League Details

Date & TimePitchHome TeamAway TeamUmpire
Round 1
18/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2STH-DOR TIGERS vs Sicame CowboysGlen Provost,LMS Sydney
Round 1
18/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags vs Wild ThingsGlen Provost
Round 1
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1SA Barbarians vs Runaway Bay C.C.Brisbane LMS,Glen Provost
Round 1
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3Southside Brothers vs Team of RADGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 1
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 23 Short vs Albion Hotel C.C.Glen Provost,LMS Sydney
Round 1
18/11/2010 13:00Cooke MurphyMCs vs The Ungrateful KidsGlen Provost
Round 1
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3Desert Warriors vs STH-DOR LIGERSGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 1
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2English WC Barbarians vs Tradies You Cant TrustGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 1
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1Crease Monkeys vs The BoltersGlen Provost
Round 2
18/11/2010 15:15Cooke MurphyTeam Zone vs KenkastleGlen Provost
Round 1
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3AJ Edden vs Piggy StyrisGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 1
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Mantonio's All Stars vs South Coast SlashersGlen Provost,Mick Barron
Round 1
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Mephobia vs Rats Of ArundelGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 2
19/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 23 Short vs Desert WarriorsGlen Provost,Mick Barron
Round 2
19/11/2010 09:00Cooke MurphyAlbion Hotel C.C. vs STH-DOR LIGERSGlen Provost,LMS Sydney
Round 2
19/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 3Crease Monkeys vs MephobiaGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 2
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1The Ungrateful Kids vs Runaway Bay C.C.Glen Provost,Steve Emmett
Round 2
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags vs STH-DOR TIGERSGlen Provost,Wayne Greve
Round 2
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3Wild Things vs Sicame CowboysBrisbane LMS,Glen Provost
Round 2
19/11/2010 11:15Cooke MurphyThe Bolters vs Rats Of ArundelGlen Provost,LMS Sydney
Round 2
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3MCs vs SA BarbariansGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 2
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1English WC Barbarians vs Mantonio's All StarsGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 2
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Normo FYC vs ByE-RoUnD!!!Glen Provost
Round 2
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3AJ Edden vs Southside BrothersGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 2
19/11/2010 15:45Cooke MurphyPiggy Styris vs Team of RADGlen Provost,Mick Barron
Round 1
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2ByE-RoUnD!!! vs KenkastleGlen Provost
Round 1
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Normo FYC vs Team ZoneGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 3
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1Southside Brothers vs Piggy StyrisGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 3
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2Kenkastle vs Normo FYCGlen Provost,Mick Barron
Round 3
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 3Mephobia vs The BoltersGlen Provost,Niraj Bende
Round 3
21/11/2010 10:30Dux OvalSTH-DOR LIGERS vs 3 ShortGlen Provost
Round 3
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Runaway Bay C.C. vs MCsGlen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 3
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3SA Barbarians vs The Ungrateful KidsGlen Provost,Niraj Bende
Round 3
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2ByE-RoUnD!!! vs Team ZoneGlen Provost,Mick Barron
Round 2
21/11/2010 12:45Dux OvalTradies You Cant Trust vs South Coast SlashersGlen Provost
Round 3
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3Team of RAD vs AJ EddenGlen Provost,Niraj Bende
Round 3
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1Desert Warriors vs Albion Hotel C.C.Glen Provost,Jordan Renau
Round 3
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Sicame Cowboys vs The Chapel Bar Rampant StagsGlen Provost,Jacob Schouten
Round 3
21/11/2010 15:15Dux OvalMantonio's All Stars vs Tradies You Cant TrustGlen Provost
Round 3
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3English WC Barbarians vs South Coast SlashersGlen Provost,Niraj Bende
Round 3
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1STH-DOR TIGERS vs Wild ThingsGlen Provost,Wayne Greve
Round 3
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Crease Monkeys vs Rats Of ArundelGlen Provost,LMS Sydney
22/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1Normo FYC vs Team of RADLMS Sydney
22/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2South Coast Slashers vs KenkastleNiraj Bende
22/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Mephobia vs SA BarbariansNiraj Bende
22/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags vs Rats Of ArundelNiraj Bende
22/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Mantonio's All Stars vs Desert Warriors
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Runaway Bay C.C. vs STH-DOR TIGERSNiraj Bende
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Piggy Styris vs ByE-RoUnD!!!
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 33 Short vs Tradies You Cant TrustLMS Sydney
Rampant Stags v Desert Warriors/Mantonio's
23/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags vs Desert Warriors
3 Short/Tradies v Ze Weirdos/Bye Round
23/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 13 Short vs ByE-RoUnD!!!
23/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Mephobia vs South Coast SlashersNiraj Bende
Team of RAD v Runaway Bay/Tigers
23/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2Team of RAD vs STH-DOR TIGERSLMS Sydney
Semi Final 1: 0900 Match Winners
23/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1ByE-RoUnD!!! vs The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags
Semi Final 2: 1115 Match Winners
23/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Mephobia vs Team of RAD
LMS Charity Match: Australia v Rest of World
24/11/2010 12:30Runaway Bay 1Australia (World Champs 2010) vs Rest Of The World (World Champs 2010)Jordan Renau
World Champs Final (Rampant Stags vs Winner of Protea Coin vs Team Of Rad
24/11/2010 15:30Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags vs MephobiaLMS Sydney
World Champs Australia - 2010
2The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags76101.248078051
4Team of RAD64200.78066036
5STH-DOR TIGERS53202.0130510033
63 Short53200.962058031
7South Coast Slashers53200.946056029
8Normo FYC43100.787046028
9Desert Warriors53200.229054027
10Runaway Bay C.C.43101.001044026
11Piggy Styris43100.443044026
12Mantonio's All Stars42200.379046022
13Tradies You Cant Trust42200.027046022
14SA Barbarians42200.527044020
15Rats Of Arundel4130-0.478044014
17Albion Hotel C.C.3120-0.132034013
18Southside Brothers3120-0.708032011
19The Bolters3120-1.033032011
20Sicame Cowboys3120-1.933032011
21Crease Monkeys3120-1.31803009
22STH-DOR LIGERS3120-2.13903009
23The Ungrateful Kids3021-1.02403209
24Australia (World Champs 2010)11001.23400208
26Wild Things3030-1.87603205
27AJ Edden3030-2.78903205
28English WC Barbarians3030-2.38403003
29Team Zone3030-3.56703003
30Rest Of The World (World Champs 2010)1010-1.23401001
31Bad Boys0000000000
31Western Warriors0000000000
DatePitchHome TeamAway Team
24/11/2010 15:30Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags106 Vs 107Mephobia
24/11/2010 12:30Runaway Bay 1Australia (World Champs 2010)74 Vs 69Rest Of The World (World Champs 2010)
23/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Mephobia106 Vs 105Team of RAD
23/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1ByE-RoUnD!!!64 Vs 160The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags
23/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2Team of RAD145 Vs 144STH-DOR TIGERS
23/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Mephobia72 Vs 71South Coast Slashers
23/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 13 Short132 Vs 162ByE-RoUnD!!!
23/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags175 Vs 173Desert Warriors
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 33 Short212 Vs 179Tradies You Cant Trust
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Piggy Styris65 Vs 66ByE-RoUnD!!!
22/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Runaway Bay C.C.77 Vs 119STH-DOR TIGERS
22/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Mantonio's All Stars179 Vs 185Desert Warriors
22/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags94 Vs 93Rats Of Arundel
22/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Mephobia58 Vs 45SA Barbarians
22/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2South Coast Slashers166 Vs 94Kenkastle
22/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1Normo FYC120 Vs 122Team of RAD
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Crease Monkeys103 Vs 157Rats Of Arundel
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1STH-DOR TIGERS161 Vs 99Wild Things
21/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3English WC Barbarians116 Vs 169South Coast Slashers
21/11/2010 15:15Dux OvalMantonio's All Stars173 Vs 169Tradies You Cant Trust
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Sicame Cowboys132 Vs 136The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1Desert Warriors67 Vs 68Albion Hotel C.C.
21/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3Team of RAD183 Vs 161AJ Edden
21/11/2010 12:45Dux OvalTradies You Cant Trust144 Vs 141South Coast Slashers
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2ByE-RoUnD!!!182 Vs 70Team Zone
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3SA Barbarians137 Vs 133The Ungrateful Kids
21/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1Runaway Bay C.C.103 Vs 102MCs
21/11/2010 10:30Dux OvalSTH-DOR LIGERS145 Vs 1463 Short
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 3Mephobia146 Vs 95The Bolters
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2Kenkastle132 Vs 133Normo FYC
21/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1Southside Brothers90 Vs 92Piggy Styris
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Normo FYC171 Vs 128Team Zone
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2ByE-RoUnD!!!123 Vs 122Kenkastle
19/11/2010 15:45Cooke MurphyPiggy Styris158 Vs 127Team of RAD
19/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3AJ Edden84 Vs 85Southside Brothers
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2Normo FYC139 Vs 131ByE-RoUnD!!!
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1English WC Barbarians112 Vs 116Mantonio's All Stars
19/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3MCs134 Vs 138SA Barbarians
19/11/2010 11:15Cooke MurphyThe Bolters137 Vs 135Rats Of Arundel
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3Wild Things155 Vs 165Sicame Cowboys
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 2The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags129 Vs 128STH-DOR TIGERS
19/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1The Ungrateful Kids89 Vs 92Runaway Bay C.C.
19/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 3Crease Monkeys111 Vs 116Mephobia
19/11/2010 09:00Cooke MurphyAlbion Hotel C.C.167 Vs 174STH-DOR LIGERS
19/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 23 Short154 Vs 157Desert Warriors
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 1Mephobia54 Vs 50Rats Of Arundel
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 2Mantonio's All Stars134 Vs 151South Coast Slashers
18/11/2010 15:45Runaway Bay 3AJ Edden112 Vs 113Piggy Styris
18/11/2010 15:15Cooke MurphyTeam Zone131 Vs 190Kenkastle
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 1Crease Monkeys104 Vs 91The Bolters
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 2English WC Barbarians98 Vs 99Tradies You Cant Trust
18/11/2010 13:30Runaway Bay 3Desert Warriors105 Vs 103STH-DOR LIGERS
18/11/2010 13:00Cooke MurphyMCs50 Vs 50The Ungrateful Kids
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 23 Short142 Vs 138Albion Hotel C.C.
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 3Southside Brothers88 Vs 157Team of RAD
18/11/2010 11:15Runaway Bay 1SA Barbarians119 Vs 120Runaway Bay C.C.
18/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 1The Chapel Bar Rampant Stags114 Vs 110Wild Things
18/11/2010 09:00Runaway Bay 2STH-DOR TIGERS190 Vs 68Sicame Cowboys
PlayerTeamBatting Points
1Aaron Jones3 Short661.563
2David O'ConnorTeam of RAD595.422
3Ashish DhingraDesert Warriors574.295
4Lydon GibbonsTradies You Cant Trust571.758
5Tahir RazaDesert Warriors556.754
6Sam Lang3 Short556.286
7Chris HawkinsNormo FYC527.667
8Lysle TurnerMephobia506.328
9Joseph Bay NeilsonSouth Coast Slashers480.973
10Scott AclandTeam of RAD467.793
11Dave HossackTeam of RAD455.821
12Nick TurnerMantonio's All Stars439.714
13Charles GreyMantonio's All Stars433.196
14Simon Hill3 Short423.446
15Matthew EllisTeam of RAD414.953
16Brett ThomsonTeam Zone380.951
17Darren ChickRunaway Bay C.C.364.491
18Gary HinzeRunaway Bay C.C.359.174
19Gareth SandersMephobia354.025
20Andrew PhillipsRampant Stags353.404
21Mohammad HammoudDesert Warriors353.007
22Adriaan de JagerSA Barbarians344.686
23Chris "Hottie" EvansByE-RoUnD!!!343.581
24Mark RogersAlbion Hotel C.C.337.572
25Duncan CampbellByE-RoUnD!!!335.311
26Daniel O'KeeffeKenkastle334.621
27Josh HoareTradies You Cant Trust330.352
28Timmy DouglasSouth Coast Slashers317.269
29Glenn Slash HamblenSouth Coast Slashers314.304
30Reece McdonaldRats Of Arundel306.064
31Josh HarveyRats Of Arundel294.663
32Liam "New-Born" JohnstonByE-RoUnD!!!294.555
33David JenkinsKenkastle293.993
34Kane AustinTradies You Cant Trust292.418
35Grant ByrneKenkastle285.841
36Pat JohnsonAJ Edden282.536
37Hayden ClarkMantonio's All Stars273.810
38Ben NorrisNormo FYC265.844
39Chris AB DaltonSouth Coast Slashers263.477
40Jason BradleyTradies You Cant Trust261.750
41Craig ShortRampant Stags254.385
42Jarrod "Langers" LangdonWild Things250.166
43Jono HallNormo FYC242.689
44John DeakerTeam Zone228.889
45Hitesh ParekhDesert Warriors221.834
46Dwayne BarrieRampant Stags216.907
47Werner GibsonSA Barbarians216.372
48Peter RankinSTH-DOR TIGERS215.357
49Stefan de JagerSA Barbarians204.422
50Scott KimlinSouthside Brothers196.425
51Keith VogelCrease Monkeys196.190
52Michael Foti3 Short195.966
53Drew MooreThe Ungrateful Kids193.901
54Antony RavenRampant Stags188.242
55Josh BennettAlbion Hotel C.C.187.886
56Bradley PomareMantonio's All Stars182.935
57Chris SandersMephobia181.633
58Steve Fatty EmmettMCs179.013
59Jordan "Jordox" JohnstonByE-RoUnD!!!174.841
60Micky "B" BarronSTH-DOR TIGERS172.717
61Ryan HerringeAlbion Hotel C.C.172.500
62Anthony MayesThe Bolters172.346
63Daniel McadamMantonio's All Stars165.613
64Luke Many3 Short165.545
65Cam Hot Cross BunsMCs165.000
66Blake Wilson3 Short160.715
67Dean CurrieCrease Monkeys153.200
68Daniel KwasnicaThe Ungrateful Kids150.044
69Paul RyanKenkastle148.282
70Michael Bernard EmmettSouth Coast Slashers145.288
71Regan YoungRampant Stags142.902
72Hylton PhillipsThe Bolters141.425
73Callum HartKenkastle140.360
74Dan MaitlandPiggy Styris140.333
75Ian MorriseyAJ Edden140.268
76Cam Hot Cross BunsSouth Coast Slashers137.079
77Warren Stratosphere BlackaMCs136.875
78Craig BernhardtThe Bolters135.773
79Brian GrffithsMantonio's All Stars134.525
80Dave "Beater" BarryByE-RoUnD!!!133.268
81Andrew BrownAlbion Hotel C.C.131.897
82Simon CollinsWild Things130.820
83Danie KleinhansSA Barbarians122.424
84Peter J Bowman3 Short121.500
85Leon ChristensenPiggy Styris119.850
86Jarrod HarbenWild Things119.105
87Josh BenneySicame Cowboys115.044
88Angus DallasTeam of RAD113.931
89Ian HawkinsNormo FYC110.410
90Jason BakerWild Things109.949
91Michael Ormeo HollandSouth Coast Slashers109.265
92Wayne GreveMCs106.616
93Murray RoweNormo FYC105.690
94Peter HiscoxAJ Edden103.499
95Rohit VermaDesert Warriors102.947
96Matt BintMephobia101.569
97Adam CastleSicame Cowboys100.715
98Tommo MarshMantonio's All Stars98.933
99David "Bozo" BarronRats Of Arundel98.925
100Andrew SpethTeam of RAD97.286
101Francois BruynsThe Bolters97.267
102Martin du PreezSA Barbarians96.808
103Paul CampbellKenkastle96.101
104Ben GorhamTeam of RAD92.000
105Andy ElyseeNormo FYC87.965
106Danie BruwerSA Barbarians87.772
107Ashneel NairSouthside Brothers86.944
108Dave PlayfordAlbion Hotel C.C.85.849
109Guy FreebodyThe Bolters84.001
110Jaques de BeerSA Barbarians83.210
111Justin LewisSicame Cowboys82.875
112Grant SimpsonCrease Monkeys82.565
113Adam KaminskiAlbion Hotel C.C.82.501
114Jonny ScottTeam Zone79.698
115Andrew GriffinRats Of Arundel79.543
116Steele "HB" Briskey-RossiterByE-RoUnD!!!79.524
117Jeremy '' JEZZA'' WarrenTradies You Cant Trust78.419
118Jamie HuttonSicame Cowboys78.089
119Keith TebbutSicame Cowboys77.357
120John KaarsbergRats Of Arundel74.292
121Steven SaxbySouthside Brothers72.832
122Chris GaneAlbion Hotel C.C.71.651
123Daniel BritsMephobia67.339
124Michael OlleKenkastle61.154
125Paul"aussie" SaundersonRunaway Bay C.C.59.045
126Hais TaneTradies You Cant Trust58.688
127Ant HayPiggy Styris58.350
128Brenton Skurowski3 Short54.000
129Ray BakerWild Things52.929
130Luke PitmanCrease Monkeys52.232
131Trav HarkerRunaway Bay C.C.51.251
132Adam HollioakeRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)49.704
133danny mayneTradies You Cant Trust49.446
134Kevin RobinsonCrease Monkeys48.500
135neran De SilvaSouthside Brothers46.688
136Mitchell BarryAlbion Hotel C.C.45.375
137Brett PearseEnglish WC Barbarians44.147
138Luke Wombat FredericksSouth Coast Slashers43.250
139Andrew StevensAJ Edden43.076
140Stephen WoolsKenkastle41.654
141Shano WilliamsPiggy Styris40.500
142Jeff UrquhartSouthside Brothers40.326
143Clint Bacon PagetMCs40.001
144Derek KiddThe Ungrateful Kids39.410
145kevin allenSouthside Brothers39.267
146Matthew HughesTeam Zone38.099
147Daniel ParkerWild Things37.741
148Andy BichelAustralia (World Champs 2010)37.050
149John Paul SwansonTeam Zone36.147
150Mitch DrewettWild Things35.228
151Shaun TweedMCs34.560
152Rob ( Krusty ) KrusvarSicame Cowboys33.167
153Simon PorterMantonio's All Stars31.616
154Jenson EadieMCs30.857
155Brad JohnsonAlbion Hotel C.C.30.401
156Ashish DhingraRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)30.036
157Muiz NazeemDesert Warriors27.688
158Mack DharDesert Warriors27.500
159David SiebenhausenCrease Monkeys27.375
160John Lebner3 Short27.095
161David O'ConnorAustralia (World Champs 2010)27.000
162Muzza MurrayCrease Monkeys24.750
163Evan SeberTeam Zone23.792
164Dennis ComerSouthside Brothers23.546
165Malcolm EmmertonAJ Edden23.421
166Rogan WeepleThe Bolters23.250
167Keith VogelAustralia (World Champs 2010)21.000
168Scott MurphyRats Of Arundel20.813
169Francis PotterThe Bolters20.550
170Peter NormanSicame Cowboys20.166
171Ray LamThe Ungrateful Kids19.688
172Blair RobertsAJ Edden19.376
173Sam LangAustralia (World Champs 2010)18.107
174Rob StevensonEnglish WC Barbarians18.062
175Chris WilliamsMantonio's All Stars18.000
176Anthony ValvisThe Ungrateful Kids16.901
177Jared AustinTradies You Cant Trust16.500
178Ben PearceSicame Cowboys16.001
179Brett GrahamThe Ungrateful Kids15.974
180Andrew ClarksonSicame Cowboys15.188
180Ryan Cheddar BurkeMCs15.188
182Tom WiltonThe Ungrateful Kids14.084
183Dave Pando McKinleyMCs14.063
184Michael Heinz McKinleyMCs12.800
185Steve HarlingCrease Monkeys12.750
186Alex LukicTeam Zone12.308
187Corey Hughes PagetMCs10.000
188Charles GreyRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)9.188
189Murray "Mutz" HorsfieldByE-RoUnD!!!8.250
190Simon HillAustralia (World Champs 2010)7.385
191Andrew OwerKenkastle6.683
192Anthony JohnstoneCrease Monkeys6.251
193BOYD LITHERLANDEnglish WC Barbarians5.450
194Darryl TweedaleThe Bolters5.250
194Ethan GouwsMephobia5.250
196Rob StevensonMCs4.910
197Carl "Tall Stories" TurnerByE-RoUnD!!!4.167
198Ryan Cheddar BurkeSouth Coast Slashers4.001
199Rod FindlayWild Things3.750
199jason burtonSouthside Brothers3.750
201Jeff RodgersonMephobia3.701
202Robert Blair (Do Not Use)AJ Edden3.000
202Wayne GreveRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)3.000
204paul fellsEnglish WC Barbarians2.700
205Darren ArthurThe Ungrateful Kids2.667
206Lincoln SkerrittNormo FYC1.500
206Rohit VermaRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)1.500
208Dean WitheridgeThe Ungrateful Kids1.250
209Lee SmithEnglish WC Barbarians0.750
210Brendan ParamoreTeam of RAD0.666
211Asmar AhmadzadaDesert Warriors0.500
212Darren GordonTeam Zone0.375
212Dustin EmmeSicame Cowboys0.375
212Steve BairdSicame Cowboys0.375
215Tyrone HelmThe Bolters0.000
215Paul HumphreysTeam of RAD0.000
215Joe TolmanSicame Cowboys0.000
215Adam HollioakeEnglish WC Barbarians0.000
215Michael "Buddha" de WittSA Barbarians0.000
215Aaron JonesAustralia (World Champs 2010)0.000
215Pat JohnsonAustralia (World Champs 2010)0.000
215Tim WilsonRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)0.000
215Jarrod HarbenRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)0.000
215Nick TurnerRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)0.000
PlayerTeamBowling Points
1Ethan GouwsMephobia828.000
2Matt BintMephobia817.500
3Daniel BritsMephobia790.500
4Steele "HB" Briskey-RossiterByE-RoUnD!!!786.000
5Andrew PhillipsRampant Stags654.000
6Sam Lang3 Short649.500
7Dave HossackTeam of RAD624.000
8Jeff RodgersonMephobia621.600
9Trav HarkerRunaway Bay C.C.612.000
10Adriaan de JagerSA Barbarians576.000
11Glenn Slash HamblenSouth Coast Slashers570.000
12David O'ConnorTeam of RAD517.500
13Ben NorrisNormo FYC501.900
14Jordan "Jordox" JohnstonByE-RoUnD!!!493.500
15Micky "B" BarronSTH-DOR TIGERS471.000
16Matthew EllisTeam of RAD454.500
17Rohit VermaDesert Warriors439.500
18Hayden ClarkMantonio's All Stars423.000
19Danie KleinhansSA Barbarians420.000
20Joseph Bay NeilsonSouth Coast Slashers412.200
21Josh HoareTradies You Cant Trust403.500
22Daniel O'KeeffeKenkastle400.500
23Reece McdonaldRats Of Arundel375.000
24Michael Ormeo HollandSouth Coast Slashers336.000
25Jeff UrquhartSouthside Brothers330.300
26Stefan de JagerSA Barbarians324.000
27Josh BennettAlbion Hotel C.C.319.500
28Lincoln SkerrittNormo FYC318.000
29Paul"aussie" SaundersonRunaway Bay C.C.310.800
30neran De SilvaSouthside Brothers300.000
31Duncan CampbellByE-RoUnD!!!295.500
32Jarrod "Langers" LangdonWild Things288.000
33John Lebner3 Short279.000
33Hitesh ParekhDesert Warriors279.000
35Andrew SpethTeam of RAD277.500
36Craig BernhardtThe Bolters276.000
36Jason BakerWild Things276.000
38Regan YoungRampant Stags273.000
39Gary HinzeRunaway Bay C.C.268.500
40Josh HarveyRats Of Arundel262.500
41Paul HumphreysTeam of RAD256.500
41Brett ThomsonTeam Zone256.500
43Charles GreyMantonio's All Stars250.500
43Cam Hot Cross BunsSouth Coast Slashers250.500
43Lydon GibbonsTradies You Cant Trust250.500
46Scott MurphyRats Of Arundel246.000
47kevin allenSouthside Brothers243.000
48Francois BruynsThe Bolters238.500
48Leon ChristensenPiggy Styris238.500
50Muiz NazeemDesert Warriors232.500
51Luke Wombat FredericksSouth Coast Slashers231.000
52John KaarsbergRats Of Arundel229.500
53Chris "Hottie" EvansByE-RoUnD!!!228.000
54Luke Many3 Short225.000
55Michael OlleKenkastle220.500
56Dean CurrieCrease Monkeys216.000
57Nick TurnerMantonio's All Stars214.500
58Brian GrffithsMantonio's All Stars208.500
59Aaron Jones3 Short207.000
60Luke PitmanCrease Monkeys204.000
61Jaques de BeerSA Barbarians202.500
62Andrew StevensAJ Edden201.000
62Timmy DouglasSouth Coast Slashers201.000
62Jeremy '' JEZZA'' WarrenTradies You Cant Trust201.000
65Mark RogersAlbion Hotel C.C.199.500
65Hais TaneTradies You Cant Trust199.500
67Mitchell BarryAlbion Hotel C.C.198.000
68Adam KaminskiAlbion Hotel C.C.192.000
68David SiebenhausenCrease Monkeys192.000
70Martin du PreezSA Barbarians190.500
71Murray "Mutz" HorsfieldByE-RoUnD!!!186.000
71Ashish DhingraDesert Warriors186.000
73Blake Wilson3 Short183.000
73Daniel ParkerWild Things183.000
73Grant ByrneKenkastle183.000
76Scott KimlinSouthside Brothers180.000
76Carl "Tall Stories" TurnerByE-RoUnD!!!180.000
76Sam LangAustralia (World Champs 2010)180.000
79Callum HartKenkastle178.500
80Scott AclandTeam of RAD174.000
81Grant SimpsonCrease Monkeys169.500
82Trav HarkerAustralia (World Champs 2010)168.000
83Ray BakerWild Things166.500
83Mack DharDesert Warriors166.500
85Ant HayPiggy Styris165.000
86Adam CastleSicame Cowboys162.000
87Andy ElyseeNormo FYC159.000
88Shano WilliamsPiggy Styris156.000
89Michael "Buddha" de WittSA Barbarians154.500
90Jared AustinTradies You Cant Trust153.000
90Brett PearseEnglish WC Barbarians153.000
92Brenton Skurowski3 Short151.500
93Chris HawkinsNormo FYC150.000
93Adam HollioakeRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)150.000
95Ashneel NairSouthside Brothers147.000
96Guy FreebodyThe Bolters138.000
96Rohit VermaRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)138.000
98Dave PlayfordAlbion Hotel C.C.136.500
99Kevin RobinsonCrease Monkeys132.000
99Jamie HuttonSicame Cowboys132.000
101Ryan HerringeAlbion Hotel C.C.129.000
101Lysle TurnerMephobia129.000
103BOYD LITHERLANDEnglish WC Barbarians126.000
104Daniel McadamMantonio's All Stars123.000
104Derek KiddThe Ungrateful Kids123.000
106John Paul SwansonTeam Zone121.500
107Joe TolmanSicame Cowboys120.000
107Peter NormanSicame Cowboys120.000
109Bradley PomareMantonio's All Stars115.500
110Stephen WoolsKenkastle114.000
111Tyrone HelmThe Bolters106.500
112Nick TurnerRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)105.600
113Rogan WeepleThe Bolters105.000
113Paul CampbellKenkastle105.000
115Dean WitheridgeThe Ungrateful Kids102.000
115Jonny ScottTeam Zone102.000
115Wayne GreveRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)102.000
118Mohammad HammoudDesert Warriors100.500
119Pat JohnsonAJ Edden99.000
120Ray LamThe Ungrateful Kids96.000
120Rob ( Krusty ) KrusvarSicame Cowboys96.000
122Angus DallasTeam of RAD94.500
123Malcolm EmmertonAJ Edden91.500
124Liam "New-Born" JohnstonByE-RoUnD!!!72.000
125Aaron JonesAustralia (World Champs 2010)67.500
126Chris GaneAlbion Hotel C.C.66.000
126Francis PotterThe Bolters66.000
126Matthew HughesTeam Zone66.000
126Steve BairdSicame Cowboys66.000
130Kane AustinTradies You Cant Trust64.500
131Blair RobertsAJ Edden61.500
131Justin LewisSicame Cowboys61.500
133Brett GrahamThe Ungrateful Kids54.000
133Muzza MurrayCrease Monkeys54.000
135Gareth SandersMephobia51.000
136Peter HiscoxAJ Edden46.500
136Werner GibsonSA Barbarians46.500
138Adam HollioakeEnglish WC Barbarians45.000
138Cam Hot Cross BunsMCs45.000
138Andy BichelAustralia (World Champs 2010)45.000
138Pat JohnsonAustralia (World Champs 2010)45.000
142Darryl TweedaleThe Bolters42.000
143Alex LukicTeam Zone40.500
144Evan SeberTeam Zone37.500
144Dave Pando McKinleyMCs37.500
146Simon CollinsWild Things36.000
146danny mayneTradies You Cant Trust36.000
146Andrew ClarksonSicame Cowboys36.000
146Keith VogelAustralia (World Champs 2010)36.000
150David "Bozo" BarronRats Of Arundel34.800
151Dave "Beater" BarryByE-RoUnD!!!34.500
152Simon PorterMantonio's All Stars33.000
152Brad JohnsonAlbion Hotel C.C.33.000
154Ryan Cheddar BurkeMCs31.500
155Jenson EadieMCs30.000
155Charles GreyRest Of The World (World Champs 2010)30.000
157Tahir RazaDesert Warriors28.500
158Peter RankinSTH-DOR TIGERS22.500
158Ian HawkinsNormo FYC22.500
160Steve Fatty EmmettMCs21.000
161Chris WilliamsMantonio's All Stars18.000
161Anthony MayesThe Bolters18.000
163Darren GordonTeam Zone10.500
164Tom WiltonThe Ungrateful Kids9.000
165Michael Bernard EmmettSouth Coast Slashers7.500
166Mitch DrewettWild Things6.000
167Daniel KwasnicaThe Ungrateful Kids3.000
167Robert Blair (Do Not Use)AJ Edden3.000
167Dennis ComerSouthside Brothers3.000
167jason burtonSouthside Brothers3.000
167Corey Hughes PagetMCs3.000
167Warren Stratosphere BlackaMCs3.000
167Wayne GreveMCs3.000
174Ben GorhamTeam of RAD2.100
175Ian MorriseyAJ Edden1.500
175Dan MaitlandPiggy Styris1.500
175Jason BradleyTradies You Cant Trust1.500
175Clint Bacon PagetMCs1.500
175Michael Heinz McKinleyMCs1.500
175Shaun TweedMCs1.500