk De SwardtThe Real Chokers45.751
125Ashish DhingraDesert Warriors45.563
126Chris DayThe Yorkshire Puddings45.321
127Ethan GouwsMephobia43.607
128Duke MotlantheThe Hangovers 243.001
129Gulam AbbasTeam Manchester42.566
130Derrick HydeTeam Blazers42.257
131Frikkie SteenkampDoubleUp40.929
132Danie BruwerWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)36.614
133Klaas SmitWillowmore36.215
134Hais TaneTradies You Cant Trust36.101
135danny mayneTradies You Cant Trust36.000
136Martin SchmidtMomentum Mavericks35.541
137Rob StevensonThe Strugglers35.421
138Claude TruterNigthwatchmen34.677
139Carel SrydomDoubleUp34.350
140Devan Oxley-oxlandWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)34.125
141Yasir ButtJohannesburg Protea32.589
142Wesley BarendseHMT Titans30.857
143Juandre de BeerDoubleUp28.076
144Charles OrmeThe Yorkshire Puddings27.167
145Charl HoffmanBarbarians26.600
146Alex MumfordThe Yorkshire Puddings25.929
147Conrad TheronSpiders RME25.625
148Mohamedaly HanwareDelfos RAIDERS24.750
149Lourens DupisanieDoubleUp24.000
150Andrew "Mess" JonesBBFL22.025
151Mohamed Baart BayatDelfos RAIDERS21.125
152Asif SaleemTeam Manchester21.000
153JP HattinghCounter $triker$20.494
154Ralton ArnoldsMomentum Mavericks18.375
155Tyron LewisThe Hangovers 218.000
156sherdyne soogreemDelfos RAIDERS16.667
157Phetogo MonaisaBBFL16.500
158Ross AndersonBBFL16.356
159Kane AustinTradies You Cant Trust15.137
160Gideon Du PreezThe Real Chokers15.000
161Alpi PatelDelfos RAIDERS13.637
162David "Caddy" BuhaiTeam Blazers12.251
163Clive BrandBarbarians12.000
164Scott RobertsonBBFL11.015
165Shaheen Freddy KhanDelfos RAIDERS10.500
166Irfan ShafiqJohannesburg Protea8.334
167Christoff "The Wall" HelmNigthwatchmen7.853
168Jared AustinTradies You Cant Trust7.715
169Mian Khalil AhmedJohannesburg Protea6.750
170Rohit VermaDesert Warriors5.357
171Andrew McglinchyTradies You Cant Trust4.200
172Kevin DartnallThe Real Chokers4.154
173Gavin CarterRebels3.429
174Martin van WykCounter $triker$2.750
175Johan van der MerweMomentum Mavericks2.700
176Rhys WilliamsRebels2.000
176Shaun ValerioTeam Blazers2.000
178Andre BothaHMT Titans0.857
179shuab hansloDelfos RAIDERS0.000
179Leon VenterCounter $triker$0.000
179Wagner FerreiraRebels0.000
179Greg BoudourisWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)0.000
179Wayne DartnallThe Real Chokers0.000
179Trevor DartnallThe Real Chokers0.000
PlayerTeamBowling Points
1Janneman BothmaMephobia834.000
2Ethan GouwsMephobia782.100
3Jg AdendorffKINGS VIII762.000
4George WolhuterKINGS VIII715.500
5Daniel BritsMephobia646.500
6Mario OlivierHOTSHOTS603.000
7Ryno RoetsKINGS VIII592.500
8Werner PretoriusRebels582.000
9Jeff RodgersonMephobia565.500
10Christian PeyperHMT Titans550.500
11Juanre PotgieterMephobia544.500
12Imran MirzaTeam Manchester519.000
13Ian NelKINGS VIII502.500
14Shaun ValerioTeam Blazers492.000
15Bobby TaljaardTeam Blazers486.000
16Johan MeyerRebels483.000
17Jaco JoubertHOTSHOTS478.500
18Devan Oxley-oxlandWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)477.000
19Stefan NelsonKINGS VIII472.500
20Gulam AbbasTeam Manchester468.000
21Christiaan SchutteRebels463.500
22Justin van der MerweWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)459.000
23Marlin EsauMomentum Mavericks450.000
24Stephan BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)436.500
25Alex NelRebels420.000
26Chris DayThe Yorkshire Puddings417.000
27Bernardus(Nando's) van der SpuySpiders RME414.000
28John SadlerThe Yorkshire Puddings408.000
29Armand StrydomHMT Titans396.000
30Sean HaynesThe Strugglers372.000
30Javed IqbalJohannesburg Protea372.000
32Charles OrmeThe Yorkshire Puddings363.000
33garnet krugerDelfos RAIDERS360.000
33Jaques "JY RY NIE!!" de BeerWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)360.000
33Mohammed AliTeam Manchester360.000
36Renier LeachSpiders RME355.200
37Heinrich SinclairTeam Blazers354.000
37Gerrie SnymanDoubleUp354.000
39Andrew McglinchyTradies You Cant Trust348.000
40Duke MotlantheThe Hangovers 2345.000
41Johan BarnardSpiders RME337.500
42Nicky van der MerweThe Hangovers 2328.500
43Adriaan Janse van RensburgRebels324.000
44Clinton MclauchlinCounter $triker$316.500
45Renato AlmeidaDelfos RAIDERS312.000
46Jacques StrydomHMT Titans306.000
47Pieter BooysenBarbarians291.000
48Alpi PatelDelfos RAIDERS282.000
49Nicky BouwerKINGS VIII279.000
50Johann (Joe) De BeerWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)271.500
51Neil WinspearTeam Blazers270.000
52Alex MumfordThe Yorkshire Puddings265.500
53Mike MAD MIKE de vryeDelfos RAIDERS264.000
54David "Caddy" BuhaiTeam Blazers262.500
55Karl AndersonThe Yorkshire Puddings259.500
56Martin van WykCounter $triker$258.000
56Martin SchmidtMomentum Mavericks258.000
58Vernon OosthuizenSpiders RME253.500
59Joe FinniganThe Yorkshire Puddings240.000
60Marc Nicolle (Donky Kong and Gman)HOTSHOTS237.000
61Eugenio MenezesThe Hangovers 2234.000
62Jano De BruynBBFL228.000
63Klaas SmitWillowmore226.500
63kashif nazirDesert Warriors226.500
65Albert Van WykBarbarians225.000
66Brian ElkingtonHOTSHOTS223.500
67Marius van den bergCounter $triker$216.000
68Kaleem ADesert Warriors213.000
69Tyron LewisThe Hangovers 2208.500
69Leonard du PisanieDoubleUp208.500
71Grant SmallHMT Titans207.000
72Richard BaerveldtBBFL195.000
73Charles OlivierThe Real Chokers190.500
74Dewan du PlooyHOTSHOTS189.000
74Johan BarkhuizenThe Real Chokers189.000
76Auke CompaanKINGS VIII184.500
77Kevin DayBBFL181.500
78Shafiq Muhammad`Johannesburg Protea168.000
79Justin GlanvilleBarbarians167.400
80Yasir ButtJohannesburg Protea165.000
81Brad MuscatThe Strugglers163.500
82Josh HoareTradies You Cant Trust162.000
82Ibrahim MuhammadJohannesburg Protea162.000
84Lemmer le RouxCounter $triker$156.000
84Frikkie SteenkampDoubleUp156.000
86Neil De BruynNigthwatchmen150.000
86Johan RynnersThe Real Chokers150.000
88Roger "Horse" CameronBBFL136.500
89Erasmus "Supersub" DryNigthwatchmen135.000
90Asif SaleemTeam Manchester132.000
91Shaheen Freddy KhanDelfos RAIDERS127.500
92Bryan BowlerMomentum Mavericks126.000
93Jacques Jansen van VuurenCounter $triker$124.500
94Andre BothaHMT Titans123.000
94Wayne DartnallThe Real Chokers123.000
96Baber SharifDesert Warriors122.700
97Johan van der MerweMomentum Mavericks111.000
98Riaan BassonDoubleUp109.500
99Lydon GibbonsTradies You Cant Trust108.000
100De Wet van der WaltBarbarians99.000
101Toann ClaassenSpiders RME91.500
102Giancarlo PucciniThe Strugglers90.000
102Wesley BarendseHMT Titans90.000
102Ali ButtJohannesburg Protea90.000
102Jason MerrifieldTeam Blazers90.000
102Rohit VermaDesert Warriors90.000
107Claude TruterNigthwatchmen87.000
108Trevor DartnallThe Real Chokers81.000
109Werner Jansen van RensburgMomentum Mavericks79.500
110sherdyne soogreemDelfos RAIDERS75.000
111Pieter 'Roofie' ErweeThe Hangovers 266.000
111Christoff "The Wall" HelmNigthwatchmen66.000
111Grant HutcheonRebels66.000
114Juandre de BeerDoubleUp64.500
115Phetogo MonaisaBBFL63.000
115Mike BritzBarbarians63.000
117James BarkhuizenWyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)61.500
118Mohamedaly HanwareDelfos RAIDERS60.000
118Kane AustinTradies You Cant Trust60.000
118Hais TaneTradies You Cant Trust60.000
118Ralton ArnoldsMomentum Mavericks60.000
118Clive BrandBarbarians60.000
118Hannes BarnardSpiders RME60.000
124JP HattinghCounter $triker$58.500
125Jovan SchillerHOTSHOTS52.500
126Dwayne KunnekeHOTSHOTS51.000
127Scott RobertsonBBFL49.500
128Rob StevensonThe Strugglers48.000
128James LeachSpiders RME48.000
128louis venterThe Real Chokers48.000
131Jared AustinTradies You Cant Trust33.000
131Elardus BreetMomentum Mavericks33.000
133Yousuf AnwarTeam Manchester31.500
134Attie ScottThe Hangovers 230.000
134Wagner FerreiraRebels30.000
136Martin KrugerNigthwatchmen24.000
137Grant GunterHMT Titans21.000
138Carel SrydomDoubleUp7.500
139Khaled MootusamiDelfos RAIDERS6.000
140shuab hansloDelfos RAIDERS4.500
141Brad EvansTradies You Cant Trust3.000
141Andre OosthuizenCounter $triker$3.000
141Rhys WilliamsRebels3.000
141Jacques Du PreezMomentum Mavericks3.000
145danny mayneTradies You Cant Trust1.500
145Charl van Wyk (Charlie)Wyobi Wicket Warriors (WWW)1.500
145Imran RatherTeam Manchester1.500